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How to-get-better-leads-from-webinars-with-less-effort rs

  1. 1. How to Get BetterLeads from Webinars with Less Effort Sponsored by
  2. 2. When It Comes to Webinars…Where’s the Real Value?Most B2B marketers agree that the success oftheir content marketing is measured not only by thenumber of audience members it attracts, but also bythe quality of the leads their campaigns generate. Tothose ends, marketers work hard to develop contentthat is appealing to their target audiences, and theypackage that content in ways that are designed toengage and excite the audience.Marketers like webinars for several reasons. Webi-nars represent a kind of “live” content that is dy-namic and interactive. They provide an engagementexperience for the audience that is more personalthan fixed, highly polished content. There is some-thing more genuine about a live presenter answer-ing real questions in the course of a presentation.Also, through their multimedia capabilities, webinarsprovide a richer, more memorable experience for theaudience. And finally, webinars create opportunitiesfor marketers to gauge audience reaction. How does a simple webinar do all these things? • nalyze and Capture – monitor and mea- A By combining good presentation practices with a sure audience activity during the presen-From the marketer’s perspective though, what is business-grade webinar platform, a well-planned tation, capture that data at the individualthe greatest value of a webinar? Is it the opportuni- webinar presentation performs the following lead attendee level, and export the data to a leadty to influence an audience with a truly compelling nurturing functions: management application for further use by sales people.presentation? Is it a way of generating more leads?In fact, a webinar represents a unique opportunity • ttract and Filter – Target an audience seg- A ment with a topic designed to interest and Attracting the right audience and creating a com-to do several things at once. If these things are attract them, and use webinar platform tools pelling presentation for them sets up the conditionsdone well, the result is more than a set of quali-fied leads. They are leads already prepared for to promote and register attendees. for analyzing their reactions and capturing infor-follow-on contact, and they are leads the marketer mation that enables personalized, post-webinar • nfluence – Develop a compelling, engag- Ihas learned something about during the webinar ing presentation that teaches the audience engagement. Coordinating these three activitiespresentation that enables sales to personalize something, and use webinar platform tools to provides highly qualified leads along with individu-subsequent engagement. encourage audience interaction. al-level insights into each of them. Let’s see how.How to Get Better Leads from Webinars with Less Effort 2
  3. 3. Attracting and Filtering a Target AudienceAttracting and Filtering a Target Audience worry about—then present your information in that much information makes the process complicatedThe first step in capturing qualified leads is attract- context. The more valuable a topic or presenter and discourages registration. A webinar platforming the right audience. The basic principles behind (or both) is to the target audience, the more target should automatically send email reminders as thedeveloping an audience for a webinar do not differ audience you will register for the event. webinar date approaches. Some webinar platformsgreatly from audience development for other kinds support Outlook calendar integration, which insertsof content. However, webinars are different from Attendees prefer topics with depth that teach them the event into the registrant’s calendar when theystatic content in a several important ways: something useful. They are less interested in su- register. perficial treatments of large topics. Also, always re- • ecause webinars are scheduled events, B member that titles mean everything when it comes Building an audience is an essential first step, but people need to set aside specific blocks of to attracting an audience. once you have an audience, the real challenge is time to attend them. Attendees can’t skim keeping it. for the highlights like they might if reading a Webinar Promotion: This is an essential part of white paper. Committing to attend a webinar audience development. It can include emailing to is a higher threshold of commitment than deciding to view a fixed piece of content like target audience lists, using social media such as Titles Make a Big Difference... a white paper. Therefore the value to the Twitter and LinkedIn, paid adver- audience must be high, and it must be clear. tising, or all of the above. • webinar platform has tools that help A Platform Features that Support promote attendance and collect important Registration and Attendance: information about the audience. The ultimate goal of attracting and filtering an audience is to ensureGiven these differences, here are several audience the right people register for thedevelopment strategies: webinar, and then to maximize at- tendance of those who register.Topic Selection – Playing to the Target Audi-ence: Every webinar plan should include an audi- A business-grade webinar plat-ence objective that defines the audience and states form provides tools that makewhat that audience is going to take away from the registration easy for attendees.event. It’s not enough to decide what you want Registration is an important stepto tell your audience. That may be important to because it is the first opportunityyou, but the audience might not care about it. You to capture attendee information.need to understand what is important to the target But don’t overdo it! Asking for tooaudience—their hot buttons and the things theyHow to Get Better Leads from Webinars with Less Effort 3
