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Special Olympics Africa year end newsletter


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Special Olympics Africa year end newsletter

  1. 1. Eunice Kennedy Shriver Celebrated in values include, love, social justice, faith, Congressman Patrick Kennedy Visits Africa hope and courage. Special Olympics KenyaAfrica Regional Head Office Congressman Patrick Kennedy son of EKS Day is about action across the the late Senator Edward Kennedy who is3rd Floor Twin Towers WestCnr Rivonia and 5th Streets globe activities that demonstrate the nephew to Eunice Kennedy Shriver oneSandton City, Sandton 2196 impact of these values to those unfamil- of the longest serving congressmen inSouth Africa iar with Eunice Kennedy Shriver and herTel: +27 11 7838533Fax: +27 11 7838510 revolutionary movement. The world will______________________________ actively celebrate EKS Day on the fourth Saturday of every September.Africa Regional StaffDr. John Dow, Jr. Special Olympics Africa national Pro-President & Managing DirectorE-Mail: grams celebrated EKS Day across the continent holding activities ranging fromCharles Nyambe local and national competitions in Rwan-Director, Program Development & SportsTel: + 264 61 260 385 da and Kenya to dedicating infrastructureFax: +264 61 260858 and sports fields in Namibia. NationalE-Mail: government leaders, national and inter-Stabiso Sithole national celebrities and athletes shared US made a short visit to Special Olym-Program Development Manager and stories and testimonies of her courage, pics Kenya office to give his support toRegional Administrator work and the legacy she left behind the program on Thursday July 8, 2010.Tel: + 27 11 783 8533Fax: + 27 11 783 8510 through her love, care and courage. Sev- He was received by the board chairmanE-Mail: Eunice Kennedy Shriver devoted her life eral media institutions reported on theseJoe Mutua to fighting for the rights of those with in- testimonies creating more awareness ofProgram Development Manager tellectual disabilities. To inspire new fans her legacy.Tel: + 254 20 675 0373 to experience the impact of her legacyFax : + 254 20 607 612E-Mail: and embrace the movement she started, Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day is an an-Charles TakouetProgram Development ManagerTel: + 225 22 43 42 18Fax: + 225 22 43 42 19E-Mail: CTakouet@specialolympics.orgKoffi AdjomeHealthy Athletes ManagerTel: + 225 01138177Fax: + 225 45089123 nual celebration of her life and her ideals.E-Mail: It is a global call for people to commit ac- and the national director and stayed in tions of inclusion, acceptance, and unity the office talking about his experiencesAncilla SmithManager, Football Initiatives for and with individuals with intellectual as a volunteer in many ways for over oneTel: + 27 11 783 8533 disabilities, and half hours.Fax: + 27 11 783 8510E-mail: Driving EKS Day are the same values He expressed his desire to get Special that drove Eunice Kennedy Shriver in Olympics working in Liberia where he al- establishing Special Olympics. These ready had been before arriving in Kenya.
