Irnbru research task 1


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Irnbru research task 1

  1. 1. Task 1 Ryan Goldsmith
  2. 2. • In this advertisement IRN-BRU have chosen to go for a comical approach. This advert will not be aimed at children of a young age because the majority wouldn’t understand the joke that is being made so would not have the desired effect. This advert would appeal to adults and would possibly influence them to buy into the brand which obviously is the aim of the company. They have chosen to predominantly use the colours which are associated with IRNBRU ( blue and orange). These colours work well with each other because they contrast well and make the text easy to read which is ideal for a poster like this as you don’t want it to take long to get your point across to the public as they might not have time to stop and read through all of the information on it if there is a large amount of copy. The side by side nature of the poster is an unusual layout and one that is not often seen in the world of advertisement. I feel that it works well in this context though since you will first see the image and then read the accompanying text after and the joke will become clear. Another thing that they have done is include an image of the product itself onto the poster which obviously shows people the appearance of the can and the product which they are advertising. They also display the web address at the bottom so if people want to find out further information, place orders etc. they know where to go. The font that has been used looks as if it has been hand written, this helps to add to the relaxed feel of the advert and also gives the impression that this has been hand written by the people within the image. The font choice, product image and web address inclusion are featured on the entire series of these type of advertisements that were made.
  3. 3. • Again with this advertisement IrnBru have chosen to go down the more comedic route which could sometimes be called unprofessional in some ways, however I feel that with the nature of the product and the company the nature of advert is justified and works well. Similar to the previous one IrnBru have chosen to go for the minimalistic approach when it comes to the amount of information displayed. This gives the information time to get into the viewers head which essentially is one of the main aims of posters. The black and white image works well with the accompanying text since not only is the woman in the image of an escalated age but the image looks as if it is from an entirely different era. I think this adds to the comedic value of the thing as a whole because the quote is out of character for the time of the image and it makes it funny to think of someone like that to say such a thing. Again IrnBru have chosen to use their recognized colour scheme of blue and orange.
  4. 4. • This third advertisement is still in keeping with the light hearted nature of the company and their approach to their previous product adverts. This particular advert was used in order to show off their sugar free version of their original soft drink, they have chosen an approach that I can’t remember seeing anywhere else for a product, the use of a spot the difference with the advert as well as being of a comical nature it also interacts with the viewer and makes them look right the way through the image and makes them take the whole thing in and take notice of what it is trying to show, which is that there is only one difference with the sugar free version and that is that it contains no sugar but still maintains the same taste that people have become accustomed to with the brand. They have composed the advert with a title saying “spot the difference” then two images underneath and beneath those there is a statement which is written using the IRN-BRU colours accompanied by an image of the sugar free product to enable people to see what it looks like. I think that this advert works well because it stands apart from the rest and makes the brand more recognizable against other rival brands. This advert has a similar type of age range to the rest of the adverts and even though it is a diet version of a soft drink which can often be aimed at females IRN-BRU have not gone down that path and they have stayed true to what they have been known for for so long and not discriminating or targeting any gender more than the other
  5. 5. • This advert is completely different to the previous ones. The layout of this one differs dramatically from the ones prior to this as this one is not split in two and does not contain a quote or comical anecdote, rather this one has been produced for the summer months and is aiming to encourage people to drink more IrnBru when it is warmer. The colours of the image are consistent with the brand which helps to make the advert recognizable and apparent that that’s who it is for. The nature of the image used gives you the sense that it is warm and makes you feel happy. The text is laid out in the centre of the advert and is quite large, this helps to make it the focal point of the advert and adds to the effect of the copy and the advert as a whole. The audience for this type of advert could be anyone as there are no specific aspects of it that would make you think that it made one gender or age range a priority with their advertising techniques. The words “great taste” have been done in a larger font than the rest of the copy, this is an attempt to accentuate their thoughts about their product and what they want people to think about and help to reinforce the positive reputation that the company has.
  6. 6. IRN-BRU 32 packaging The text at the top of the can saying “new bigger can” is used to show the USP (unique selling point) of this particular product in an attempt to make more people buy into the brand and the new drink IRN-BRU 32. The words “IRN-BRU” have actually been printed landscape rather than portrait, this may be to set it apart from the rest of the copy on the can and make it stand out, this may also be why it has been done in silver rather than orange like the rest of the text. The colour scheme of the entire can is consistent with the colours associated with the IRN-BRU brand and therefore makes it instantly recognizable if you were to see it on the shelf in a shop. The colours are eye catching and work well with each other due to the contrasting nature of the two. This type of bright vibrant product will often help entice people into buying the drink or at the very having a further look at it to see what has caught their eye. As a whole, the name IRN-BRU 32 works very well. This I feel is because of the rhyming nature of the words and this helps to ensure that it is catchy and stays in peoples minds therefore subliminally making people think about the product and making it so they chose this particular product over the others that are available. This small piece of text at the bottom has again been used to reinforce the idea that IRN-BRU possesses this great taste which separates it from other competitors. This is a good technique as it will often be the last thing that you notice on the can making it the last thing you think about.
