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  1. 1. New Text Document Bag . You Pack ? That 1 is a method for identifying whether the leather , ? Touch : touch the surface of the leather , feeling plump and soft and delicate it , in the case of PU, leather shiny , rigid surface convergence of PVC in general The relatively clear leather , plaid , yellow , even more uniform pore , there is sparse and coarse pores of yak skin pores of the skin surface : Look News : leather material, there is a slight smell of leather , but I have leather , plastic smell spicy If it is vice versa , and leather nails , skin , recovery is rapid , traces of the dermis , and also no : Tire Difference 2 and the skin is the first layer of the second layer with some of what ? Elastic very good , strength , or plastic process , the skin of the animal in the first floor , the first layer of skin , which is the material of choice for the luxury brand of leather handbags . It can be divided into two second order , a first layer of the first material is waste paper , then , is through a profound transformation artificial leather , after synthesis ; since the skin defect in the second scratch it is not possible immediately , using the shoddy synthetic leather then , in the poor quality of the first layer of skin In this regard , it should be better than the first layer of bout skin peels . Currently , the cattle of the more common around us , other animals sheep , and pigs , leather , plus ostrich , crocodile , fox , the weasel identification is easy, and can not be made from the second floor . However , because it is strong in the high cost of composite PU leather of the first layer of skin with no plasticity , rather than the market now , as well as layers of the composite skin of the second high proportion of the bag PU leather , it takes a lot . To select the leather handbags How 3 ? The first point is to look at the work . So such as checking whether the strap durable more information, check the sewing belt also cracked , and should there is no problem standing , the color of the bag , please see the details of the work optimistically coordination with the package surface . The second point is to observe the style . In this last point , of course , the choice of brand handbag leather , is to choose a style of his own . Bag is used , what situation occurs ? Clothes and the color of the bag ? A bag novel adaptation flashy style ? These require that sophisticated . 4 to buy leather handbags of summer , do you need to pay attention ? First , appearance is simple and beautiful ! Select beauty girls of summer is one of the Liangzhuang Qing impressive , but the effect of leather large bag in the leaves , it does not grab the limelight in leather handbags simple and beautiful , Reiki and is particularly important flowing . Purchase Tips first summer leather handbag : It's not too complicated . Second , the party is better ? Are reinforced strap ? Is the maximum capacity of the bag ? These bags are an important indicator of practicality . In addition , as is whether the same comfortable , and comfort strap , hand and shoulder ? Both , it is necessary to examine carefully . Third, the role has changed ? The full bag mobile phone pocket , zipper bag , paper ? It is possible a variety of day-to-day all the belongings girl " trap " are you ? The practical function of these , it is not essential ! 5 , How to choose a handbag Taobao leather ? Must take into account that there is you : shop around . A variety of brands of leather handbags now Taobao , Meng Yao , in order to support you in the trick , in this case , sister of many people , are spoiled for choice Page 1 Buy bags now - Hermes,Gucci,Louis Vuitton, Celine Handbags Online Store You can wholesale to your customers
  2. 2. New Text Document in selection . The "fine mesh bag " , " that the home page of the store of good Taobao is displayed there ," and so many , usually , you are standing in the neutral point of view or blog Web page , these sites like this Te , for the user to provide information that is most valuable to the station of the legislature , usually , sister will be able to center a site like this or better , handbags leather brand for do not know a lot . The shop around to buy a rose leather handbags brand . How users of Taobao 6 reviews Dayong? It is worth to buy a bag , you must pay attention to the feedback from the user we it . When you purchase a variety of brush many credit average , as long as there is a reputable shop , the gas- to recognize that it is possible to see what comments , some of the user who is concentrating brush actually we still and is outside the weeds with a but , yet if you look at the transaction log , it can be concluded that review of these purchases are said to be recorded at the end of the brush . See reviews of more users , do not give the leather handbags quality heart no less to you. Shopping bag of reason 7 Taobao to buy the promotion period ? There are a variety of activities there , in many cases , in many cases , promotional activities such organized , handbags discount store Taobao , leather brand , may want to purchase a promotional period sister Amoy gold it is limited you can select , and the bag quality is guaranteed , you will not be able to save a little money , why not? You must select a model " explosion " carefully why 8 ? The first model of the " explosion is not a " personality It is like the personality of the MM , but people full , there is a hot Se-bukuro is simply unbearable . Second : "In many cases , explosion model of " quality is a very common The model of " explosion , is " bag , also . Tend to rather than style , focus on quality , in many cases , the company , " explosion " price , cheap all in order to get more sales bag " model explosion " , " penny stock " Mmm oh to say , and not high That you keep up with the " sell the model of " explosion is difficult to third Hot shop staff bag abnormal , by the cold " only busy customer service , in proportion to the lack of staff , please take the payment of pocket" , if this is not the case : Many of MM, I have this shopping experience the too hot to sell I think are , how dare that the client optimistic ? ! In this case , I expect better service will be more difficult apparent . Leather handbags of famous foreign brands 9 What ? Hermes ( Herm è S) 170 years ago , it was founded in Paris, France Louis ? Vuitton (LV), was established in 1854 the brand logo print bag Paris , France , the first Chanel ( Chanel ) '80 before , It was established in the diamond lattice of brand handbags Paris , France , the first Gucci (GUCCI) was started in 1923 Canvas Print Handbag bag brand of double G Florence , Italy , the first Shengdabaoluo 1910年( Polo ) United States Prada ( Prada ) 1913 , fabric handbags nylon parachute of the first brand , was born in Italy Coates ( coach) was born in 1941 in USA, New York In 1933 of France crocodile ( Lacoste ) Diamond lattice of brand handbags Dior ( Dior ) first Brand of leather bags in 10 home What ? The Other (- ZA) Alpina (Lalpina) Jules (Zooler) Daphne ( Daphne ) FEI Anni (FION) Kim Fox (Foxer) seven wolves (Septwolves) Yi Mini ( Emini ) Page 2