  2. 2. ______________________________ The Katutura Football For Hope Cen- intellectual disabilities on the same field abilities in Namibia have access to, orProgram Contact Information tre – in Memory of Eunice Kennedy to play as teammates. The impact of experience using computers. Schools in Shriver inaugurated this approach is anticipated to be much the local area lack decent computer andSpecial Olympics Benin greater as both the players, with and sports facilities and the Centre will beMr. Joseph Olowo, Board ChairpersonMr. Armand Gbaguidi, National Director those without disabilities benefit greatly an important facility for the youths with03 BP 0912 from the program and from each other. and without disabilities in the Katutura148 Rue du Renouveau, Lot. No. 1129T The community too is impacted, chang- community. The football pitch will provideCotonou, BeninTel: +229 9540 4004 ing attitudes towards people with intel- the community with a safe area to playFax: +229 2132 3650 lectual disabilities and promoting social football alongside athletes of the SpecialE-mail: change and acceptance. Olympics, thereby promoting awarenessSpecial Olympics Botswana in the community.Mr. Modise H. D. Maphanyane, Board ChairpersonMr. Ross Tebele, National DirectorPlot 1864, Ext. 15National Stadium, Notwane Road, Opposite UniversityP.O. Box 21242Gaborone, BotswanaTel: +267 390 1305Fax: +267 390 1352E-mail: SOBotswanDirector@gmail.comSpecial Olympics Burkina Faso Special Olympics Namibia, is one of theMr. Ousmane Sana, Board Chairperson 20 organizations across Africa that haveMs. Annick Pikbougoum, National Director benefited from the FIFA World Cup by01 B.P. 4411Ouagadougou 01, Burkina Faso receiving a Football For Hope legacyTel: +226 7027 2883 / 226 78000090 Centre. Special Olympics Namibia inau-E-mail: gurated the Centre on the 25th of Sep-Special Olympics Cameroon tember 2010 to coincide with the EKS Individuals with intellectual disabilitiesMr. Christopher Ampoam, Board Chairperson day. The Board of Directors of Special face discrimination within Namibian soci-Mr. Jean-Marie Aleokol, National DirectorP.O.Box15883 Olympics Namibia offered to name the ety and many parts of the world, findingYaounde, Cameroon Centre after Mrs. Shriver as a legacy it difficult to integrate into society. TheyTel: +237 7748 6784 Centre which will bring the same hope face unemployment and barriers to edu-E-mail: she brought to Special Olympics athletes cation as well as social stigma. PeopleSpecial Olympics Chad when she founded the movement. with disabilities around the world receiveMs. Louise Bourkou Kabo, Board Chairperson very little medical care for many reasonsMr. Ngaye Tatila, National DirectorRue 5020 Porte 427 The Centre was officially dedicated ranging from poverty to discrimination.BP 4394, N’djamena, Chad by the Secretary General of FIFA Mr.Tel: +235 629 9620Fax: +235 519 919 Jéróme Valeke with the Prime Minister Special Olympics Namibia will use thisE-mail: of the Republic of Namibia Honorable Football for Hope Centre to provide the Nahas Angula, participating in the dedi- athletes with medical screening andSpecial Olympics Congo (Brazzaville)Ms. Brigitte Marie Yengo, Board Chairperson cation. medical education using the popularityMr. Celestin Biampandou, National Director and power of Football. Further, SpecialB.P. 13940, Brazzaville, Congo The Centre will be using the Unified Olympics will use the centre to provideMobile: +242 5538 7272E-mail: Sports approach in delivering the Foot- the athletes with an opportunity to get ball For Hope activities, this approach basic computer literacy skills, as only combines individuals with and without 0.01% of people with intellectual dis-
  3. 3. NBA Players Conduct Special Olym- “Parcelles Assainies, Unité 1” which co- invest directly in Africa by providing sup-Special Olympics Côte d’IvoireProfessor Joseph Delafosse, Board Chairperson pics Activities incided with the unveiling of a basketball port across Africa from this office.Mr. Claude Danzo Tano, National Director playing ground offered by the NBA to the23 BP, 12 Abidijan youth of the Guédiawaye districts. ThisAbidjan 23, Côte d’IvoireTel: +225 2022 9122 was also to pay tribute to de DesaganaMobile: +225 0657 2030 Diop, the Senegalese Basketball playerE-mail: of the NBA for his temporary return toSpecial Olympics Kenya Senegal.Mr. James Kimonye, Board ChairpersonMr. Joe Mutua, National