  4. 4. Presentation Best PracticesChoosing and promoting a topic that attracts • ncourage attendees to use chat chat Ethe right audience is just the beginning. Gen- and QA functions to make commentserating quality leads depends on an audience and ask questions. Keep an eye on thestaying engaged during the webinar. This is im- chat box, and speak to the audience.portant not only to influence the audience, but • ose questions that relate to your topic, Palso to measure their reaction to the presenta- and address specific answers you receive.tion. Retaining the audience is all about good • ssume your audience is multitasking Apresentation practices. and you are competing for their attention.There is lots of great advice available aboutpresentation techniques that keep audiences Leveraging the Platforminterested and engaged. It is not our intention Features for Better Audienceto repeat all that advice here. However, hereare some key points that will improve audience Engagementengagement: Audience engagement is incredibly important for • ever start a webinar with long-winded N two reasons. First of all, it keeps the audience introductions and speaker credentials. attentive so they get your message. Secondly, Dive into the value they will be getting more interactivity provides more opportunity to from it. analyze the audience. • Teach and inform. Do not sell. Platform features that support interactivity in- • ake the presentation crisp. Spend no M clude chatting (or instant messaging), annotation more time on a topic than is necessary to tools, and polling. A poll can be used to alter the make key points. rhythm of a presentation, introduce a new topic, • udiences have shorter attention spans. A gauge audience attentiveness, and assess the It is often easier to attend one or two engagement of individual audience members. 30-minute webinars than one 60-minute event. So far we have discussed attracting an audience • uring promotion and registration, solicit D and providing a spellbinding presentation. Now questions. During the presentation, refer we come to the heart of the matter – measuring to those questions, and answer them. the audience to qualify leads. Let’s see how.How to Get Better Leads from Webinars with Less Effort 4
  5. 5. Measuring the AudienceFrom the moment a webinar attendee registers, • Chat: Chat is valuable because it is con-they are providing information that is valuable at tent that provides insight into the intent of Market Insightstwo levels. First, as part of an audience, they are the person who writes it, and that intentsaying something about how receptive the target typically relates to what is happening in • Total number registeredpopulation is to the topic and key messages. Sec- the presentation when the chat occurs. • Total number of attendees There are a many ways to engage with • Attendance rateondly, as individuals, they are saying something chat during a presentation. While the pre- • Average attendance durationabout themselves and their own interest in the senter is speaking, a colleague can post • Average attentivenesstopic. A good webinar platform will capture and comments and questions, and attendees • oints in presentation where attentiveness Preport all this information in ways that are useful can do the same. Chat can be used to changedto marketing and sales. make an offer, such as to send links to • Average attendee interest rating related information, and responses can • Polls response rateFor example, a business-grade webinar platform say something about group attentiveness • Number of questions askedwill be able to collect and generate reports based as well as the individuals who respond. • nd-of-webinar survey response rate Eon information gathered before and during a • Polling: Polling is useful because it pro-webinar session, such as data points listed in the vides real-time audience feedback while Sales Insightstable on this page. keeping the audience engaged. It also provides information about how individuals • Registration informationStrategies for Improving the Quality stand on a particular question. One great • Registered but a No-Showof Audience Analytics strategy is to poll on a question from an • Join time and leave time industry survey, and then show audience • Duration on the webinarWe have already discussed that the best way to results alongside survey results. • Questions the attendee askedcreate an opportunity for collecting audience data • Questions the attendee answered • Attentiveness levelis to attract the right audience and keep them • QA: Questions provide information • Interest ratingengaged. Once attendees have joined the webi- about how engaged an audience is at a • Poll and survey responsesnar, using platform interactivity features enables particular moment. However, they also • Comments and chat discussionsyou to measure many aspects of audience and work to increase audience interest, and • Completed end-of-event surveyindividual interest. they provide information about whatHow to Get Better Leads from Webinars with Less Effort 5
  6. 6. interests specific individuals. Presenters should pose questions regularly. Encourage attendees to ask questions so speakers can respond verbally in real-time. A moderator can answer housekeeping questions directly while passing on content-related questions to the speaker to address for all attendees.Leading webinar platforms have features that givethe moderator dashboard-style feedback on audi-ence attentiveness and interest. Attentivenessratings show the percentage of attendees who areactively clicked on the webinar window, rather thanon other windows open on their computers, implyingthat they are following the presentation rather thanbeing diverted by web surfing or reading emails.Interest ratings measure each attendee’s behaviorand level of engagement through their clicks, at-tentiveness, questions asked, questions answered,and chat messages. This feedback helps present-ers modulate their presentation, but it also providesvaluable insights into how individual attendeesrespond to different parts of the presentation.What Really Matters When It Comes to Video Conferencing? 6
