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3v3+3 positional possesion (u13 u18)


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3v3+3 positional possesion (u13 u18)

  1. 1. www. SoccerTutor. com 1HC7W%iMMNMGER SOCCER . COM 3v3+3 Positional Possession Game Created with www. SoccerTutor. com Tactics Manager Date: 18/Feb/2015 Measurement: 20 x 20 Yards Time: N/ A:N/ A Players: 9 Duration: 20 Level/ Age Group: U11 - 18+ Description: Three teams; one neutral Blue team and two opposing teams (Red/ Yellow). Initially, the Blue and Red keep the ball away from Yellow. 10 passes = 1 goal. If Yellow takes the ball, they transition out to the outsides while Red immediately comes inside to win the ball. Cycle continues. Objective: To teach functional movement within team formation along with technical repetition and quickness of transition. Coaching Points: Attacking: Defending: - Receive and pass across body when possible - Use visual cues regarding when to tackle - Create left/ right/ split options around the ball - Transition quickly to attack once ball is — Switch play once defending team is committed won — Make decision prior to receiving - Stay compact and hunt for ball as group Progression: Created using SoccerTutor. com Tactics Manager | © SoccerTutor. com Ltd. 2001 - 2014 All Rights Reserved