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  1. 1. By Song My SusanP DUONG - 16534719ersonalD evelopment Why is PDHPEHealth and important for you?PhysicalEducation
  2. 2. Learn about Healthy and Balanced Lifestyles‡ Promotes an improvement in the qualityof life‡ Decrease the chance of illness‡ Promotes happier personal, family andsocial experiences
  3. 3. Learn to Understand and Value Yourself and Others‡ Promotes better control over you lives‡ Ability to identify and express ownemotions‡ Become more cooperative in team play‡ Enjoy a stable and happy interpersonalrelationship
  4. 4. Learn about Safe Living‡ Learn to identify risky situations anduse effective strategies to protectyourself‡ Understand your own and others rights
  5. 5. Now that you had a sneak peek at theimportance of PDHPE, it time to get involved!