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3v2 with pattern passing to start

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3v2 with pattern passing to start

  1. 1. SOCCER ‘T www. SoccerTutor. com T; §)R TACTICS MAIWIGER . coM 3v2 with pattern passing to start . n i. pup mu ~. -1:, .' 1'! u Aura ~. r,v1 . )~. vf1vryI7Hl'. alfl-"J I. All mxr. 1, . .>. ‘vl' M: a ie__ated with www. Soc<$'utor. com Tactics Ma _ ger ‘. ; Date: 20/Feb/2015 Measurement: Select Pitch Area Time: N/ A:N/ A Players: 0 Duration: N/ A Level/ Age Group: U8 - U14 Description: 3v2 to goal 2 defenders are not active until passing pattern is complete Coach plays ball into two players. Forward checks to ball. receives pass from first attacker and takes two touches and lays it off to second attacker. Once the second attacker receives ball, 3V2 is live to goal. If defenders steal it = pass to coach for a point. 3 points and switch defenders Objective: Passing pattern to start gives attackers idea of spacing and runs to make. Play should be quick and movements off the ball to support attacking play Coaching Points: Spacing of players in area. Types of runs and movements (overlap, supporting position, wall pass, etc) to beat defenders Transition to attack for defenders by playing coach right away for a point Progression: Add counter pugg goal to score on for a point Created using SoccerTutor. com Tactics Manager | © SoccerTutor. com Ltd. 2001 - 2014 All Rights Reserved

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