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Music censorship

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Music censorship

  1. 1. Music Censor shipWhy censoring music is not an effective method of protection from media
  2. 2. Problem in all genres of musicPMRC and labeling
  3. 3. sors si c hi p? mu It is the process of changing or banning t is music against the wishes of the creator or the intended audience. Can be bleeping, skipping, or distortingWhacen certain words. Most often thought of as the complete banning of a song or artist.
  4. 4. su pp f or or t Disagreement with the message. so n s Use of profanity or obscene language.Rea Protecting children
  5. 5. Individuals exposed to a mass media message t Effe c will expect the communication to have a greater effect on others s is than on themselves. r so n oth e We’re smarter than d- Pe Hyp everyone else so we have to protect them.Th ir
  6. 6. When compared to other social influences, music has little effect on an es individual’s character. i al enc The role of family and Soc peer influence is much greater than explicit lyricsi nflu play. Music does not cause a good person to “go bad.”
  7. 7. i on Correlation DOES NOT tio n prove causation. elat a usa Rap music ≠ gang participation Corrvs. c Heavy metal ≠ suicide.
  8. 8. Family is the largest social influence. ily “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he isFam old, he will not depart from it.” –Proverbs 22:6
  9. 9. Protecting children should not begin with silencing the artist, but with teaching them right from wrong.
  10. 10. Music is art
  11. 11. Individuals have the right to choose what they listen to.Parents of younger children should use the explicit content label as a warning device.
  12. 12. Public censorship IS NOTan effective method ofprotecting an audiencefrom a message some maybelieve is harmful.