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Top games to glorify your i phone 5


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Top games to glorify your i phone 5

  1. 1. Top Games To Glorify Your iPhone 5The iPhone 5 has been already launched and if you are the one among millions of people whopossesses the new iPhone 5 then you are just not going to sit idly and stare at it. There are tons ofgaming stuff available to be enjoyed on your large retina display.The screen of iPhone 5 is much taller and gives user a good advantage to use all the iOS apps, butthe best part is that it has been already put to better use of iPhone game development on small andlarge scale. Below has been listed the top 5 games that have been optimised for iPhone 5. 1. Asphalt 7 : Heat This game is supported by iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This game is made for all intent and purpose, it is much like the previous version but added some great visual effects. This game is not a freeware but comes at a very low cost that is worth enjoying it. 2. Jetpack Joyride :Graphically this game is not that enhanced, but this game has gained atremendous amount of popularity among iPhone users. Objects fly from rightto left and just one hit and the game is over, as long as the gamer lives, it setshigh scores. This game could be quite handy in your iPhone 5. 3. Sky Gamblers : Air Supremacy : This game is developed by Namco Networks America and is an ultimate gaming stuff for iPhone users. This game is supported on iPad, iPhone and even on iPod touch. It has been optimised for the wide screen display of iPhone 5, enhanced graphical performance and improved the load time for some exclusive features. 4. Blast-A-Way :This is a wonderful 3D puzzle game by illusion labs. It has got some mindboggling character levels and will detonate your boredom on a long boringjourney. This game is about helping three robots saving lost boxies through outdifferent levels and to accomplish these task they have to use bombs,teleporters, portals, color gates and more.
  2. 2. 5. Real Racing 3 : Real racing 3 for iPhone 5 is the latest entry in its arcade game collecton by EA. This game has some console quality graphics with realistic car designs. This game is still not listed in App store by EA, but it looks quite compelling on the taller screen of iPhone 5 especially on the retina display. iPhone game programming has been a flourishing industry for a capable iPhone game developer ever since the evolution of iPhone.The platform of mobile gaming environment has been completely changed since last couple ofyears and probably it will prosper some new heights in near future.