Director (Acting)P.O. Box 20450-00100Nairobi, KenyaTel: +254 20 272 6865/6Fax: +254 20 272 6883E-mail: SOKenyaDirector@gmail.comSpecial Olympics MalawiMr. Peter Mazunda, Board ChairpersonMr. Felix Chisowa, National DirectorP.O. Box E28Post Dot NetTel/Fax: +265 1 880 279E-mail: Every year in September, selected NBA players and coaches gather in Africa toSpecial Olympics Mali hold clinics under the NBA cares socialMr. Tapo Garba Mama, Board ChairpersonMr. Dougnon Amassagou, National Director program. For the first time, the NBASpecial Olympics Mali cares Africa clinic was held in Senegal, Forty-four athletes and ten Special Olym-P.B. 248 IOTA, Bamako, MaliTel: + 223 6667 5000 west Africa. Special Olympics Senegal pics Coaches had an opportunity to in-E-mail: was invited to take part in this training teract with some great stars of the NBA. camp which was held on Thursday, Au- The ceremony started with a presenta-Special Olympics MauritiusMr. Choytun Satyagan, Board Chairperson gust 5, 2010. The event took place at the tion of the attending players, followed byMr. Jose Luximon, National Director the speeches of Mr. Amadou Gallo Fall,23 Marcel Ducasse Street Vice-Président of the NBA and MayorCite de Rosnay Beau BassinMauritius, Indian Ocean Macky Sall of Guédiawaye, who receivedTel: +230 464 2806 / 751 0256 a signed “Basketball Without Borders”Fax: +230 212 5175 / 466 6069 T-shirt. Then there was the unveiling ofE-mail: the new basketball court. SO athletes participated in three workshops: oneSpecial Olympics NamibiaMs. Stay-C Namases, National Director workshop of dribbling, one of shootingP.O. Box 7246 and a third of passing. This is the secondWindhoek, Namibia time Special Olympics Africa has at-Tel/ Fax: +264 61 302 403E-mail: tended an NBA clinic. The first was held in 2008 in Johannesburg, South Africa. The NBA cares has since opened an of- fice in Johannesburg, South Africa. The reason for establishing this satellite office is to ensure that the NBA cares begin toSpecial Olympics Niger
  4. 4. Mr. Tanda Halidou, Board Chair internationally at World Games and serv- Olympics Benin, Special OlympicsMr. Dabougui Moussa, National Directorc/o Palais des Congress de Niaurey Ross Tebele Receives Highest Honor ing on the AAC were other contributing Kenya, Special Olympics South Af-11205 ou Ro 597, Niamey, Niger factors. The President also recognized his rica, Special Olympics Namibia,Tel: + 227 9629 2927 commitment as an aerobics instructor en- Special Olympics Nigeria, SpecialMobile: +227 2179 0234E-mail: couraging fitness to people of Botswana. Olympics Reunion, Special Olympics . Senegal, Special Olympics Tanzania,Special Olympics Nigeria and Special Olympics Cote d’IvoireMr. Victor Gbolade Osibodu, Board ChairMrs. Folashade Bolumole, National Director were represented by delegates fromc/o Citiserve Building, 368 Ikorodu Rd their countries. The meeting providedMaryland, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria the delegates with very useful GamesTel: + 234 1 722 7656 / 790 1575Fax: +234 1 271 0412 information ranging from travel toE-mail: sports competitions. Site venue toursSpecial Olympics Reunion were held and delegation liaison staffMr. Jean-Marc Maillot, Board Chairperson members had an opportunity to meetMr. Georges-Marie Naoulivala, National Director their Heads of Delegations. Programs24 Rue Guillaume Appolinarie 97419La Possession, Reunion that were not able to attend will haveTel: +262 692 860 278 this opportunity to listen to similar pre-Fax +262 262 289 396 sentations during the regional leader-E-mail: The National Director of Special Olym- ship meeting planned for early 2011.Special Olympics Rwanda pics Botswana, Mr. Ross Tebele was ex- A total of approximately 327 athletesHon. John Rusimbi, Board Chairperson tremely excited when he received an in- will represent the region at the 2011Mr. Anaclet Ruzindana, National DirectorCenter Christus, Remera, vitation from the Botswana Head of State World Summer Games. Several pro-P.O. Box 1425, Kigali, Rwanda Lieutenant General Seretse Khama, Ian grams have started working on theTel: +250 583 151Mobile: +250 084 12604 Khama to attend a ceremony as he had National Games in Conclusion Games registration process. TheE-mail: been recognized to be a recipient of the GOC set the deadline for February highest honor in the country. Mr. Tebele All the Special Olympics Africa accred- 1, 2011 while the