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Willis ryan brand_identityproject


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Willis ryan brand_identityproject

  1. 1. Ryan Willis Full Sail UniversityBrand Identity Assignment
  2. 2. YARDIE RECORDS The name of my company is Yardie records. The name Yardie records derived from the jamaican slang Yawdie, which represents Jamaicans living overseas. Yardie Records is an independent recordlabel specialize in the production and the distribution of Reggae, Dancehall and Calypso music.
  3. 3. YARDIE RECORDS The name Yardie records Falls in the descriptive category. This trademark clearly Describes the type of music our companyspecializes in. It also illustrates the caribbean culture of the record label.
  4. 4. YARDIE RECORDS StrengthsThe name is catchy and easy to rememberThe name represents Reggae musicThe name represents Jamaican cultureA common slang among Jamaican
  5. 5. YARDIE RECORDS ConcernsThe word Yardie is very commonThe name is not protectedOthers may try to use the name
  6. 6. YARDIE RECORDS The Logo for my company is very effective because it is aword mark logo that supports the laws of color and the shape.It is horizontal, making it easy for people to read. According to the laws of color, Black illustrates luxury and red illustrates energy and excitement which will be the fuel ofour music. This logo represents the excitement of reggae and dancehall music
  7. 7. This is the logo for Universal Music Group. Universal music group sells more music than any other major label in the World. Their color of their words are white which illustrates purity and the black illustrates luxury. In the logo, behind the words is a picture of a globe; hence the name Universal musicgroup. The company uses an emblem logo. The logo is very simple and easy to remember.
  8. 8. This is the logo of the second most selling major label in the world. It is very simple, horizontal, and easy to read. They usedthe colors, black, red, blue and grey. The Treble clef in the middlewas very creative. I fonts was also very noticeable. Yardie records aims to produce a similar creative yet simple logo that would be pleasing to the eye and easy to remember.
  9. 9. YARDIE REC RDS This is Yardie records official logo. Very simple and with the colors red andblack illustrates luxury, excitement and energy. In the word record, a symbol of an actual record replaces the o. It is also horizontal and easy to look at.
  10. 10. Corporate
CultureAs an artist and a businessman, I always wanted to be apart of a recordlabel that goes above and beyond the requirements of establishing asuccessful music career. Yardie records, though open to all genres, thecompany will mainly distribute reggae and Caribbean music throughoutthe world. Yardie records will consistently utilize personal learningnetworks such as YouTube, face book, MySpace, and twitter to effectivelypromote new releases. The company will also consistently incorporate onlinemarketing strategies to sell and promote its music, and merchandise. Mycompany will also be involved in artist management, artist development tocultivate our artist into becoming the best they can be. The team consist of agroup of talented and qualified songwriters, musicians, and engineers
  11. 11. Mission StatementWe aim to share our love through music by creating music we love. The mission statement will be posted on our company’s website. It will be the first thing that people will see when they visit the website. The statement is directed to employees as well as customers. In brief words it explains our passion through the love of music.
  12. 12. YARDIE REC RDS We are Reggae music “We are reggae music”, symbolizes unity betweenJamaicans and the whole caribbean community. This is our music and Yardie records represents our culture.The Tagline is Unique and it also describes our logo for people who did not know what the term Yardie means. The tagline reinforces the brand message. It is easy to remember so it resonate in the minds of consumers.