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Project UNIFY Fan Community Training

  1. 1. Special Olympics Be a fan Special Olympics Project Unify – Fan Community Training Prepared for Project Unify Staff November 2010
  2. 2. Welcome Our online Fan Community is one of the main engagement tools through which we connect and communicate with supporters across the globe.
  3. 3. Why Use the Fan Community? Creating groups and uploading videos, photos or audio allows members to connect and share with other members, exchange best practices, celebrate successes and answer questions. The Fan Community also facilitates two-way conversations between SOI and community members, helping constituents become a larger part of Special Olympics’ family. Community MembersSOI
  4. 4. • Accessing the Fan Community – Visit – Or, via the Special Olympics Homepage Let’s Get Started
  5. 5. Registering Your Program
  6. 6. Registering Your Program • dfg For Project Unify Programs, your Username should be: ProjectUNIFY[City/State Name] i.e. ProjectUNIFYDetroit or ProjectUNIFYVirginia
  7. 7. Customizing Your Profile Here’s your chance to make the page your own: - upload a profile picture, - write a mini-biography about your program, or - apply a customized background to your profile.
  8. 8. Uploading Photos & Videos
  9. 9. Tagging Media Three ways to tag: 1. Type “Project Unify” into the tags box 2. Select the category “Project Unify” 3. Add media to the “Project Unify” group
  10. 10. Opportunities for Communication Groups Share content directly with Project Unify supporters by uploading videos, photos or audio tracks and posting comments. Message Boards Start or join discussions with other Fan Community members. Ask and answer questions, get new ideas and more.
  11. 11. Opportunities for Communication Blogs Blogs are your opportunity to share longer stories about your program/region. Share successes, event descriptions and more.
  12. 12. Sharing Documents & Resources Great example from PU Texas:
  13. 13. Sharing Content Share your community content with friends and family via email and social media outlets.
  14. 14. Activating & Engaging Youth Getting Youth Involved with the Fan Community 1. Share your username and password with YAC members so they can upload content 2. Create a YAC-specific profile *Use format: PU[City/State]YAC 3. Encourage youth leaders to create their own accounts and upload content PUColoradoYAC
  15. 15. Activities for Engaging Youth Youth Reports Encourage YAC members to attend local games and then share their experience via blog, video or photo posts. Photo/Video Contests Host a photo & video contests with youth in your area. Have members upload media with a specific tag and then judge the contest by number of views or ratings. ‘Share Your Story’ Opportunities Encourage youth to share their Special Olympics experience or stories of inclusion in their school via the Fan Community.
  16. 16. Best Practice Examples ProjectUNIFYColorado ProjectUNIFYSouthCarolina
  17. 17. Participate, Win Prizes! Welcome to the rewards and recognition portion of our show! To date we have five Project UNIFY programs who have been very active in the community. Please be in awe of:  Washington – 1694 Points  Colorado – 1672 Points  Wisconsin – 1315 Points  South Carolina – 1273 Points  Oregon – 1133 Points For their proficient use of the Fan Community, each of these programs will be awarded 25 branded USB jump drives! We’ll be continuing our bribery incentive laden program over the next year with many great prizes, so get it the community, and get active!
  18. 18. And, we’re off! Time to get started!
  19. 19. Ask and you shall receive… QUESTIONS?
  20. 20. Questions/Comments for SOI Ryan Eades Manager, Online Brand Communications Special Olympics International Phone: 202-824-0292 Email: Community: ryaneades Rebecca Ralston Temp, Online Brand Communications Special Olympics International Phone: 202-824-0212 Email: Community: rjralston