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Mms course guide


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Mms course guide

  1. 1. Republic of the Philippines ISABELA STATE UNIVERSITY College of Computing and Information Technology Cauayan City, Isabela Master in Information Technology Second Semester, School Year 2012 - 2013 Course Guide in IT 212 – Multimedia Systems Instructor: DIONICIO D. GANTE, MIT Email: Phone No.: +639173267679 Website: Edmodo Group Code: n8bp4a Course Description: This course is focus on the design, implementation and evaluation of multimedia products, which combine text, audio, animation, still images and video. The different tools, techniques and guidelines in facilitating the planning, designing, production and implementation of multimedia products will also be discussed. It also covers the trends in the development and the use of multimedia both in the public and private sectors. Course Goals: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to: • define learning with multimedia; • describe the development of media in the history of distance education as a function of interaction and independence; • identify the basic psychological processes involved in multimedia learning; • outline the basics of sensation and perception in processing multiple media; • explain the rationale of multimedia design principles; • develop criteria for the evaluation of multimedia applications; • apply these criteria and critically analyze various multimedia products; and • develop a proposal for a multimedia project. Course Outline
  2. 2. This course is divided into two units, they are as follows: Unit 1 – The Concepts of Multimedia Introduction to Multimedia Systems Module 1: Multimedia Principles and Concepts Module 2: Multimedia Hardware Module 3: Multimedia Software Module 4: Elements of Multimedia Unit 2 – Multimedia Learning: Generations of Technological Innovations Module 5: Multimedia Project Management Module 6: Media Characteristics: Media as a function of interaction and independence Module 7: Media and Learning Schedule of Activities: Weeks Activities 2/2 2/3 2/9 2/10 2/16 2/17 Course Overview Research on Software Tools Reporting Reporting Midterm Exam Individual Project Presentation 2/23 2/24 Final Project Presentation Final Examination Reading Assignment Intro Module 1 Module 2 & 3 Module 4 Module 5 & 6 Module 7 Notes Post your chosen software on the Edmodo Online Quiz 1 on Intro and Module 1 e-Copy of Report deadline Feb. 17 Online Quiz 2 on Module 2, 3 & 4 Assignment on Module 5, 6 & 7 e-Copy of Individual Project (Advertising) deadline Feb 24 e-Copy of Final Project deadline March 2 Course Requirement Your grade will be computed as follows: 1. Attendance (20%) 2. Assignments/ Quiz/ Edmodo Participation (20%) 3. Project (30%) 4. Examination (30%) Writing Standards
  3. 3. Effective managers, leaders, and teachers are also effective communicators. Written communication is an important element of the total communication process. The Graduate School recognizes and expects exemplary writing to be the norm for course work. To this end, all papers, individual and group, must demonstrate graduate level writing and comply with the format requirements of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 5th Edition. Careful attention should be given to spelling, punctuation, source citations, references, and the presentation of tables and figures. It is expected that all course work will be presented on time and error free. Requirements/ Project Students are required to submit project on or before the schedule deadline for submission. There will be an individual and group project. Groupings will be done on the first day of the class to give students ample time in conceptualizing and in the development of the multimedia product. There will be two individual projects required, a slide presentation based on the researched software to be reported in the class; and developed advertisement of any kind using any multimedia tools/ software except PowerPoint. The making of a music television video or MTV of any chosen song will be the group project. It will also be considered as the final project. House Rules 1. Attendance Each student is required to attend the class for at least two (2) Saturday and be able to attend the final presentation on the fourth week in order to pass the subject. 2. Deadlines Projects and answers to assignments should be submitted on time. There will be a deduction of 5% for every day late submission of assignments or projects. Do your best to finish your assignments and projects way before the due date. 3. Intellectual Honesty
  4. 4. As masters students you are expected to do your best. Whatever assignments and projects you submit are assumed to be your own work. Do not be tempted to take shortcuts by having someone else do your work for you, or by doing someone else. You would not want someone else to get credit for something you worked hard to accomplish. Moreover, you would not want to get credit for something you did not do. If you find that you are unable to finish certain requirements, the best solution is to contact your instructor.