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Effective Leaders | Ryan Bisanz


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Ryan Bisanz discusses some of the top ways to be an effective leader in any situation

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Effective Leaders | Ryan Bisanz

  2. 2. Inspire Your Team to Action Inspire your team. It seems simple enough. If your team doesn’t care about the work that they won’t put their best foot forward. A good leader will paint a paint a clear picture on what the common goal is all the while stressing the importance and impact it will have on not only the company, but the individual as well. In addition to painting a picture, an effective leader will also inspire their to whatever it takes to get them to the common goal. They will instill a sense of pride in their team that will motivate said team to want to take pride in their work.
  3. 3. Optimism Is Key One of the top characteristics that any leader needs to have is optimism. Even things are in the process of falling apart, an efficient leader needs to have the ability to keep his team motivated in order to reach the goal. A good leader must continue to stay in good spirits in order for the team to remain motivated. Everyone wants to work for someone who lifts them up and is able to stay cool under pressure. If you as a leader is down and stressed under pressure, how would one expect their team to flourish?
  4. 4. Be a Listening Ear Another top trait that a good leader must possess is the ability to listen. Don’t always bark orders and dictate. Take a moment to listen to your team and digest their ideas and thoughts. Everyone likes to feel like they are a part of a team and an integral part of the process. By being a dictator, your team will start to feel like a robot and therefore lose any interest that they may have in the project. An efficient leader will listen to ideas from their team and incorporate them into the project. This will instill a sense of pride in their work. People do their best work when they are a part of an environment that supports them and makes them feel comfortable to take risks and speak up.
  5. 5. Communicate In any organization, knowledge is key and a great leader will ensure that every employee is provided with the most up to date information about any goals, project, or pertinent information. From the top of the org chart, all the way to the bottom. This way team members are fully aware of anything that can hinder or advance the common goal.
  6. 6. Integrity Research shows that one of the top characteristics that an employee wants from their leader is a sense of integrity. Someone that is honest, fair, forthright, and is able to treat everyone equally. This creates a level of comfort between employees and their employer and will give people the ease to be upfront in any situation.
  7. 7. No matter what industry or organization you’re in, being a good leader is essential for success. By following these steps, you’ll be on the fast track to being a great leader! Ryan Bisanz