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8v8 tactical game


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8v8 tactical game

  1. 1. SOCCER www. SoccerTutor. com TACTICS MANAGER 8v8 Tactical Game Date: Time: Duration: Description: Objective: Coaching Points: Progression: Created with www. SoccerTutor. com Tactics Manager 31/Mar/2015 Measurement: Select Pitch Area N/ A:N/ A Players: 0 N/ A Level/ Age Group: Using 2/3 of a field, it is divided into three zones. On the sides, the LB & LW/ RB & RW play 2V2 and in the middle there is a 3V2. When the ball is on the sides, the CM can move into that box to make a 3V2 (Yellow CM cannot follow). Each player must stay in their box except CM. The CB and GK must stay behind their box. When CB and GK are in possession, only CF can press. Blue team must move the ball into each box before being allowed to attack the goal. The coach can also require that the attack must come off a certain 2-3 practiced patterns. To work on positional spacing and attacking in the middle and attacking third. Attacking: - Utilize numerical advantages to keep possession - Wait for the right opportunity to attack - Lose your man to create space to receive. 1) require set amount of passes as well before attacking Created using SoccerTutor. com Tactics Manager | © SoccerTutor. com Ltd. 2001 - 2014 All Rights Reserved