Ryan McDaid Brand Planning Process


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An outline of projects I have worked on and the process I have used.

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Ryan McDaid Brand Planning Process

  1. 1. Ryan McDaidBRAND PLANNER &STRATEGIST908-­‐334-­‐9900  MCDAIDR@GMAIL.COM  
  2. 2. My Process as a plannerO  k  THE Challenge from the clientKey InsightsResearch on category,competitors and consumerK  Strategic Approachf  REASON TO BELIEVE in the brandTHEWHY?p  
  3. 3. SEVENTH GENERATION :: It ain’t easy being greenCHALLENGE:Seventh  Genera;on  has  always  been  a  fan  favorite  among  dark  green  consumers  but  it  scared  away  the  mainstream  with  aggressive  environmental  messaging  and  rumors  of  poor  efficacy.  We  were  tasked  with  the  challenge  of  making  the  brand  image  more  approachable  and  giving  the  mainstream  a  reason  to  believe  without  loosing  the  core  dark  green  consumer.  
  4. 4. k  How do we become more approachableto mainstream consumers?- Tired of guilt trips- Concerns over efficacy- Green starts with what you put in your body- brand health and communications audit- Interviews with employees- Focus groups with moms- Facebook surveysK  Make our communication a little brighterf  “We believe there is always a brighter way”THEWHY?p  O  SEVENTH GENERATION :: It ain’t easy being green
  5. 5. SEVENTH GENERATION :: It Ain’t easy being Green
  6. 6. TROJAN CONDOMS :: Pickin’ up Good VibrationsCHALLENGE:Trojan  Condoms  has  always  been  known  as  the  trusted  brand  for  “safe  sex”.  When  Church  &  Dwight  decided  it  was  ;me  to  expand  the  porSolio  beyond  contracep;ves  we  were  tasked  with  iden;fying  new  innova;on  territories  and  building  strategic  communica;on  plaSorms  that  would  maintain  the  brand  integrity  while  evolving  the  image.  
  7. 7. k  Where else can we play with our consumers?- “sexual Health” & pleasure are codependent- Condoms established consumer trust & loyalty- Couples had Barriers to purchasing toys- Lead Interagency brainstorms- Client Ideation Sessions- Focus groups with Millennial & Gen X couples- Trojan listserv surveysK  Pleasure from the feminine perspectivef  “We believe in the next generation of pleasure”THEWHY?p  O  TROJAN CONDOMS :: Pickin’ up Good Vibrations
  8. 8. TROJAN CONDOMS :: Pickin’ up Good Vibrations
  9. 9. Chobani :: Disrupting Healthy SnackingCHALLENGE:Chobani  is  the  leader  in  Greek  Yogurt  sales.  They  asked  me  to  ID  some  ways  they  could  disrupt  the  healthy  snacking  category  through  innova;ve  products  and  tac;cs    
  10. 10. k  How can we disrupt and ultimately ownhealthy snacking?-  Healthy snacks drive growing snack category-  Snacking occasions are rising in frequency-  Millennials drive trends in category- K  1. Portfolio innovation2. Communication clarity3. Distribution revolutionf  “We believe in making healthy snacking easier”THEWHY?p  O  Chobani :: Seducing Healthy Snackers
  11. 11. Chobani :: Portfolio innovationk  f  -  Snacks must be portable & be able toreplace a meal-  fruit, nuts & yogurt rank among thetop 5 snacks chosen-  Popularity of Chobani Soho store &Starbucks Bistro boxesCreate yogurt based bars, bistro boxes &yogurt-covered nuts to be sold in therefrigerated dairy aisle
  12. 12. Chobani :: communication clarityk  f  -  Consumers are tired of being told their foodis “bad for them”-  66% of consumers want retailers to clearlyidentify healthier products in the store-  49% of snackers are interested in snacks thatare helpful with health issues-  Yogurt can wear the badge of the AmericanHeart AssociationTranslate the conversation intoconsumer language
  13. 13. Chobani :: Seducing Healthy Snackersk  f  -  48% of snackers eat on-the-go or at work-  Nutritional snacks had the largest number ofitems added to vending machines in 2012-  Addition of healthy snacks contributedsignificantly dollar & unit sales since 2010launch a line of interactive,refrigerated vending machinesand place in hubs where snackersare most hungry
  14. 14. Digital ContentCreatorBURNING MANAUGUST 2012
  15. 15. COLANGELO :: Building an Organic insights machineCHALLENGE:    Insights  are  the  lifeblood  of  crea;ve  campaigns  but  harves;ng  them  takes  ;me  and  resources.  The  Colangelo  strategy  team  was  constantly  stretched  thin  across  a  myriad  of  campaigns  and  couldn’t  serve  every  account.  We  set  out  to  find  a  way  to  empower  account  &  crea;ve  teams  to  derive  insights  on  their  own.  
  16. 16. COLANGELO :: THE TENTACLE BLOGThe Work:-­‐  To  date,  the  site  has  over  12K  posts  -­‐  Employees  post  from  online  &  mobile  sources  -­‐  High  engagement  on  posts  fosters  conversa;on  in  agency    
  18. 18. IDEATE :: Burning ManAUGUST 2012
  19. 19. THANK YOURYAN  MCDAID  908-­‐334-­‐9900  MCDAIDR@GMAIL.COM