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Chanel Presentation


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Presentation on Chanel Perfume

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Chanel Presentation

  1. 1. Perfume Advertise Presentation By Ryan Maunder
  2. 2. BRAND HISTORY:  Chanel was founded in 1909 by Coco Chanel an iconic French fashion designer.  Chanel is known for redesigning the constrictive, opulent clothing and jewellery of the 19th century into a much more eleagant and simplistic fashion with dresses, blouses, suits, trousers and jewellery.  Chanel revolutionised high fashion and couture fashion by replacing structured silhouettes, typically based upon corsets with garments that were functional whilst being flattering to a woman’s figure.
  3. 3. BRAND IMAGE:  Chanel is recognised as one of the most successful and desirable fashion brands in the world.  Over the years Chanel has been represented by many iconic celebrities ranging from Nicole Kidman, Kiera Knightley, Audrey Tautou and Marilyn Monroe.  The House of Chanel is known for “the little black dress”, the perfume No.5 De Chanel, and the Chanel suit.
  4. 4. INSPIRATION FOR CHANEL:  Chanel takes much of its inspiration from old styles, reviving fashions from the past into a more contemporary, comfortable and stylish look, often adding its own simplistic twist to it in the process.  Coco Chanel the founder of Chanel, based much of her designs on highlighting feminine boldness in character and believed in a strong, independent, de-sexualised woman who was still flattering to look upon in a more elegant way.  When Chanel was put into new ownership in 1983 under Karl Lagerfeld as the new head designer he followed Coco’s beliefs and stuck to a similar yet elegant style of design, keeping the brands image
  5. 5. CHANEL PARFUMERIE:  Parfums Chanel was established in 1924 with the purpose of creating perfumes and cosmetics under the Chanel fashion house name. Since then it has proved to be the most profitable member of the Chanel family.  The Parfumerie Chanel has employed three perfumer’s: Ernest Beaux (the creator of No.5), Henri Robert and most recently Jacques Polge, Beaux being the most famous out of the trio for creating the iconic No.5 perhaps the worlds most famous perfume.
  6. 6. NO.5 PERFUME:  Before No.5 women’s perfume had two categories, a pure ‘single garden flower’ essence for a respectable woman, whilst sexually provocative heavy with animal musk or jasmine were associated with prostitutes or courtesans.  No.5 broke this mould by bringing elements of the two together to make a perfume ideal for the modern flapper, a woman of free spirit and strong liberate characteristics, epitomised by the woman’s right movement of the early 20th century.  The design for iconic bottle was to oppose to over- designed, elaborate bottles of Chanel’s rivals, by making a
  7. 7. TARGET AUDIENCE:  With its brand image of a strong, flattering, feminine woman Chanel no.5 is designed to appeal to women of a free spirit who don’t need to sexualise themselves to still look flattering. Women who remain appealing to men whilst remaining elegant.  Because of the pricing of Chanel it does price some potential customers out of buying the perfume but the brand’s image is so strong that this may not be such an issue for some customers even though it has a very high price.  The design of the bottle and essence of the fragrance is
  8. 8. ADVERTISING:  The Advertising of no.5 is a recreation of how the brand designs its products, with simplicity and elegance in mind.  An iconic no.5 advertisement featuring Nicole Kidman was shot at the cost of £18.7 million GBP, with the advert itself being a 2 and half minute trailer for a film that doesn’t exist with no.5 being the ‘touching stone’.  The advert was shot in a cinematic style making it seem nothing like an advert, and because of this it became iconic despite being so simplistic. The advert itself features the brands iconic ‘little black dress’ and a very expensive necklace resting on Kidman’s back the jewellery being a
  9. 9. MY ADVERT:  Stick to simplistic yet elegant aura of Chanel – minimalistic.  Use of symbols of wealth and elegance – jewellery, silk, black dress,  Woman taking off jewellery and clothing until she is in nothing but a black dress, which relates back to the foundations of Chanel’s design – getting rid of the over designed and excessive and going for simplicity and elegance.  Once all items are removed she sprays on no.5 perfume to show that all a woman needs to be strong, elegant and flattering is the perfume, nothing excessive – Chanel foundation again.  Shot in black and white to give it a vintage feel – another element of Chanel’s designs and foundations.  Nothing excessive or elaborate – e.g. no extremely flashy shots, editing, cuts etc.