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Are your ready for i phone 5 app development


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Are your ready for i phone 5 app development

  1. 1. Page No 1 Are Your Ready for iPhone 5 App Development?Featured on the Forbes Worlds most powerful brands list, Apple Inc. brings newhandsets and iOS every year. With the launch of iPhone 5, it has once again brokenmany records. Bringing many changes in this latest smartphone, Apple has opened anew avenue of iPhone 5 app development that can provide more enhanced apps forthe users. The latest iPhone has come with many vital changes including increased screen size from 3.5 inch to 4.0 inch, 960 X 640 display to 1136 X 640 pixel retina display. While the bigger display is heartily welcomed by iPhone lovers – however, for app developers and mobile app development companies, its a challenging situation. Because, it means more work as the existing appears in a letter-boxed format stealing the experience of large and vivid display of iPhone5. On the iPhone 5s taller screen, older apps appear of the same size as on the iPhone 4S with two black strips seen on both right and left in landscape orientation mode, and in top and bottom when using portrait orientation. While the software giant announces that the developers and app making companies can create consistent apps for this new smartphone just with simple updates, but it seems not to be so easy. Lets find out why?From the point of coding, developers have to use Xcode 4.5 with iOS 6 SDK. Besides this,there are many things to consider while updating the app.Programmers have to move their present code from viewDidUnload todidReceiveMemoryWarning from now as viewDidUnload has been denounced. Are Your Ready for iPhone 5 App Development? - Ryan Lawrence
  2. 2. Page No 2All apps need to follow Cocoa Auto Layout Strategy, so that the existing apps can perform wellon the 4-inch iPhone 5 and 5th generation iPod Touch devices.Are your apps have a dependency on contacts, calenders, photos, reminders and many suchother functions? Dont expect these functions to run on your new iPhone as these thingsrequire user permissions in iOS 6. Thus, the developers have to be handle such type of errors,where the user denies permission.So, for the games and apps, which employ large sizegraphics, interactivity, sensors and motion, etc., needmore advanced update and major revamping to offerthe same user experience as in iPhone 4S. Moreover,app developers have to balance between these twoversions of Apple smartphones to provide moreresponsive experience. Thus, they have to work ontwo different versions as the apps for iPhone 5 cannot be compatible to iPhone 4S.Well, in order to get the optimal benefit from this new Apple smartphone, hire iPhone 5 appdevelopers who can help you revamp your apps or build new one as early as possible.Article Source: Articles: • iPhone 5 is Finally Here: Great News for Enterprise iPhone App Development • Important Facts About iPhone Application Development • IPhone 5 - A Detailed OutlookRelated Documents: • iPhone 5 Features Boosting High-End iPhone 5 Application DevelopmentRelated Videos: • How to Make an iPhone 5 App in Xcode 4.5 • [Very] Extended HelloWorld- iOS 5 App Development Tutorial For more information & updates, Please visit: Are Your Ready for iPhone 5 App Development? - Ryan Lawrence