  3. 3. New Text Document Shengdan Mei (Sandanmy) Secretary Pierre ( Pierre Sitong) Jelly Kelly Fadanli Thelblin Banff NatsuSatoshi Red Valley Figure Boya Milton Yun Yat 11 handbags leather , important area is do you need attention ? You gradually fade to be careful using a very fine scratch , the hand of fat and body temperature to a small wound . Please do not forget to wipe the dirt with a dry cloth , scrub , please do not use a damp cloth or water Stores the leather handbags , where to avoid must find a moderate temperature and humidity as long surge in mold us. NA can be filled in order to avoid distortion of those handbag long leather if ; conditions context allows , there is no appropriate time to obtain exposure to the sun , ventilation , it is stored in well- ventilated it is recommended that you use a soft non-woven bag wrapped . Alternative means for removing dirt of ink handbag 12 Leather What ? You can use the white eraser wipe immediately . This approach does not work, please do not use alcohol to remove ink stains . It affects the life of the adhesion of leather , it is the surface (pH of 10 or more ) alkaline very strong , leather , please do not use soap soap . 13 , how to remove oil stains on leather handbags it? For oils , it is possible to use a cornstarch friction to absorb corn starch , and oil . Use bulb roast , and will facilitate the aspiration of the corn starch , the addition of certain amount of heat . After that , I brush with a toothbrush and soft hair . Until the oil clean of all , repeat this procedure . 14 , how to remove the smell of the leather bag ? It may be possible to remove the odor effectively soda , and placed in a bag . 15 , bag of summer with practical skills ? The season of summer , there is nothing better than to weave bale more flattering ? The leather bag , oh , the summer cool completely , it is not a bad idea , is decomposed in the closet , it makes straw bags woven rattan back or braided temporarily In color , Meng Yao MM suggests that not only can you take some of the other colors of red and most refreshing watermelon , according to the clothes you better OH, and was similar to summer are To match the leather handbags 16 colors , what skills ? In classic black and white . Noble and elegant , there is a need to belong looking sexy little bit strange , in two colors , white symbolizes purity , leather bags black handbags black leather , clothing is always classic black and white the most that can be wild and all colors of clothes , beige gray , blue , they can be used in color is white . Two bright colors : Red represents the passion and romance , symbolizes the vitality and passion , can orange do the team , it is the color of the other black , white , yellow , and blue ; brand of leather handbags green , the color of nature some exceptions, represent , I like being full of fresh life , best , black , or yellow . Light color : 3 Gray is a neutral color that you mature , you will be able to be used in basic items of all of the sound . Through the color pink , the first woman that can be used in the color of the clothes is white black , usually , but shades of pink rose . Page 3
  4. 4. New Text Document And 17 " myth " , what clothing and leather bag ? 1 misunderstanding : The color is jumping Bags and clothing , body , color and accessories not preferred than three , of the usual leather , . Than in the case of three different colors , because I seem to jump too the game once . The color of your new , it was assumed that too should not have to jump and confusion in many colors with the other party . First myth : Regardless of opportunity The handbag appropriate selection of the leather of his trademark , there is a premise that care must be taken we there , it is a chance just to be equal. In a large party or workplace , meet leather bag of options in the atmosphere , a selection of over a few simple ; while in a private meeting , when they go shopping , new style of brand , your bright colors you can choose . 3 misunderstanding number , regardless of the size The sister of some , to love some friends big bag , and a large bag occurs , but then cold naturally . In fact , regardless of the size , selection of leather handbags brand , No should be based on the characteristics of the body or clothing . If the clothing of bright colors and a large bag that is not a bad idea ; If the clothes very dark , this time , tone , leaving a extra large bag of really easy , sickly paragraph in order to give a feeling of indifference in the big bag imagine a person , very uncomfortable , some people might look it . It is 18 , leather bag , in the body needs attention ? Choice for the girl tall , of leather handbags , you can consider by selecting the best kind of forest energy in several magazines of the mass of the bag . The type of the little girl , and if I feel with a large leather handbag always select , on the other hand . Be confronted with a need prevention and leather bag 19 , ? Speaking of face , a kind of a girl with a kid face tough one , probably divided into two types , one is a soft kind oval face of conventional beauty . Then , for the old face , the stripe of these , you will need to select the leather bag seems a more masculine . Interspecies You can choose to have the decoration of other handbags of leather beads , sequins and together after the face . 20 , personal style and handbags , temperament , how to match the leather ? Solemn suit my right , and formal , casual and more formal , it appears in their wardrobe ? Different styles of dress , calls with different styles of handbags temperament of natural leather . In the case of a " fashion girl " you really please to be selected was a particularly popular color of clothing , a leather bag and a popular tone consistent . Your style is mainly monochromatic , please try to imagine the leather handbags now boldly Then, if you have selected the bright colors of some ! Page 4