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Music video questionaire results


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Music video questionaire results

  1. 1. The process I sent my questionnaire out to 20 people between the ages of 17-18 via the social networking site of Face Book. I gave out half to males and the other half to females. This was done so I could see if their was a variation in results depending on gender.
  2. 2. Question 3: How often do you watch music videos? 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Everyday Every Week Every Month NeverEvaluation: As you can see 75% of the candidates watch music video’severyday. This shows that a video can be a big part of the musicexperience. Personally speaking I know that if a song has a good musicvideo to it, this can make me like the song more as a whole.
  3. 3. Question 4: How do you watch music videos? TVOther internet site YouTube 0 5 10 15Evaluation: The online video streaming site YouTubeis a popular place to watch music video’s, even morethan the television. The reason for this I wouldimagine is because you can watch what youwant, whenever you want. Whereas people wouldwatch TV music channels more so to see what isnew.
  4. 4. Question 5: In general do you find music videos with a linear back-story more interesting to watch? 5% Always 20% Sometimes 30% Occasionally never 45%Evaluation: From these results we can see the main percentage ofpeople like a back-story sometimes. So overall we can see that backstories are a positive and I think this is the way forward for my musicvideo production. And only one person said never, therefore I wouldimagine the rest like back-stories when they are well thought about andtell a good story.
  5. 5. Question 6: Which music genre do you feel usually has the most interesting music video’s? 10% Metal 35% Indie/Rock 30% Pop R&B/Rap 20% Electro/Alternative 5%Evaluation: The most people voted for electro/alternative, this genreis one of the most interesting to watch. The reason being it is usuallyfuturistic set, with lots of visually pleasing effects etc. Closelyfollowed by indie/rock which isnt surprising as it is very popular withthe age group I gave the survey to. Only 5% for pop which wassurprising I thought because it is one of the most popular genre’saround.
  6. 6. Question 7:If a music video has animation in it, do you find it more interesting to watch? 3 6 yes No Maybe 11Evaluation: From these results you can see that teenagers dont seem tokeen on animation. The specific results as well were 8 boys all said no, only 3girls said no. This shows a difference in gender, I suppose most males at thisage enjoy watching rap video’s because of the women and sex appeal inthem and also the indie/rock radical video’s. Whereas girls might appreciatethe artistic and clever side of animation more.