region set its ownSpecial Olympics SenegalProf. Assane Fall, Board Chairperson expressed gratitude to the movement as ited Programs have been mounting their deadline for December 31, 2010.Mr. Mabemba Mbacke, National Director he would not have received this high- respective national Games since JuneStead Leopold Sedar est award if he had not been involved 2010. The first to hold their nationalSenghor, DakarTel / Fax: +221 827 1780 with Special Olympics. Mr. Tebele has Games was Special Olympics TanzaniaMobile: +221 77 645 1853 / +221 76 669 6360 served Special Olympics since 1989 back in May and the last will be SpecialE-mail: and is the current AAC vice Chairperson. Olympics Uganda in January 2011. It wasSpecial Olympics Seychelles a requirement for all Programs to hold na-Ms. Annette Domigue, Board Chair Mr. Tebele is a dedicated National Director tional Games in order to use this platformMr. Colin Quatre, National DirectorP.O. Box 513 of Special Olympics Botswana. The Presi- for selecting and advancing athletes toVictoria, Mahe, Seychelles dential certificate symbolizes the role he the 2011 Special Olympics World Sum-Tel: +248 378 266/322 272 has played in National Sport development mer Games scheduled to take place inFax: +248 378 512E-Mail: especially his work with the population Athens, Greece from June 25 until July 4. with intellectual disabilities in Botswana. This recognition also symbolized his ad- In preparation for the 2011 Special Olym- vocacy, love, dedication, passion and pics World Summer Games, the Games commitment to this population. His lead- Organizing Committee hosted a Head ership in Special Olympics nationally and of Delegations meeting at which Special
  5. 5. entertainment. The memorial service wasSpecial Olympics South AfricaDr. Mathews Phosa, Board Chairperson held in a Catholic church in Ndera Parish EKS in Cote d’ivoireAnnemarie van Wieringen Program CEO Kigali National Games Dedicated to and the Parish Priest presided over the3rd Floor Twin Towers West EKS requiem mass. During the service, Mr.Cnr Rivonia and 5th StreetsSandton City, Sandton 2196, South Africa Oreste Gasana, the Chairman of NderaTel: +27 11 783 8533 Local Program was given an opportunityFax: +27 11 783 8510 to address the congregation. He elabo-E-mail: SOSouthAfricaDirector@gmail.comSpecial Olympics SwazilandMrs. Nonhlanhla Nojekwa, Board ChairpersonMr. Themba Makhanya, National DirectorP.O. Box 472Mbabane, SwazilandTel: +268 673 1644/404 5606Fax: +268 404 4850E-mail : SOSwazilandDirector@gmail.comSpecial Olympics TanzaniaDr. Juma Mwankemwa, Board ChairpersonMr. Frank Macha, National Director In Côte d’Ivoire, the local ProgramP.O. Box 42979 SO Rwanda did not want to miss the celebrated EKS by taking a 10km walkDar es Salaam, TanzaniaMobile: + 255 713 622 462 EKS day opportunity therefore decided rated more on EKS. The program Board which was sponsored by the “HHHE-mail: to celebrate it on 26/09/2010. This is be- Chairman Hon. John Rusimbi handed Abidjan” Association. About 300 partic- cause, in Rwanda, every last Saturday of over 32 pairs of sports shoes, 32 pairs ipants attended the event held in theSpecial Olympics TogoMr. Issa Amenunya, Board Chairperson every month is committed to mandatory of stockings and footballs for use by theMr. Dovi Amewuame, National Director communal work on which every citizen young athletes. He also gave a largeB.P. 8052, Lome, TogoTel: +228 250 5263 is expected to clean up the environment. photo of EKS to the local program. AllMobile: +228 991 3244 Sunday 26th was a very special day in these items were donated by the BoardE-Mail: of Directors, Special Olympics Rwanda.Special Olympics Uganda A local competition was held in athleticsMr. Donald Rukare, Board Chairperson and football.Mr. Denis Kiwanuka-Lutalo, Program National DirectorP.O Box 30483Kampala, UgandaTel: +256 414 270710E-mail: SOUgandaDirector1@gamil.comSpecial Olympics ZambiaDr. Peter Mwaba, Board ChairpersonMr. Clement Chileshe, Program National DirectorP. O. Box 50144,Burma RoadTel :Fax +260 907821797/ +260 1 229836E-mail: locality of Bingerville, in the District of Abidjan. 30 minutes prior to the start Kigali as family members and young ath- of the walk, the participants were given letes of Humura sub Program assembled a short orientation of EKS and Special to display their support for EKS. Activities Olympics. held included a memorial church service, athletics, football, speeches, lunch and
