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Ryan Kashubara: About Manufacturing Engineer Careers


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Ryan Kashubara is a reliable manufacturing engineer with years of experience and exceptional organizational skills. Manufacturing engineers like Ryan Kashubara often face long work days and challenging problems, as does any career, but for those who enjoy it, the field is exactly what is needed to stay interested in work.

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Ryan Kashubara: About Manufacturing Engineer Careers

  1. 1. Ryan Kashubara: About Manufacturing Engineer Careers *
  2. 2. Ryan Kashubara is a manufacturing engineer who earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Ohio State University in 2011 and immediately began working with Epic Technologies, LLC. Since beginning his career as a manufacturing engineer, Ryan Kashubara has earned respect from his peers, received promotion to Lead Process Engineer of Medical Products within Epic Technologies, LLC., and, as of 2016, moved on in search of a new, more challenging position. A few details on the career of a manufacturing engineer, as presented below, can help you better understand Mr. Kashubara’s field. It might even spark your interest to pursue it for yourself.
  3. 3. * A Bachelor’s degree, such as Mr. Kashubara’s Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering, is standard for a manufacturing engineer, though some do go on to receive an Associate’s degree and further certifications or licenses. Popular majors include general engineering, architectural engineering and chemical and biomolecular engineering, among others.
  4. 4. * Manufacturing engineers require a considerable amount of work-related knowledge, experience and skill to find quality employment. considers the process to be “quite hard,” stating that most manufacturing engineers require one to two years of work experience and up to six months of job training to qualify for positions.
  5. 5. * Active listening and dependability are top skills for manufacturing engineers, as are self-motivation and team collaboration, both of which can be found on Ryan Kashubara resume. Mr. Kashubara also lists proficiencies in lean manufacturing, process validation, equipment qualification, standardized work and other experience-specific aptitudes.
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