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Talent Logix Brochure

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Tl E Brochure 09

  1. 1. Evolving e-recruitment technology Talent Logix is a leading provider of on demand e-recruitment software. With a wealth of experience in our field, we are able to offer companies of all sizes a truly integrated approach to their recruitment processes. Our easy to use and simple to implement solutions are both intuitive and flexible, and just as importantly, they really deliver results. Recruitment consultancy Vacancy management Candidate management Agency management Online applications Automated Telephone Interviewing Candidate talent banking Management information HR alignment & on-boarding
  2. 2. The simple truth Think about it. As a forward-thinking company in today’s demanding commercial world, without information technology you’d be lost in almost every area of your business. So why wouldn’t you use the same technology to revolutionise your recruitment procedures too? The very best recruitment practice is about successful communication and effective administration, and that’s why capitalising on the internet’s unbeatable capacity for both makes perfect sense. A state-of-the-art online recruitment solution from Talent Logix addresses every key issue when it comes to reaching the right people, communicating with them in the right ways and then gathering, collating, analysing and processing their information to deliver the people who’ll take your business forwards. Dramatically reduce the time, effort and cost of processing applications and recruiting the right people Reach, identify and select those high-quality candidates with the talent and personality to really boost your competitive advantage Reduce pressure on your HR function for improved productivity and morale Significantly enhance your brand’s reputation, increasing its desirability among job seekers and adding long-term value to the brand itself Stay one step ahead by creating ‘banks’ of talent for future recruitment drives Tel: 0844 994 3100 Talent Logix Limited, No. 2 Wellington Place, 4th Floor, Leeds, LS1 4AP
  3. 3. The commercial Now more than ever, successful business is all about competitive edge. Intelligent businesses understand that a smooth, efficient and effective e-recruitment reality system will really help them achieve it. It doesn’t take a genius to work out the huge commercial benefits of high performance e-recruitment technology. What’s more, because our solutions can be custom built around an individual client’s business needs, we can fine-tune every function to optimise efficiency and really make recruitment work for your business, whatever its size and market sector. Alternatively, our off-the- shelf solutions still offer a degree of customisation but are perfect for smaller businesses or those with less complex or demanding recruitment needs. Remember, time is money Obvious advantages include highly streamlined processes that dramatically reduce the time and cost pressures on your company’s HR function, or help sidestep fees associated with agency recruitment and conventional job advertising. The end result is financial savings you can measure. At a time when levels of job applications are set to increase, this factor is more important than ever, and addressing it is an unmissable chance to trim costs, reduce workload pressures, boost HR morale and remain one step ahead of your competition. Best people means best practice Equally importantly, Talent Logix’s sophisticated selection techniques help identify the talented candidates your business needs and filter out those it doesn’t. Successful brands are always built on the right people, so the ability to recruit those with the right skills, personality and brand alignment, or to reserve them in talent ‘banks’ for future reference, is priceless. Showcase your brand Like it or not, your recruitment process speaks volumes about your brand. Whether they succeed or fail, an applicant’s experience of dealing with your business leaves a lasting impression of its competence, credibility and values. That makes recruitment a great opportunity to engage with customers and candidates alike, and to convey to them exactly the messages you want. Businesses that get it right become the businesses people want to work for – this doesn’t just increase your pool of candidates, it can work wonders for your brand identity. Tel: 0844 994 3100 Talent Logix Limited, No. 2 Wellington Place, 4th Floor, Leeds, LS1 4AP
  4. 4. The right team All online recruitment solutions are not the same. With decades of big brand experience between us, we’ve seen behind the from a recruiter’s perspective the problems and pitfalls of harnessing talent. Today, our customised e-recruitment solutions draw on best solution a wealth of experience and cutting-edge thinking in IT, HR and marketing. We’ve combined this experience with the findings of research carried out alongside leading UK brands, then we’ve applied state-of-the-art technology and software to deliver a product that’s not only intuitive for both candidates and recruiters, it’s as effective as it gets. There’s another crucial difference with Talent Logix. We know better than most that the best e-recruitment solution for any given business starts with consultation. Because our e-recruitment solutions can be built around each client’s highly specific business needs, we know that really understanding those needs is the first and most important stage when it comes to properly addressing them. Add superb training combined with accessible support for administrators and candidates, and you’ve got the kind of comprehensive and uniquely insightful recruitment solution that’s an asset to your business, a credit to your brand and an absolute prerequisite for sustainable growth. Tel: 0844 994 3100 Talent Logix Limited, No. 2 Wellington Place, 4th Floor, Leeds, LS1 4AP