  6. 6. pride and honour to our country when Special Olympics Swaziland Local they are given an opportunity to excel on Competitions the world stage,” remarked Annemarie van Wieringen, CEO of Special Olympics SO Swaziland held three regional South Africa. competitions with over 1150 athletes participating. The first event took place The 2010 SOSA National Summer Games brought together the SA Military, Traffic police, Fire Department and DHL in a torch run into the opening ceremony which was hosted by musician and TV presenter ‘Kabelo’. The university grounds provided a safe and high class competition venue, aided by 150 student volunteers from various faculties at the to 55 years, individuals with elite capabili- University of Stellenbosch where SpecialNews From South Africa ties as well as those with more profound Olympics is included within their training. disabilities, Unified teams who are using in Lubombo region on 8th July, 2010 andAfter three days of intense competition the power of sport as a message of was held at Siteki Sports Grounds. 600at the Special Olympics South Africa inclusion as the teams comprise both athletes participated and 24 new coach-2010 National Summer Games at the individuals with and without intellectual es were recruited. The second eventUniversity of Stellenbosch and the SOSA disabilities. Many of these athletes haveNational Golf Competition in Johannes-burg, the 83 member Special OlympicsSouth Africa National Team has beenannounced. The delegation comprisesathletics, aquatics, bocce, table tennis,golf, mens and ladies football, Unifiedfootball and Unified basketball teams“These individuals are a great reflectionof South Africa, originating from acrossthe country, ranging in age from 10 years took place in Manzini region on 15th July, 2010 and was held at St. Joseph Mis- sion Sports Field. 250 athletes partici- pated and 8 new coaches were recruited. The third event took place in Hhohho region. The competition took place on had to overcome enormous challenges 24th July, 2010 and was held at Prince of just to be able to compete at a national Wales Stadium. Three hundred athletes level and we know that they will bring
  7. 7. participated and seven new coaches children at home. hygiene conditions for people with intel- Football for Hope goes on in Mauritiuswere recruited. SO Swaziland also held lectual disabilities taking part in SpecialNational competition and has selected a SOM Young Athletics Programme coordi- Olympics activities in Ntchisi district.World Games team. nator Doris Suwedi delivered the training at Kamundi Motel. Doris said: “We want The program funded by Special Olympics to train family members so that they International under Health Promotion should be aware of program under Spe- Department was launched at Kalema Pri- cial Olympics and work with their chil- mary school targeting over 40 athletes, dren physically, cognitively and socially 13 family members and eight coaches in to prepare them for Special Olympics communities surrounding four implemen- games in future. Family members are tation centers of the project in the district. sharing different experiences and chal- lenges which they come across with their children. We teach them foundation skills Among the multi project achievements including jumping, kicking, balancing and of SO Mauritius, the Football for Hope catching the ball,” One parent Masoany- Project has generated the most success- ful campaign on the needs for inclusion and acceptance of Intellectually Disabled persons in societySpecial Olympics Malawi trains 178Family Members in YAP enga Chinjoka whose grandchild, Frank Banda, has an intellectual disability said he appreciated the knowledge gained from the workshop, hoping it will ease A striking instance was the invitation to some of the challenges he is facing to Speaking during the launch of the SO Mauritius by the Ministry of Youth & bring up the child. Chinjoka said he be- program Special Olympics Malawi act- Sport to play the kick off match at the lieves the games will improve the mental ing country director Felix Chisowa said launching of the National Street FootballSpecial Olympics Malawi recently trained strength of the child and his performance athletes need good health if they were to Festival held on 2nd October 2010.76 Family members in Lilongwe on spe- in class. perform well in sports.