  7. 7. Leveraging Webinar Analytics in a Lead Nurturing StrategyAnalytical reporting from a webinar provides a attendee. If a webinar audience numbers in thegreat deal more than feedback on the effectiveness thousands, that can produce enormous amountsof a presentation. Webinar analytics show how the of attendee-level analytical reacts to presentation content. They also Fortunately, some webinar platforms offerprovide valuable attendee-specific information that elegant analytics reports for collecting lead-can increase the effectiveness of any lead nurtur- level webinar activity. Simplifying Audience DataConsider these examples that show how individual Captureinformation can personalize follow-up contacts: The best way to capture lead-level analytics • he no-show. Tom Sawyer registers but fails T is to transfer captured information directly to to show. Subsequent follow-up: “We missed individual attendee records in sales automa- you at our recent webinar. You might be tion and lead management solutions such interested to know that the audience found as Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot, Pardot, and one topic particularly valuable. Did you know Salesforce. True business-grade webinar that……………. We recorded this presenta- tion – would you like me to send you a link?” solutions, such as Citrix’s GoToWebinar, of- fer Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to • he highly engaged attendee. Jane Smith T simplify the transfer of attendee information registers and stays engaged throughout, and analytics from webinar reports into lead including asking a question. Subsequent fol- and sales management solutions. APIs are low-up: “Thank you for your participation and applets that any non-technical person can your great question. I have some additional information on that topic that might interest set up. When set up, they automatically feed you, as it is specific to your business. Can information from the webinar software to the we schedule a call to discuss this week?” marketing automation solution. The inter- faced systems create new contact recordsOf course, in order to take full advantage of the for attendees who are new prospects, andinformation that a business-grade webinar platform the update existing prospects’ profiles withis able to capture, the platform must have report- valuable metrics like attentiveness and inter-ing capabilities that provide data in understandable est ratings. The availability of off-the-shelf APIs canand actionable formats. This is especially true for be a huge time-saver in automating the capture ofthe detailed information that is captured on every webinar analytics.How to Get Better Leads from Webinars with Less Effort 7
  8. 8. The Key to High Value Webinars: Capturing Actionable Webinar AnalyticsA webinar is an ideal medium for attracting a tar-geted audience and presenting that audience witha message. However, the technical platform used Essential Capabilitiesto host webinars also provides a way to acquirevaluable information about individuals in the audi- Full registration support, including customizable registration forms, self-serviceence. Selecting and promoting the right topic and registration, calendar integration, and automated reminder messages.delivering an engaging presentation are essentialprerequisites to gathering audience information. Robust audience engagement features that include QA, chat, polls, audienceTo capture that information in a form that is useful hand raising, real time engagement dashboards, and post-session surveys.for further analysis and lead nurturing, the webinarplatform needs to support essential capabilities Robust session reporting based on global audience indicators such as total at-listed here. tendees, attendance rate, average attendance duration, attentiveness, attend- ee interest rating, poll response rates, QA activity, and tracking key metricsTaking full advantage of a business-grade webinar throughout the presentation.solution can turn a webinar into a powerful leadqualifying and nurturing tool. For more information Detailed attendee reporting including registration information, show or no-about webinars as well as other desktop and mo- show, join time and leave time with duration of attendance, QA activity, chatbile collaboration tools, visit Citrix GoToWebinar. activity, attentiveness and interest ratings, poll and survey responses, and tracking key individual metrics against the presentation timeline. APIs (application program interfaces) that automate the exporting of individual attendee webinar analytics to lead management software solutions like Sales- force, Eloqua, and others. NOTE: Look for simple APIs that quickly and easily provide a connection to your sales automation tools without the help of IT or technical people. An easy-to-use interface that is intuitive so both presenters and the audience take full advantage of its engagement features.How to Get Better Leads from Webinars with Less Effort 8
  9. 9. About GoToWebinar Webinars Made Easy™ Citrix GoToWebinar is the easiest-to-use do-it-yourself event tool that projects your message to up to 1,000 online attendees. With GoToWebinar, you can reduce travel costs, generate more qualified leads at a lower cost and enhance communication with customers, prospects and employees. Host unlimited webinars for one low flat fee and give attendees the option to join from a Mac, PC or mobile device. GoToWebinar Premier Event is also available to provide custom-built solutions for thousands of attendees and available with video streaming. Learn more at For over 17 years, Studio B has specialized in creating memorable content that teaches, motivates, inspires, and captivates audiences. We believe people make better technologydecisions when they understand the operational advantages and human benefits of technical solutions. Our clients are leading technology companies that include IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, SAP, and many others. To learn more about content that changes minds, go to our website at © 2012 Citrix Online, LLC All rights reserved.