Iknow how hard it is to be noticed when you’re not much more than a name onpaper. White, boring paper and black, boringpri...
So what’s                                                     first?T   he most important step in making an    ebook is de...
T   hen start thinking a bit out of the box.                                                  What                        ...
N   ext step, the layout.                                                The                                              ...
Twitter                                                     & LinkedInN    ow is the design stage.      For your twitter b...
O    nce you have your layout complete, you     can really dive into the look and feel.The most important aspect is that i...
N    ow it’s all about remaining consistent.                                                   Final                      ...
R   eady...Set...Go!                                                    The                                               ...
When all was said and done, my ebook resumetook me about 6-8 hours over the course of aweekend. Yes, that’s a lot of time ...
The Ebook Resume Blueprint
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The Ebook Resume Blueprint


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Get noticed by hiring managers with a custom ebook style resume. This tutorial will walk you through what you need to make it all happen.

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The Ebook Resume Blueprint

  1. Iknow how hard it is to be noticed when you’re not much more than a name onpaper. White, boring paper and black, boringprint just makes it so difficult to stand out.So tear the competition apart by creatingan unforgettable, gorgeous and informativeresume. Resume building is an art that I feelhas not yet been truly discovered. VectorTuts+ recently had a great article called“Creating an Elegant looking Resume withInDesign”. With a little more creativity, youcan create something even more compelling.What if you don’t have InDesign, though?Well, really what you’re doing is creating aninteractive PDF. Companies like Uberflipcan do this for you, so if you’re interestedin making an ebook resume as a one timething, Uberflip is a great idea. Otherwise,Microsoft Powerpoint is a great choice as well.If you have Powerpoint, check out HubSpot’sfree template on making an ebook withPowerpoint.
  2. So what’s first?T he most important step in making an ebook is developing the content.So, in the form of a resume, let’s think aboutwhat that would entail: Your name and contact information A little biography Your work history Your education Your accomplishments Your skills The programs (or tools) you use (and your proficiency in them)
  3. T hen start thinking a bit out of the box. What Else? What are things that traditional resumescan’t have, or don’t normally have? You couldinclude videos, sound clips, or colorful chartsand graphs. In my own ebook resume, I usedTwitter and LinkedIn in my presentation. A LinkedIn recommendation section A Twitter bioThis was really it - not too complicated. Nowbefore you even consider the design stage,use a text editing program to actually writethis stuff out - worry about the formattinglater.
  4. N ext step, the layout. The Layout The layout is so important because youwant to create an expectation on the page. Inbranding, repetitiveness is part of the game,with the goal being for everyone to knowexactly who you are before even readingwhatever it is you are branding. Same conceptapplies here - but in the ways of where thebuttons, body text, titles and images areplaced. Buttons Body Text Titles Images Lists
  5. Twitter & LinkedInN ow is the design stage. For your twitter bio, make it pop. It’s onlya limited number of characters, and whatevertext you’ve thrown in there should bememorable! A useful tip is if you are workingin InDesign and want a vector logo of acompany, look to seeklogo.com for help. Makeyour presence known with this page, as it’s areally cool feature to your bio and you’ll wantto show it off. “ @HubSpot #CERTIFIED Advanced Full Funnel #Marketer MarketingCoordinator andFor the LinkedIn section, you can either head ” DigitalMediaManager. Specialties:straight to your page and take a screen shot AdobeSuite/Web/ContentCreationof your recommendations, or you can recreateit. I decided recreate the look so that it would “I have known Ryan for approximately 4 years and found him to be highly motivated, intelligent and very creative as well as very personable. He has great people skills that come from his abilityappear a bit cleaner. to make genuine connections. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him highly.” February 16, 2011 Ella Carlson, Instructor, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, advised Ryan at University of MassachusettsDon’t worry about spending too much timeon the look of the design just yet; as you add “Ryan was always bringing a positive attitude to the work environment and providing creative new solutions to the fast paced atmosphere at Transportation Services. Ryan was alwaysmore things you will inevitably need to adapt responsible and involved at his job. It was a pleasure to work with him and would love an opportunity to do so in the future.” October 20, 2011your layout. Again, while you are placing your Alex Chaves, Team Leader, Supervisor, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, worked directly with Ryan at University of Massachusetts Lowell Transportation Servicestext on the page, be sure you’re putting everytitle and text box in the same space and “Ryan actually worked at Merrimack Repertory Theatre twice. While he was a student at UMass Lowell he interned at MRT, and I found him to be mature, outgoing, and creative. In the fall ofmaking it the same width and height. 