“We want athletescial games for young athletes, increasing in rural areas to understand hygiene,” In the presence of eminent Guests, thethe number of family members trained to said Chisowa. Minister of Youth & Sports , Hon De-178 following two other training work- Special Olympics Malawi launches a vanand Ritoo ,the Minister of Socialshops involving 102 family members. Health Promotion Special Olympics Malawi health promo- Integration, Hon Xavier Luc Duval, the tion clinical director Lucia Collen will be Mayor of the City of Curepipe, Mr Koo-The training is aimed at equipping family Special Olympics Malawi launched a delivering monthly training sessions on mara Pyandee and the president of Mau-members and guardians of young ath- Health Promotion Program on October nutrition, hygiene and general health in ritius Football Association, Mr P Jhoda.letes with knowledge of special Olympics 2, 2010, aimed at improving nutrition and rural ensure they teach the games to their
  8. 8. SO Mauritus two Football for Hope currency has been allocated to this initia- Richard Woods. The donation was made with intellectual disabilities to take part inteams played the kick off match In front tive. in acknowledgement of the impact that building peace and social mobilization inof around 3,000 Spectators and 500 Special Olympics has made in the lives the communities through the PresidentialFootballers. The SO valiant mixed soccer The competitions so far have been held of people with intellectual disabilities in Initiativeplayers, gave a demonstration of their in Karonga district, bordering Tanzania the community. This is the first time thatskills and their competition spirit which in the northern part of Malawi where the program will receive unsolicited funds The Malawi Government confirmed itscaptivated the attention of the crowd Special Olympics Malawi has recruited from any institution! support of Presidential Initiative in 2008 over 500 athletes and 63 coaches. In aiming at inspiring and engaging the the Southern part of Malawi, the com- Leo’s Club Donates Sports Equipment entire nation to participate and excels in to Special Olympics Nigeria sporting activities towards levels that are comparative to the world standards. Leo’s Club district 404A, the youth arm of Lion’s Club, recently donated some In the PIS all the Stakeholders (Govern- sports equipment to Special Olympics ment Sports Federations) are expected Nigeria. These items include; basketball to develop excellence to world levels in stands & ball, badminton rackets and football and netball because Malawi has shuttle corks. The presentation was recently proved some potential in these made at the Special Olympics Nigeria two sports disciplines at continental as well as world levels.The Hon Minister of sports declared thathe was deeply impressed by these young petitions begun with Chikhwawa district Nigeria Greensprings School Donatestalents boys & girls, and believes that SO which accounts for over 400 athletes and to Special Olympics Nigeriaathletes could be part in regular teams to 43 coaches.encourage inclusion. Special Olympics Nigeria was a recipient of an equivalent of $4,387 from Green- spring School, Lagos state during theirSpecial Olympics Malwi increasessports participation through Presiden-tial Initiative for SportsThe 13th of June 2010 marked the begin-ning of Special Olympics Malawi activi- office by a team of both the Lions andties for Presidential Initiative on Sports. the Leo clubs officials. The items wereThe aim is to increase mass participation received by Dr. Alero Roberts, the Familyin sports as well as developing the sport- Support Network Coordinator on behalfing talents in various communities. of our athletes. She expressed her ap- In Karonga all the trophies were pre- preciation for the equipment and said itSpecial Olympics Malawi is currently car- sented to Karonga south who emerged will go a long way in providing athletesrying out its football activities with funding winners; Presenting the trophies to the with the equipment they need for trainingfrom the Malawi government through the wining teams, was Karonga District Com- and development. 25th anniversary. The cheque was pre-Malawi National Council of Sports. A total missioner, a Mr. Macheka who appreci- sented to the National Director, Mrs. Folaof $ 3,355.70 in local Malawi Kwacha ated the MNCS for considered people Bolumole, by the Head of School, Mr.