  7. 7. Lucozade sport
  8. 8. • This Lucozade sport advertisement uses lots of different techniques to help draw peoples attention and to get them start or continue to buy their products. One of these is the use of a well known sports personality (Gareth Bale) to endorse their product. This gives people the idea that he uses it and therefore will make you think if I drink this It must be good for you or for those who want to emulate their favorite sports stars this may be another way of doing so. The use of the hash tag “IBELIEVE” is one thing that has been used for a number of reasons, one of which is to try and reach out and grab the attention of the young people of the day with the use of Twitter. The hash tag will also help to spread awareness of the product through the medium of Twitter which will obviously be a good thing for the company as this will help to increase sales figures and at no extra cost to the company as this is additional advertising which hasn’t had to be produced and distributed it simply just gets spread around by people that like the product or reference it. They have used the colours which are associated with the Lucozade sport brand so is therefore recognizable as such. I feel like this advert is aimed at more of a male audience from young adults to people in their thirties who obviously enjoy and take part in sport regularly. The text at the top has been separated into two separate parts one says “hydrates + fuels you” and the other says “better than water” this is done to add emphasis where they feel is necessary because claiming that something which is better than water is a large statement to make and will in turn make people think highly of the product and want to buy into it. They have also included the web address of the company at the base of the advert which says that you can see the science behind the product which obviously shows their confidence in the product that they are selling and showing that they have sufficient evidence to back up their claims. I feel that this type of thing helps to give you faith in the brand and perhaps this approach should be adopted by other companies too. Ion the bottom left hand corner there is a small bit which says “Lucozade” then underneath it it says “YES” this is a positive word and is yet another attempt to further enforce the ideal that this drink will dive you and make you better. Also in the bottom right there is an image of the product itself which allows you to see the product in full view.
  9. 9. Monster Energy
  10. 10. • This Monster advert has kept things very simple with only a couple of main elements to the poster. On of which is the product itself which boasts a very recognizable and individual style which helps to separate it form other energy drinks like it. The black and green colour scheme is one that has become associated with the entire brand of monster and is the dominant choice of colours for any other advertisements regarding the product, e.g. on cars and stickers etc. even though there are other variations of the product which use different colours to these. One of the main things that you notice about this advert is the M on the monster can and this is made of three different lines which when put together form an M, these lines actually each represent the number 6 in another language and when put together form the number 666 also known by many as the number of the beast which goes hand in hand with the name of the company “Monster”. Another thing which is very apparent in this advert is the woman in the background , this gives of the impression that this product is aimed predominantly at the male gender and also I feel like it is aimed at young adults and people in their twenties.
  11. 11. Powerade Zero
  12. 12. • This advert for Powerade Zero has done similar to the Lucozade Sport and used a famous athlete to promote their product and in this case it is Jessica Ennis from the Great British Olympic team. She is a very successful athlete and is a positive role model for young people, this is good when it comes to advertisements as she will be someone that people look up to and aspire to emulate in the future. The fact that they have chosen to use a female for this product is consistent with a lot of drinks companies where they will often aim a diet or light version of a drink at the female gender more than the male gender. This poster gives you a picture of the product itself so you know what it looks like and obviously just helps to showcase what they are promoting and trying to sell to you. This drink is very focused on the fitness side of things and things like “Sweat out. Zero in.” make that abundantly clear, this is why I think that this is aimed at those people that take their fitness and exercise very seriously. They use a colour scheme which works well together as they are all good contrasting colours with the black background and help to make the text and images jump off the page. The blue in the advert is a colour which is widely associated with the Powerade brand. They have the Team GB logo in the bottom left corner which further shows their involvement with the team. Jessica Ennis looks as though she has been working hard in the image as she is perspiring quite profusely which indicates this, this would lead you to believe that she would be having a Powerade Zero to aid her, it also goes hand in hand with the afor mentioned statement “Sweat out. Zero in”.
  13. 13. Rockstar
  14. 14. • This Rockstar poster has gone the way of keeping things simple and focused solely on the product itself. This is done by having a large image of the cans of Rockstar in the foreground of the poster with “Rockstar energy drink” underneath it. This helps to draw your attention to the product and obviously the brand name. I think it is a good thing that they have chosen to display a variety of their products. This will help to appeal to a larger market with the introduction of more flavors and colours etc. I think that the target audience for Rockstar would be predominantly male because of the masculine feel that the patterns and colours used give off and also they would be of a similar age to the rest of the other energy drinks, young adults to people aged up to around thirty. The pattern on the background seems to be consistent with the feel of the product itself and has a skater feel and an urban underlying feel also. The unique and instantly noticeable thing about Rockstar is the use of a star for the ‘A’, this helps to give the brand a certain identity. The poster has minimal copy on it which allows no focus to be taken away from the product that they are advertising and allows you to take in all of the available information in a single look so that the image stays with you in your mind.
  15. 15. Red Bull The first thing that you notice when you look at the can of Red Bull is the name. it has been centered on the can and in a portrait fashion rather than the IRN-BRU which had their name landscape. This makes it so that you read the name when it is stood up on shelves and other advertisement mediums. There are other little bits of information on the can describing the drink, this is to give you an idea of the unique taste that the Red Bull product has. Another thing about the design of the can is the colour scheme that they have chosen, it uses colours that are known worldwide as the colours of Red Bull and are instantly recognizable as just that. The can is often a long a slender thing apposed to most other cans which will often be quite bulky. All of the text that they want to emphasize is written in capital letters to help catch your eye. The image of the two bulls charging in the centre gives the sense of there being energy and power which are two vital components to any good energy drink and is obviously what people are looking for when they have one.