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Ryan Croman | Inside The Mind Of Your Dog

Ryan Croman takes a deep dive inside the mind of your dog and shares what he learned along the way! For more from Ryan Croman, visit his website

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Ryan Croman | Inside The Mind Of Your Dog

  1. 1. Inside the Mind of Your Dog Ryan Croman
  2. 2. What is your dog thinking? If you’re interested to see what your dog sees, thinks, and dreams, then you’ll be intrigued by these facts about the psychology of a dog.... RESEARCH HAS OFFERED PSYCHOLOGICAL INSIGHTS INTO THE DREAMS, EMOTIONS, AND BODY LANGUAGE OF OUR CANINES SO THAT WE CAN BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND HOW TO BUILD HEALTHIER, MORE UNDERSTANDING RELATIONSHIPS WITH OUR CANINE COMPANIONS.
  3. 3. DOGS CARE ABOUT THEIR OWNERS It turns out, dogs are very perceptive of their owner’s feelings. A study shows that dogs are able to realize when their owners are being snubbed or ignored by someone else. As a result, they act coldly towards the disser. Talk about loyal!
  4. 4. Dogs experience similar emotions as humans Research shows that dogs feel the same base emotions–love, fear, happiness– as humans. In fact, evidence suggests that dogs indeed feel love for their human owners. 
  5. 5. Dogs can be jealous A 2014 study suggests that dogs display more jealous behaviors when their owners show attention to other dogs are a stuffed toy dog. Common jealous behaviors from dogs include pushing, touching, or snapping at their owner and physically putting their bodies in between their owner and another dog or object.
  6. 6. Dogs enjoy HDTV Dogs, like beagles, view flicker rates at at 75 Hz or 50% faster than human rates, meaning they view motion better than humans. HDTVs are refreshed at a higher rate and its frequently reported that pooches are more enamored with the new technology than regular TV sets.
  7. 7. Dogs dream vividly Evidence shows dogs dream about common activities like playing or eating. Studies also identified that smaller dogs dream more frequently than larger dogs. Smaller dogs might dream every 10 minutes, but larger dogs tend to have longer timeframes between dreams. However, dreams last longer for larger pups.
  8. 8. Dogs can smile and laugh Did you know dogs can smile too? When dogs open their mouths slightly to reveal jaws and their tongues, then know they are smiling. Dogs can also laugh and it usually occurs as they smile. However, it includes a panting sound.
  9. 9. For more from Ryan Croman, visit his website and follow him on social media! WEBSITE: TWITTER: @Ryan_Croman