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2010 Games Social Media Cheat Sheet


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2010 Games Social Media Cheat Sheet

  1. 1. Cheat Sheet on using social media for 2010 Special Olympics USA National Games<br />Have the tools<br />Smartphones (Blackberry, Android, iPhone)<br />Laptops<br />Digital Camera<br />Flip Video Camera<br />Get Mobile<br />Activate the mobile settings in your account profiles to connect your profile to your phone.<br />Download the apps for Facebook and Twitter<br />Transcend the experience<br />Capture what you see, feel, think – use the tools to share all of it!<br />Tell your story from the Games in your voice, from your point of view<br />Join the conversation<br />Use a hashtag (#2010SONG) and “@” replies to link to others talking about the Games. <br />Use the new Share button on our website to post links to your profiles<br />Know where to get the info!<br />SOI <br />National Games Homepage: <br /> <br />National Games Videos, Photos & Stories: <br /> <br />2010 SONG<br />Games Website <br />   <br />National Education Conference Website: <br /> <br />Social Media <br />  <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Training and Information<br />Quick reference copy and paste status updates and tweets<br />Ryan’s 2010 National Games staff presentation<br />Top 10 Quick Tip Guidelines for Special Olympics Staff<br />