  9. 9. Young Athletes and Family Fun day initiative in her school. She added that As part of the workshop, a presentation that the athlete was registered with the since Special Olympics was introduced on “Oral health and the special needs club and had been assessed as hav-A Young Athletes Family Fun Day was or- to her pupils, there has been a remark- child” was made to the family members ing an Intellectual disability. Consentganized at Patrick Speech and Language able improvement in their lives – they by our Special Smiles Clinical Direc-Centre, Lagos, South west Nigeria, on have become friendlier, smile a lot more tor; Dr. Folakemi Oredugba, a specialist and relate better. in Child Dental Health at the College of Medicine of the University of Lagos/ Another Fun day was held at Atanda Olu Lagos University Teaching Hospital. The School for the physically and intellectu- outcome of the workshop was that these ally disabled children in Lagos, south family members were enthusiastic to be- west Nigeria on Wednesday, 8th Decem- come active family members in their local ber 2010. 17 young athletes and 7 family communuities. members participated. The young ath- letes were very excited as they proudly SO Kenya Awarded Health Project demonstrated their skills in the Scarf game, Sport song, Obstacle course, fol- Special Olympics Kenya was awarded a low the part, Side stepping and Run and community based health project grant by forms were designed and distributed to carry activities amidst cheers from the University of Illinois, Chicago in conjunc- the athlete caregivers through the club family members and staff of the school. tion with Special Olympics International The head of School, Mrs. Folashade Michael expressed her appreciation to S O Nigeria for the impact that the program has had on people with intellectual dis- abilities in her school.Friday, October 15th. 21 young athletes,7 family members were part of this his- Family Support Network Forumtoric event as this was the first of its kindto be organized by S O Nigeria leaders. The research has been going to conduct a research on what effects on from March 2010 and very encourag- general hygiene, Nutrition and physi- ing results are being witnessed. A final cal activities have on Special Olympics report will be published at its conclusion athletes. A group of 100 athletes was se- in August 2010. lected, 46 from Kenyatta University club while 54 were selected from MathareThe family members cheered the young club and a corresponding number of Kenya Games in Memory of Euniceathletes as they enthusiastically dis- The 22 family members were introduced parents and caregivers. In addition, fami- Kennedy Shriverplayed their abilities. The proprietor of to the world of Special Olympics and the lies with low functioning Athletes werethe school, Mrs. Akande was especially benefits of participation at a workshop included to train alongside their siblings. Over 250 athletes from all corners of Ke-pleased at the outcome of the event and held in Abeokuta, Ogun state, south west nya gathered at the University of Nairobithanked S O Nigeria for introducing this Nigeria on Friday, 26th November 2010. The only condition for participation was Sports grounds for 2 days of national
  10. 10. games. Athletes were selected at these Regional Managing Directors position ogy, ophthalmology and orthopedics.Games to be part of the delegation at- titles Changedtending the summer games in Athens, Special Olympics Senegal Extending On November 27, 2010, the second SO Senegal National games in athletics were Recently, SO Senegal has displayed held in Stadium Iba Mar Diop, in Dakar. growth in many aspects. The fourth quarter of 2010 was full of events for SO Senegal. The second Healthy Athletes screening and the second national cham- pionships in athletics were held during this period. SO Senegal also celebrated the International Day for the Disabled established by the General Assembly of the United Nations on December 3rd by organizing a conference and a massGreece. march.Senior representatives from the Ministryof Sports and Youth affairs as well as the President and COO, Special Olympicsministry of Education joined the Chair- Mr. Brady Lum announced on Novem- On December 4, 2010, SO Senegalman of SO Kenya James Kimonye and ber 10, in the Executive newsflash that celebrated the International Day for theBoard members in honoring the athletes. the position titles formally known as Disabled, and organised a conference Managing Directors will change from on “The perception of disability in the Regional Managing Director to Regional Senegalese population and its impact on President & Managing Directors. Brady the way disability is handled”. This con- in the newsflash said, “In reflection of ference was hosted by Special Olympics their critical roles to our Regions and the Senegal and the speakers were two psy- many contributions they have made and chologists: Mr Idrissa Diop and Mr Ngor will continue to make, I am pleased to Ndour and Special Olympics Director, announce that we have changed the key Specialist of disability. Regional leadership position title from Regional Managing Director to Regional 128 athletes were screened in Medfest On December 5, 2010, SO Senegal or-Charles Nyambe, representative from President & Managing Director. This and Special Smiles. Screening in cardiol- ganized its third mass march to celebrateSO Africa introduced board members of change in title better translates in many the International Day for the Disabled .SO Uganda who were in the country to languages and cultural environments, Approximately 700 people attended thisshare ideas with SO Kenya. The Assis- enabling our Regions and our Regional event.tant Minister in the Ministry of Education Presidents to more effectively conductCharo Mwatela, who was the chief guest their operations with the authority theyreiterated the government’s commitment need. This change will be effective im-to honoring the legacy that Eunice Ken- mediately.nedy Shriver started over 42 years ago. We are incredibly grateful for the leader- ship commitment and contributions of our Regional Presidents!’’
