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The Basic Principles of Content Marketing and SEO to Generate More Inbound Leads

Done right content marketing and SEO allow your business to get found in search at the exact moment consumers need your product. Understanding the basic principles of content marketing and SEO builds a solid foundation to generate more inbound leads...

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The Basic Principles of Content Marketing and SEO to Generate More Inbound Leads

  1. 1. the Basic Principles ofContent Marketing and SEO to Generate More Inbound Leads
  2. 2. Goals• What are Content Marketing and SEO?• Why are Content Marketing and SEO important to my business?• What are Content Marketing and SEO best practices?• How do we generate inbound leads from Content Marketing and SEO?
  3. 3. What are ContentMarketing and SEO?
  4. 4. Content various methods with which we deliver ourmessage of value in the digital world.
  5. 5. Content Marketing Includes: Blogging Video Podcasting Slideshows Images eBooks Infographics Whitepapers
  6. 6. On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) the words we use within our message.
  7. 7. On-Page SEO Includes: Site Title Site Description URL Permalink Structure Page Content Keywords Image ALT Title Internal Linking
  8. 8. Off-Page the accumulation of value derived by the peoplebusinesses who come in contact with your message.
  9. 9. Off-Page SEO Includes: Acquiring Backlinks Social Profile Links Citations Search Indexing Rich Snippets
  10. 10. Human the user experience.
  11. 11. Human SEO Includes: Site Speed Bounce Rate Visit Length Social Sharing
  12. 12. Why are ContentMarketing and SEO important to my business?
  13. 13. Content Marketing and SEO allow the Connected Generation to find us in their time of need...
  14. 14. Who are theConnected Generation?
  15. 15. The Connected Generation communicates, builds relationships and makes buying decisions using digital and social media.
  16. 16. TheConnectedGenerationisNOTgoingto usethePhoneBook.
  17. 17. and youcan’tadvertiseto theConnectedGeneration
  18. 18. The Connected Generation chooses you... ...on their own time line ...based on their own research and ...their own belief in your story of value.
  19. 19. We are no longer theGatekeepers of ourExpertise...In order to be chosen we must tell ourunique story of value online using thebasic principles of Content Marketingand SEO.
  20. 20. What are ContentMarketing and SEO best practices?
  21. 21. Content Marketing success comes down to value, message and consistency. But first...
  22. 22. Who are you writing for? Demographic Geographic Industry B2B B2C Budget Buying Cycle
  23. 23. What makes you uniquelyqualified to serve them? Experience Expertise Training Markets Location Relationships Service
  24. 24. What is the personality of your business? Casual Strict Old-fashioned Progressive Energetic
  25. 25. The answers to these questions......determine our value and...define our message.Now it’s time to create content.
  26. 26. There are manydifferent forms of contentmarketing
  27. 27. Specific forms of} content move prospects throughthe various stages of your marketing funnel
  28. 28. Content Marketing Best Practices Always write with a purpose.1) Determine type of business you want to attract2) Use Google Keyword Tool to find popular keywords3) Answer question addressing problem related to keywords4) Write like a human being talks5) Use examples from “real life”6) Describe how you solved problem7) Add call-to-action
  29. 29. SEO Best Practices Only pick one keyword phrase per post1) Pick one keyword or long-tail keyword for a post2) Use that keyword in the text of the article at least 3-5times but only as the keyword fits naturally3) Add keyword to Image ALT Title4) Use the keyword in the URL5) Use the keyword in the post title6) Link to other blog posts on related topics7) Never stuff post or sound unnatural with keyword
  30. 30. Follow aconsistentbloggingformatthatInternetusers arefamiliarwith 30
  31. 31. Consistency Matters
  32. 32. Google Testimonials... ...great content.
  33. 33. Google Authorshipand YouTube Snippets
  34. 34. How do we GenerateLeads from ContentMarketing and SEO?
  35. 35. We ask for the business.
  36. 36. We consistently create content thatdelivers our message of value to the target market we serve.
  37. 37. ... and along with every piece of content we create is a simple call-to-action. “Call us with questions” “Click here to contact us via Email” “Fill out this form to begin a quote”
  38. 38. It’s both that easy and that hard.
  39. 39. What to do today? Begin here.1) Choose one type of business2) Create a 450-650 word blog post that answers oneinsurance question pertaining to that business (simpler thebetter)3) Hit publish
  40. 40. Now do this every day.
  41. 41. The End
  42. 42. I am Ryan Hanley• Director of Marketing, CIC – The Murray Group Insurance Services, Inc• Creator Content Warfare Blog –• Author – The Social Tools Book – Free No BS Blogging Success Guide {Get your copy}• Producer of – The Content Warfare Podcast –
  43. 43. Resources••••
  44. 44. Thank You!