  5. 5. Key features An intelligent e-recruitment system works with your business, becoming a fully integrated tool supporting your HR function, your brand identity and, ultimately, your bottom line. and the difference Over the years we’ve worked with market-leading businesses they make of all shapes and sizes, listening to their key HR, finance and marketing teams, then formulating dependable and customisable online recruitment solutions that effectively addresses the varied demands of modern-day recruitment. Always commercially focused, our systems offer significant and measurable benefits over more conventional recruitment methods. Consultancy and customisation Full, two-way recruitment consultancy enables us to get right under the skin of your business and the candidates you’re targeting, delivering recruitment solutions designed to meet your specific needs according to factors like market sector, business size, location, brand personality, candidate profile and HR resources and budget. From ongoing ad-hoc recruitment to the smooth management of large-scale campaigns, this is e-recruitment built around the way your business works, however your business works. Vacancy Management Streamlined and user friendly, our vacancy management feature lets you create and publicise vacancies exactly how and where you like, helping you to attract all the right people from all the right places. This key service includes posting vacancies on corporate careers pages and multiple job boards for dramatically reduced advertising and agency costs. Selection and Assessment With facilities including psychometric testing, self-activated telephone interviewing and online questionnaires and assessment, our solutions embrace established techniques and proven technologies. The result is a quicker, smoother and more discerning recruitment lifecycle that doesn’t just deliver the very best people, it delivers them effortlessly and with minimal impact on your bottom line. Tel: 0844 994 3100 Talent Logix Limited, No. 2 Wellington Place, 4th Floor, Leeds, LS1 4AP
  6. 6. Key features Candidate Management State-of-the-art technology allows you to track, manage, process and the difference and select candidates right through the recruitment lifecycle. Our solutions reduce the time and input from administration functions they make as well as improving the likelihood of recruiting those best suited to your vacancy and your corporate mission. What’s more, they also produce a smooth and communicative application process that’s not only a credit to the brand, it promotes high levels of candidate engagement by maintaining direct contact with the candidate right down the line, from initial enquiry through to their eventual appointment or rejection. Agency Management Candidates referred through agencies enjoy the same smooth experience as those who apply direct, ensuring a consistent experience all round and eliminating the risk of duplication and miscommunication. Online Application Service This on-demand service lets candidates search and apply for appropriate positions advertised on your careers website or job boards. Candidates can email job details to their friends and save their application at any stage for later completion, or recruiters can tightly control and limit the time and manner in which an application is completed. Making the application process more accessible and easier to complete only increases your reach and improves brand engagement. Tel: 0844 994 3100 Talent Logix Limited, No. 2 Wellington Place, 4th Floor, Leeds, LS1 4AP
  7. 7. Key features Telephone Voice Response Using cutting-edge touchtone and voice recognition technology, and the difference TVR allows candidates to apply for positions by phone, and at a time and location that suits them. Not only does this improve they make the candidate experience and widen the reach of your vacancies, accelerating the whole application process means positions are filled quicker so that commercial and operational performance both improve. Real-time sound files enable recruiters to screen applicants according to recorded spoken responses to questions, giving unprecedented scope for initial selection and future playback of those suitable for face-to-face interviews. Recruiters can also record and save ‘live’ telephone interviews as they happen, then conveniently store sound files with other candidate information ready for recalling at a later date. Talent Banking Sometimes great people apply for a role that doesn’t suit them, but that shouldn’t mean you have to let them go altogether. Talent banking enables you to capture and securely store information from people you might want to consider for a different or future position – it’s an increasingly vital way of harnessing the talent your business’s future depends on, especially when more and more businesses are moving away from agencies and towards recruitment self-reliance. By automatically capturing and analysing CVs and applications sent either speculatively or in response to a particular advertisement, our technology provides you with an invaluable pool of talent that can make all the difference to your competitive edge when recruitment once again becomes a commercial priority. Not only does it enable you to handpick and target specific candidates in the event of a recruitment campaign, it can also help your business avoid the cost of advertising new positions altogether. Tel: 0844 994 3100 Talent Logix Limited, No. 2 Wellington Place, 4th Floor, Leeds, LS1 4AP
  8. 8. Key features Management Information and Reporting Our e-recruitment solutions are designed for the long term, not the and the difference quick fix, so it’s only right that our systems feature state-of-the-art tracking facilities designed to help you record, analyse, communicate they make and learn from your recruiting experiences. With a wide variety of both standard and bespoke reporting facilities available, we’ll provide whatever level of detail you need to fully understand the ins and outs of your recruitment processes and their implications and knock-on effects. From organisational issues including vacancy status and response rates through to candidate breakdowns according to categories including ethnicity, gender, educational background and enquiry source, the reporting features are seamlessly built into our solutions and designed to present information accurately and in a range of numerical and graphical formats easily accessed from a comprehensive management ‘dashboard’. What’s more, available information can be exported into popular software applications for ease of use, and we’re even able to provide vital commercial information concerning your recruitment efforts, such as time-to-hire and cost-per-hire, all with various different permutations and additional details if required. Make no mistake – our management information and reporting facility is a crucial tool in your drive for overall best practice and improved commercial efficiency. What next? If you like what you’ve seen here and want to know more about how our e-recruitment solutions could help transform both your HR function and your wider commercial performance, please don’t hesitate to contact us for an informal chat or to arrange an online demonstration or a no-obligation visit from one of our team. Tel: 0844 994 3100 Email: Web: Tel: 0844 994 3100 Talent Logix Limited, No. 2 Wellington Place, 4th Floor, Leeds, LS1 4AP