  11. 11. Youth Engagement Activities take a Summit: Special Olympics Tanzania Train Fam- bers return to their communities, theynew leap in Namibia ily Members will assist not only in the recruitment and retention of athletes, but to the generalOn the 11th to 12th November 2010, 26 awareness of Special Olympics and howSpecial Olympics Namibia athletes and individuals with intellectual disabilitiestheir youth partners without intellectual are just as critical to the wellbeing of adisabilities gathered at the Katutura society as everyone else.Football for Hope Centre – in memory of “I have learned that each student has the power to make a difference... one way we can make a difference is by mobi- lizing and educating our community inEunice Kennedy Shriver to participate in Namibia to avoid negative stereotypes SO Tanzania conducted training for 40the first ever National Youth Engagement through drama performances. family members from the Ilala sub pro-Summit. The aim of the Summit was to gram on Saturday 24th July 2010 underactively engage youth with and without Family Forum unites volunteers, fam- the Proctor and Gamble (P&G) grant.intellectual disabilities to be agents of ily members and athletes in Namibia Among the topics presented to the mem-change for their community, by finding bers were such topics as volunteerism,creative ways to advocate for the rights On the 13th of November, 160 SO why Special Olympics is unique and theand inclusion of people with intellectual athletes, friends and family members role that family members play in Specialdisabilities in society; and to find ways to gathered at the Katutura Football For Olympics.get the community involved with Special Hope Centre - in memory of Eunice Ken-Olympics. 12 youth observers from the nedy Shriver to celebrate and concludeJan Jonker Afrikaner High School took the Youth Engagement Summit throughpart in a formal panel discussion with the the Special Olympics Family Fun Day in26 youth partners on the 12th November Windhoek. A family forum was conducted2010 to share their ideas and experi- for the 60 family members present.ences on mobilizing and engaging youth Information about Special Olympics wasin Special Olympics activities. Weeks shared at this forum and family membersleading up to the Summit the youth cre- had an opportunity to share valuableated awareness on Special Olympics at recommendations with the SO Namibia4 local schools, getting support from 600 program. An 8-member Family Commit-students and 20 teachers. tee which will be the basis for the Family Support Network was formed with theCecil Hansen a youth participant had this support of Family Representative on the With such training, the program antici-to share about the impact of the Youth board, Mrs. Hanna Garises. pates that when the trained family mem-
  12. 12. Special Olympics Tanzania trains Ath- and Kinondoni sub programs, led by 8lete Leaders coaches from the same sub programs. Herith Suleiman (athlete representative on the SO Tanzania Board and Chairper- son of Tanzania Athletes Committee) was among the presenters. With such training, the program is able toA one day event was on 19th October empower athletes not only to feel confi-2010 at the Temeke Teacher Resource dent in themselves, but also, to encour-Centre (TRC). This training brought age individuals with intellectual disabili-together 22 athletes from Temeke, Ilala ties to join and journey in the amazing Special Olympics Africa |3rd Floor Twin Towers West| Cnr Rivonia and 5th Streets| Sandton City| Sandton |South Africa |Tel: +27 (11) 7838533| Fax: +27 (11) 7838510 | International Website: www.specialolympics.orgThe mission of Special Olympics is to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills, and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and the community.