Phone gap app development why it is beneficial for all


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Phone gap app development why it is beneficial for all

  1. 1. Phone Gap App Development – Why It Is Beneficial For All? Phone Gap App Development – Why It Is Beneficial For All? Are you looking to develop a mobile application, and dont have enough time to learn new techniques or tools? Dont worry! If you have good knowledge about CSS, Javascript and HTML, then your work is done. PhoneGap is one such program that helps in quick development of applications, that are compatible with most of the mobile platforms such as iOS/Android/Samsung Bada/Windows Mobile/Symbian and Blackberry. PhoneGap is an open source framework that allows to create mobile applications using HTML, CSS andJavascript as mentioned above. Usually when websites are designed for mobiles, you are alwayslimited to the functionality of web technologies, such as you can not make use of the features ofaccelerometer or camera phone in web applications. These all shortcomings are removed byPhoneGap. It acts as a layer between the web application and the operating system. Thus, withthe help of PhoneGap API, you can well utilize the various features of smartphones and can evenensure that your code runs on various other mobile platforms.There are many advantages of using this framework. Let us explore some of the mainadvantages of using PhoneGap for cross-platform apps development. 1. Once developed, the apps can be deployed on various platforms, thus much of the development time is saved. 2. All applications based on PhoneGap possess extremely error free interface, therefore Author : Ryan Lawrence
  2. 2. Phone Gap App Development – Why It Is Beneficial For All? eliminating the need for browser framework around them. 3. With this platform, one can code in standard web languages such as CSS, HTML and Javascript (without the need to work on Objective C or Java). This enables for quick mobile app development. 4. The apps can be distributed through App Stores of multiple platforms. 5. It is quite easy to make use of many built-in features of mobile phones such as location services, push notifications, and instant messaging with PhoneGap. 6. This framework supports seven different mobile platforms, including the most popular OS, iOS, and the followers: Android, Windows Phone, Samsung Bada, webOS, Symbian, and BlackBerry. 7. Being an open source platform, it is free and new modules are added in it on regular basis, thereby increasing the functionalities. 8. PhoneGap apps icons are very well represented, thus it offers a good branding advantage. 9. Applications developed on PhoneGap possess cross-platform run ability, which in-turn offers affordable mobile app development for clients.Well, with the bundle of advantages incorporated, PhoneGap mobile apps development hasbecome quite easy and less time consuming. Moreover, as it supports multiple platforms,developers also enjoy a whole lot of development opportunities.Document Source : Articles : • Cross Platform Development - Few Most Popular Cross Platform Development Frameworks • Cross-Platform Application Development • PhoneGap Development And Mobile Application Development Find More Details At : Author : Ryan Lawrence