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  • Mobile devices are expected to out ship pc in 2012. Heavy mobile data users are expected to pass 1.82 billion by 2013. What this means is that users will be on mobile phones more of the time. Companies should look to created sites for mobile devices first. Companies will be able to reach more consumers through mobile devices. Going mobile will help Golden Crust tap into a different market which will bring in more business. More business means more money.
  • Companies have begin to implement many changes since mobile devices have emerge on the scene. Some companies have created mobile version of their website. When users go to certain websites on their mobile device, they are redirected to the companies mobile version. This is a version of the website that is strictly for use on a mobile phone. All of the images and navigation tools are structured to give the user a friendly experience. Other companies are also beginning to create websites that can be use on all platforms. The problem that occurs is that not all browsers can read the codes. Golden Crust will give can give their customers access to their menus and hours of operation through a mobile site. You will also be able to give customers an option to order online.
  • Studies show that in the future mobile users will dominate the internet browsing world. Many companies are beginning to think “mobile first.” This has changed the way designers are approaching web design. Since there seems to be and endless amount of consumers on mobile devices and tablets, companies have begin to create their web presence with these consumers in mind. Companies are beginning to cater to these consumers. Golden Crust should do the same. Most customers search for places to eat while they are mobile. This will give Golden Crust the opportunity to get the customers that buy at the spur of the moment.
  • Location detection is a new technology. This allows the detection of the location of the consumer. This will help Golden Crust tremendously. Consumers will now be able to find the nearest Golden Crust from wherever they are. Golden Crust will also be able to intergrate audio and video to give the consumer a better experience.
  • The Benefits with going mobile are endless. Customers can view the restaurants menu and place an order right from their mobile device. They can make a reservation and find the closest location in relative to their location. Customers will appreciate how convenient it is when dealing with this restaurants. This will make customers return.
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    1. 1. Going MobileBy Ryan EvansFor Golden Crust Jamaican Restuarant
    2. 2. Devices
    3. 3. Devices
    4. 4. Mobile Usage GrowthMobile phone usage and tablet growthPass 1.82 Billion by 20133 Billion of Adult Population will use onlinetransactions.
    5. 5. Impact on the web designChanges to accommodate mobile devices.Companies creating mobile versions of website.Companies recoding websites to be viewed onmobile devices.
    6. 6. Impact on web designCompanies going mobile as first optionCompanies catering to mobile consumers
    7. 7. New technologiesLocation detection.Integrated audio and video.
    8. 8. Bad Example
    9. 9. Bad Example
    10. 10. Good Example
    11. 11. Good Example
    12. 12. BenefitsCustomers can view menuCustomers can place ordersMake reservationsFind the closest location
    13. 13. Referenceshttp://mashable.com/2011/08/05/mobile-design-priority/http://www.netmagazine.com/features/mobile-firsthttp://sixrevisions.com/web-development/mobile-web-design-best-practices/