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The Building Blocks of Community: The Story of Product Hunt (Presenting at #EETN)


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This is a presentation I gave at the Everywhere Else Conference in Memphis, TN where I shared Product Hunt's story, tactics for building community, and advice for those looking to someday pursue their own startup.

Unfortunately, most of the context is missing without a recording of the talk but I spent a fair amount of time creating Snapchat art to accompany the deck that I have to share. :)

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The Building Blocks of Community: The Story of Product Hunt (Presenting at #EETN)

  1. 1. The Building Blocks of Community: The Story of Product Hunt Ryan Hoover,! Founder of Product Hunt! ! @rrhoover
  2. 2. STARTUP EDITIONSE Hooked: How to Build Habit Forming Products contributing writer to Nir Eyal a little about me @rrhoover
  3. 3. Product Hunt a daily leaderboard of the best new products an idea @rrhoover
  4. 4. the “20 minute” MVP first version: announced on: @rrhoover
  5. 5. building the “real” product Emailed key influencers & friends ! ! Goal: ! Early feedback ! Buy-in ! Show momentum @rrhoover
  6. 6. @rrhoover
  7. 7. @rrhoover
  8. 8. public launch Pando interview ! ! Goal: ! Get people excited ! Spark engagement ! Increase buy-in @rrhoover
  9. 9. fun facts @rrhoover thousands of visitors daily ! 3,000+ products hunted ! 10,000+ comments ! 41,000+ upvotes ! 200,000+ clicks/mo to products
  10. 10. community building tactics @rrhoover
  11. 11. community building tactics Personally reach out to new subscribers ! ! Goal: ! Make people feel special and welcome @rrhoover
  12. 12. community building tactics Pull in community members when relevant ! ! Goal: ! Provide value and establish a culture of helping @rrhoover
  13. 13. community building tactics Offline events ! ! Goal: ! Form relationships within the community @rrhoover
  14. 14. community building tactics Schwag! ! ! Goal: ! Create a sense of belonging and pride in the community @rrhoover
  15. 15. community building tactics Mail stickers ! ! Goal: ! Delight people @rrhoover
  16. 16. community building tactics Build in public ! ! Goal: ! Get people excited and invested @rrhoover
  17. 17. community building tactics Tell stories ! ! Goal: ! Make the community proud to be a part of the story @rrhoover
  18. 18. community building tactics Podcast (Product Hunt Radio!) ! ! Goal: ! Connect w/ the community personally and off-site @rrhoover
  19. 19. so you want to start up? @rrhoover
  20. 20. so you want to start up? Product Hunt wouldn’t be successful if I didn’t first build: ! Experience (be curious) ! Audience (provide value) ! Relationships (be authentic & helpful) @rrhoover
  21. 21. 3 p’s of a startup idea Three questions I ask before starting up: ! Passion
 Pre-Existing Behavior @rrhoover
  22. 22. Thanks :) Ryan Hoover,! Founder of Product Hunt! ! @rrhoover