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King arthur le morte


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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King arthur le morte

  1. 1. KING ARTHUR Gwynevere MERLINGwynevere King LodegreaunceUther PendragonSir Ector and Sir KayMerlinDuke of TintagilIgraine and Morgan le Fay (Husband:King Uryens)Margawse (Igraines Sister) - Sir Modred the bastard BALIN (Knight with tKING ARTHUR Sir Balin Noblewoman from Lady of Avalon Killed his brother Killed Lady of Avalon. Exiled by Arthur. Launceor - want to kill Balin for Lady of Avalons death. Sir Balan. King Mark Sir Peryne Sir Harleus Sir Garlot - enemy King Pellams feast where Balin and Garlot shall meet.
  2. 2. Garnysh and the daughter of Duke of Harmel Torre and PellinKING ARTHUR King Arthurs AlliesGwynevere Gawain - Lots sonLodegreaunce Arthur And the 5KING ARTHUR King Arthurs Allies Sir Kay, Gryfflet, Gawain 8 new Knights of the Round Table: - King Uryens - Sir Hervyse - Sir Galagar - King of the Lake - Kay, Gryfflet, Gawain and Torre ARTHUR AND ACCKING ARTHUR UryensSir Damas - captor Morgan le Fay Gawain, Uwayne andKING ARTHUR UwayneNew Knights of the Round Table - Lady of the RochPelleas and Marhaus - imposed by Sir Hew and Edwarde.
  3. 3. Lancelot KING ARTHURS ALLIES MERLIN King Bors and Ban Sir Ulfius Sir Brastius Sir Jordanus King Pellinore and the Questing Beast - Nearest kin: Sir Palomides Sir Gryfflette Knights of the Round Table - Lancelot - Percivale - Lamerok BALIN (Knight with two SWORDS) KING ARTHURS ALLIES Balin and Balan Sir Hervy
  4. 4. Torre and PellinoreTorre PellinoreAryes the cowherd Nyneve Alyne - his daughter and brethrtedPhelot and Petipace Myles Meliot - Nyneves cousin and Bryan ofAbellyeus the Isles Outelake - captor of Nyneve Arthur And the 5 KingsMerlin and Nyneves travels 5 KingsNyneve - love interest King of DenmarkKing Ban, Elayne and their sonLancelot King of Ireland King of Sorleyse King of the Isle of Lontayse King of the Vale ARTHUR AND ACCOLONAccolon Morgan le FaySir Outlake Sir Manessen Gawain, Uwayne and MarhausMarhaus Gawainson of King of Ireland. Youngest lady- northThe Duke of South Marches Pelleas- lady EttardeLady Vawse Sir Caradosbezants Nyneve and Sir PelleasEarl Fergus - to serve Tristam wholl kill the giants brother - TaulasJousted with Sir Sagramour,Ozanna, Dodynas and Phelot.
  5. 5. 11 Kings King Arthurs EnemiesKing Brandegoris Emperor Lucius of RomeKing Clarivaunce Sir ModredKing Lot -Margawse - Gareth, Gaheris, Gawayne andAggravayneKing of Hundred Knights KingRoynsKing UryensKing IdresKing CradilmentKing AngwyshaunceKing NentresKing CaradosDuke of CanbenetSaracens11 Kings King Arthurs Enemies King RoyneAll were killed. Lady de Vaunce King Nero - brother or Royne
  6. 6. GawainSorlus and BryanAlardyneBlamoure de la MaryseGawain
  7. 7. Tale of Sir Launcelot du LakeLauncelot King Arthur Morgan le FaySir Lyonel - cousin Queen of North GalysSir Tarquine and dead brotherSir Carados Estelonde and Outer IslesSir Ector de MayrseYoung noblewoman - daughterof King BagdemagusSir Belleus - bromanceKing Bagdemagus to fight -Sir Modred, Sir Madore delaPorte and Gahalantyne andKing of North GalysSir percy of the Forest SavageMet Sir Gawayne, Uwayne,Sir Ector and Sir SagramourSir Gylberd of the bastardSir Melyot de Logres -miraculous clothLady Hallews - sorcerressand obssessed with LancelotSir Phelot, liege ofKing of North GalysSir Pedivere - killed his wife
  8. 8. u Lake
  9. 9. KING ARTHUR Gwynevere LancelotPOISONED APPLE Sir Pynel - poisoner Agravayne noticed. More cautious. Sir Patrise - poisoned Holy grail - Bors, Percivale and Galahad Sir Madore - cousin Patrise Nearest kinsmen - bors, ector and lyonelKING ARTHUR Gwynevere LancelotLADY OF ASTOLAT Sir Barnard Sir Lavayne and Tirry Elaine - red sleeve with pearls in the helmet 5-MarKING ARTHUR Gwynevere Lancelot Mellyagraunce son of Bagdemagus Gareth LE MORTE D ARTHURKING ARTHUR Lancelot, Gwynevere Modred and Aggravayne Killed Collgrevaunce Lyonel, Ector de Marys, Blamoure, Gahalantyne, Urry, Lavayne, Melyas,and many more. (22) Sir Tristam and Iseult the Fair Sir Lovel and Florence killed too. As well as Aggravayne. And Gareth and Gaheris
  10. 10. Arthurs Knights Other Knights24 knights - Gawain, Gaheris, Garethand Agravayne and Modred. Kay,Bleobris, Blamoure, Galyhud andHalyhodyn; Brothers: Sir Bors, Ectorand Lyonel. Palomides. Etc.Arthurs Knights Other KnightsGawain looked for Lancelot King of North Galys King of Northumberland King of thr Hundred Knights King Ashwyshaunce King GalahalteArthurs Knights Other KnightsGawain: Sir Urry and Sir AlpheusAnd his sons: Lovel, Forence Filelolyand GyngalynArthurs Knights Other Knights