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E Healthcare in India at


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Create a Paperless Healthcare Nationwide in India with, A multiuser Hospital & Clinic Management System that doesn't required technical knowledge or software Installation. Sign Up at and keep everything in your account. Access Every File & Data anytime & anywhere using your smartphone. Keep Spreading our words

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E Healthcare in India at

  1. 1. What is in your Plate? Appointment Management File Creation ( New Case/Old Case ) File forwarding to the respected department ( In case of Multi Specialty Hospitals ) EMR ( Electronic Medical Record ) Creation (Patient History, Demographics, General Examination, Diagnosis, Prescription, Lab Reports etc in a single window) Continue….
  2. 2. Continue….What’s in your Plate? E-Prescription ( For small clinics, Write prescription in patient’s account without file creation ) Set Reminders for Patient’s Next Appointment ( E.g :After how many days ). Register New Patients From Your Account using Email or Mobile. Prescription retrieving & dispensing from Pharmacy Department using Patient’s ID URL:
  3. 3. E-Appointment Management Online Appointment can be taken by Patients From your website at All Appointment Notification in your Inbox. Phone Appointment can be added in My Appointment Tab. Manage (View, Edit, Delete) all appointments From My Appointments Tab. Demo:
  4. 4. File Creation/Forwarding Create a New Case or Retrieve Old Case Using Patient’s ID ( Authorized Personnel Only ) If you don’t know Patient’s ID, you can search or Register a New Patient ID using Mobile or Email. Forward/Refer the file to the respected Department in case of Multispecialty. Demo:
  5. 5. EMR ( Electronic Medical Record ) Creation Report Patient’s History, Demographics, Previous Disease Conditions, General Examination, Habits etc. (Authorized Personnel Only). Write Diagnosis, Prescription & Lab Tests for in Same EMR. Print it with your Hospital Logo & Letter Head
  6. 6. E-Prescription (For Small Clinics) Write Prescriptions in Patient’s Account directly ( With out Creating Files/EMR ) to save time & make prescriptions available anytime anywhere by Patients or Pharmacy to dispense Medicines. Plug the Loophole of Availability of Medicines Without Prescription & Self Medication in Indian Healthcare System.
  7. 7. Set Reminders Give personal attention for each & every patient by setting up reminders to help them remember. Reminders about Vaccination of children, Daily Medicines, Next Appointments etc. Give your Hospital Marketing a touch of Personal attention by your staff.
  8. 8. Be The Change, Digital India Feeling Excited…?? We will make you more excited by announcing these features as free. Join Now & Recommend your colleagues. Like Us on Facebook@rxcues Follow Us on Twitter@rxcues
  9. 9. Thanks for Watching Concept by Niraj Patel ( MS, Pharmaceutical Sciences, NEU, Boston, MA, USA ).