Windows Movie Maker for Journalists


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MovieMaker is a free program for anyone using a Windows PC. Journalists with little audio or video experience can use it to quickly create edit and publish a video to go with their stories.

By Sara Kelleher, UNC-Chapel Hill student
School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Funded by an APPLES Ueltschi Course Development Grant

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Windows Movie Maker for Journalists

  1. 1. HOW TO BE A CHAMPION! (at Windows Movie Maker) Sara Kelleher’s guide to not letting the software destroy your soul. This is your friend… …not the bane of your existence.
  2. 2. Why Windows Movie Maker? • Windows Movie Maker allows you to: – Edit video interviews easily. – Add captions and credits. – Use new media to tell a story!
  3. 3. By the end of this presentation… • You will be able to: • 1. Successfully upload videos from a Flip video camera. • 2. Transfer video files to your computer. • 3. Open and import those video files to Windows Movie Maker. • 4. Add a title and credits to your video. • 5. Successfully save your video in an easy-to-post YouTube format!
  4. 4. The five Movie Maker Commandments: 1. You shall have a functioning computer. 2. You shall successfully save Flip camera videos to your functioning computer. 3. You shall make movies. 4. You shall spend hours, days or even weeks to making movies. 5. You shall post the finished product on YouTube and forgive yourself and others for doing something distracting in the finished product.
  5. 5. 1. You shall have a functioning computer • This is because videos take up a lot of memory Even if you can only use these, you need to be able to save them all. *WHAT DOES NOT WORK: I was trying to upload the Flip video files to my 4-year-old IBM ThinkPad , but there was not enough memory to even recognize the program!
  6. 6. 2. You shall successfully save Flip camera videos to your functioning computer Plug the Flip camera in your computer and the FlipShare program will open.
  7. 7. 1. Click “View and organize videos.” After the videos load, select the videos you want on your computer. 2. Go to File, Export to… 3. Pick a folder to save the videos 4. FlipShare saves it!
  8. 8. 3. Now, you shall make movies! 1. Open Windows Movie Maker 2. File/Import into Collections 3. Pick your videos 4. You are ready to go!
  9. 9. 4. You shall spend a lot of time editing. • SOME ADVICE: – Watch the whole video FIRST. – Log the times your interview subject says something great. THIS WILL SAVE YOU TIME, I PROMISE!
  10. 10. 5. You shall forgive those who do something distracting 1. Mark Trustin, an attorney who represents students suspended from public school systems. What is or is not distracting? Click video to begin.
  11. 11. The content is good… …but the hands in the face? *Does it matter enough to cut it? No, I did not think it was enough to ignore the content. Mr. Trustin offers great insight about who is suspended that is worth the distraction.
  12. 12. You shall forgive yourself for doing something distracting • Example two, Laura Castro. A sophomore at Carrboro High School. What is or is not distracting? Click video to begin.
  13. 13. My mistakes: • 1. Notebook paper was flapping in the air. • 2. Students were yelling in the background. • 3. Windy (not everyone likes the air-blown look).
  14. 14. You shall edit, and you shall edit a lot. • Let’s look at some inspiring words from Laura Castro. Laura talks about how anyone can graduate high school if they are motivated. Click video to begin.
  15. 15. Because we are champions, we will add a title. HOW TO ADD A TITLE: 1. Go to Edit Movie/Make titles or credits 2. Pick title at the beginning 3. Say what you want to say! *Do the same for I wrote, “Get inspired! Words “Credits at the end” if from Laura Castro.” you want credits.
  16. 16. And here it is with a title and credits! Click video to begin.
  17. 17. Another important lesson! • CHECK AND DOUBLE CHECK SPELLING AND GRAMMAR! • You have to completely re-save the video even if you are missing ONE LETTER! • We are champions, so we take details seriously!
  18. 18. Little detail: add a fade! Click “View I chose video this one. transitions” first. Pick and drag a fade between scenes!
  19. 19. Fade version Click video to begin.
  20. 20. Now save to your computer! 1. Click “Save to my computer. 2. Name your video something other than WVM008 . Try to relate to the subject like castroinspires. 3. Say “next” to Best Quality and…
  21. 21. It saves!
  22. 22. 5. You shall post to YouTube! • YouTube is a wonderful place, full of inspiration and sneezing pandas. • Upload your genius in these three easy steps: • 1. Sign in
  23. 23. Continuing to post to YouTube • 2. Click Upload 3. Click Upload Video and your video will be published!
  24. 24. Review: • 1. Videos are a great way to use new media to tell a story. • 2. Editing videos with Windows Movie Maker is easy, but remember that it requires time for editing and making sure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. • 3. Don’t forget to publish your hard work to YouTube or another Web site!
  25. 25. Questions? • Contact Sara Kelleher,