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Should we care about "wine bloggers"?


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My talk at the #WBIS event in Munich, January 2014

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Should we care about "wine bloggers"?

  1. 1. should we care about the: ryan opaz - - -
  2. 2. measuring success Audience? Awards? Recognition among peers? Ability to sell wine - -
  3. 3. he sells wine - -
  4. 4. not everyone wants to be robert parker - -
  5. 5. not everyone wants to be a journalist - -
  6. 6. start with the word: “blog” - -
  7. 7. • from the contraction of web+log = blog • started as a piece of software • adopted by news agencies, marketers and “average joe’s” • today all of these could be considered “blogs”: Instagram, Youtube, FB, G+, Twitter, Wordpress, Blogger, Vine and more. - -
  8. 8. quickly: what is a wine blogger? - -
  9. 9. not so easy. - -
  10. 10. target the ‘blogger’ - -
  11. 11. bloggers are: companies hobbyists consumers journalists critics shop owners - -
  12. 12. Targeting Bloggers? • Demographic - Age, Location, Gender, Interest • Reputation - Both in wine and on their site. Focus on their online brand. • Audience - Don’t discount small audiences, depends on your demographic. Small vs. Big, both have benefits. Interests play a part here too. • Cost - Free is often free of value. What do you need to offer to achieve your goal. - -
  13. 13. traditional wine bloggers • Demographic - Lot’s of diversity, there are bloggers for almost any niche. Though individual sites are often very focused on a small segment. • Reputation - Can be quite good in the wine world, though there is a lot of variation. It is not hard today to find out who the reputable bloggers are. How are they seen outside the wine niche. • Audience - SMALL and often self referential, wine and sometimes food focused. • Cost - Cheap, will work for flights and food. - -
  14. 14. other bloggers • Demographic - Lifestyle, Travel, to a lesser extent food these areas have sites with broad demographics • Reputation - We make too much of this as it pertains to wine. Online profile can be quite strong here. See who they are influencing online. • Audience - Tech, Sport, Lifestyle and Travel - These are the big ones. With bigger numbers at the entry levels • Cost - Sometimes you get what you pay for. Consider paying a bit more for smaller groups of higher value players. They often do not work for free. - -
  15. 15. So should we care about the wine bloggers? - -
  16. 16. Current Importance • To the trade - We like to navel gaze, this is good when discussing certain topics • As content generators - you can use this content to promote projects, often it can be quite good if you know what you want • Noise makers - if you want hashtag buzz they can do it well • Events - They can boost an events online chatter quick • Future employees - Hiring a marketing guy? Sales person? Look at the blogger, they can make a business grow˜fast - -
  17. 17. How they can improve? • Be different - Wine on the Rocks, GaryVee, Old Parn, Terroirist, ViniiTV • Give wine Context - An assortment of adjectives in haiku format does not a wine blogger make. • Bring wine to life - Stop demanding people make time for it apart from their lives. Insert it into their current lifestyles. • Stop using the ‘L’ word - Wine is not a math class, it’s a social lubricant - -
  18. 18. yes bloggers matter just make sure to find the right one for your needs - -
  19. 19. thank you - - -