2011 the theatre needed to start an in-house telemarketing effort following the failure of an outsourced campaign. Ryan was the first person I thought of for the job, and we were very lucky to be able to bring him back. Despite never having managed such a campaign before, Ryan was about to develop call scripts, hire and manage a small team of callers, and deliver a campaign that produced a positive net for MRT. Ryan works hard, has a great attitude, and is unafraid of new challenges. I highly recommend you consider hiring Ryan if he is interested in joining your organization.” September 11, 2012 Dan Berube, Director of Marketing, Merrimack Repertory Theatre managed Ryan at Merrimack Repertory Theatre
  6. O nce you have your layout complete, you can really dive into the look and feel.The most important aspect is that it is Brandingconsistent. Choose 3-5 colors and stick tothem. Make sure they all work together, and ifyou need a hand choosing your color scheme,make an Adobe ID (you don’t need to ownany Adobe products) then head over tokuler.adobe.com - it’s one of the coolestwebsites for digital designers.The second most important thing you mustmake perfect is the title page. It has onesimple job: to make whoever has just openedit to stop whatever they are doing just so theycan look at it. Your title page should be a showstopper. Period.
  7. N ow it’s all about remaining consistent. Final Steps Use one font with different variations(though it’s ok to use more), and use the samecolors. To end your resume, lay out all theways the hiring manager can get a hold of you.When you are all done with your ebookresume, it’s time for linking your content. Makelinks to your portfolio, your LinkedIn profile, 1your Twitter page - and put it at every placeyou would expect to find a link if you werereading it yourself. L ink your contentA nd the final step: keywords! This is actually a two step process, and 2can be easily done through InDesign, or youcan also do it in Preview. First, find all thekeywords that stand out in your particulardocument. You’re looking for words that you K eywords!think your potential employer might use tofind you. Then, go to the job description andpull words from that as well.
  8. R eady...Set...Go! The Finish Line Well, not so fast. Before you go sendingthis monster off to your adoring fans, thereis one more thing to do: create a traditionalcopy. You want to create a resume that isactually printable. This can either be a standardlooking one from Word, or you can use animage program like InDesign to make it. Whilethere is no need to make it look really fancy,it would be a great idea to use some of the Ryan Axford 978.302.9802 ryanaxford@gmail.com 678 Princeton Blvd #26 Lowell, MAsame colors as you do in the ebook copy. Connect with meThe same rules apply here though - include @ryan_axford Linkedin.com/in/raxford portfolio.raxmedia.netlinks where they should be, keep a form and Skills TECHNICAL: Writing • Proven ability to improve visit-to-lead conversion • HubSpot • Adobe Suite • Microsoft Suite • Final Cut Pro X • Google Analyticsuse keywords. Make this copy readily available DIGITAL: E-Book development • Online content optimization • Content origination, editing & production • Keyword analysis and selection • SEO managementfor whoever may be reading it. Upload it to a NON-TECHNICAL: Strong leadership ability • Multitasker • Self-starter • Efficient • Totally easy to get along withserver and link to it from your resume. If you Experience Marketing Coordinator: The Real School of Musicdon’t have a server, upload it to Dropbox and and Success Burlington, MA | January 2011 - Present *earned several promotions from Sound Engineer to Marketing Coordinatorsave a public link. Successes include: • Driving lead generation up 32.3% overall • Increasing traffic generation by 21.75% increase • Increasing organic search to lead by 11.1% • Designing and implemented email campaign which led to the company’s highest sales and visits in the summer months • Engineering two full years of digital video content to be released every week in just a month, which after just the first video began converting leads • Managing the marketing development in every aspect in two locations; this includes print, online, internal and external promotions and collateral. • Creating the company’s first branding document to help drive its success Marketing Assistant: Merrimack Repertory Theater Marketing Team Lowell, MA | Sept. - Dec. 2009; Jan. - Sep. 2012 *first date range was for an internship; was hired as Marketing Assistant during the second date range Successes include: • Composed blog articles and developed successful online content • Engineered, hired for, and implemented a wildly successful telemarketing campaign in its entirety • Collaborated with the Media Manager to design both on and offline marketing collateral
  9. When all was said and done, my ebook resumetook me about 6-8 hours over the course of aweekend. Yes, that’s a lot of time to dedicate toone resume, but the response I have received hasbeen almost overwhelming. As of right now, myebook resume has generated over 10,000 views.Tell me about how you created your resume andthe results you saw from it! web