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Emerging Technologies for Wind Drivetrain Condition Monitoring


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A presentation from the Wind Energy Update O&M Conference in Dallas, TX in April 2013-UPDATE: Includes survey responses embedded

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Emerging Technologies for Wind Drivetrain Condition Monitoring

  1. 1. EmergingTechnologies forDrivetrain ConditionMonitoringRich Wurzbach, MRG Labs
  2. 2. Emerging Technologies forDrivetrain Condition Monitoring• Wind turbines are provided with basicdiagnostic systems and data delivery andarchiving• Real-time monitoring has advantages inremote delivery and rapidly degrading(short P-F curve) failure modes• Proven technologies in other powergeneration applications can expandmonitoring effectiveness for drivetraincomponents
  3. 3. Emerging Technologies: Provenin Power Generation• Infrared Thermography – electrical,mechanical and flow applicationswidespread in power plants• Grease Analysis—technology lags oilanalysis, but new sampling and analysistechniques used in power gen,manufacturing applications• Acoustic Emission—early militaryapplications, used in structural analysis,complement to vibration analyiss
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  9. 9. Retrofit and Periodic route-based condition monitoring• Handheld and sampling-based analysiscan be performed at low cost-impactduring uptower maintenance activities• Route-based analysis limited by turbineaccess frequencies• Supplemental vibration analysis, acousticemission, oil analysis, grease analysis,infrared thermography, ultrasonicmonitoring.
  10. 10. Infrared Thermography
  11. 11. Infrared of generatorconnections
  12. 12. Infrared Thermography• Advantages– Infrared cameras are lower cost, lightweightand can be carried uptower on maintenanceinspections– Electrical system problems can be detectedearly, limiting downtime and fire-risk• Disadvantages– Skill required to interpret images– Some targets might not be easily viewable
  13. 13. Ultrasonic Monitoring
  14. 14. Ultrasonic Monitoring• Advantages– Can evaluate lubrication effectiveness,turbulent flow conditions (hydraulics),electrical arcing of breakers, connections,brushes– Lightweight and portable equipment– Detect multiple issues– Sounds are intuitive, short learning curve• Disadvantages– Typically requires further analysis to pinpointproblem
  15. 15. Grease sampling• Oil analysis is well-established and inwidespread use• Relative ease in obtaining oil samples(existing or installed valves or fittings)based on oil’s ability to flow• Grease as a non-Newtonian fluid presentssampling challenges• Tools effective in sampling oil typically noteffective for greases
  16. 16. Wind Turbine SamplingPhoto by Steffen Bots, Oelcheck
  17. 17. Danish Wind Producers MainBearing Grease Sampling Project• Key players DONG Energy and Vattenfallmajor offshore wind operators in Europe• Team assemble to evaluate samplingmethods and value of grease analysis• 1-dimensional and 3-dimensional samplingperformed on inservice and failed bearings• Project expanded to Horns Rev 1 project,other wind farms across Europe
  18. 18. Main Bearing Sampling• For bearings withdrain plug/accessport, sample canbe positioned atface of bearing• 1 gram sample isobtained from thislive zone
  19. 19. No drain, other samples• When direct accessto grease is providedor required, spatulatool and syringe areused to compilesample• Target grease isfrom the active zonein the bearing orgearsPhoto: DONG Energy
  20. 20. Acoustic Emission• Tested at the USDA-ARS site in Bushland,TX• Testing both for drivetrain componentsand structural elements such as blades• Some bearing failure modes do notproduce traditional vibration signaturesuntil very late in failure• AE can be early detection system, can bepartnered with grease analysis for frettingwear evaluation in main bearings.
  21. 21. Acoustic Emission
  22. 22. If you utilize a third-party maintenanceprovider, how important is the offer or use ofdiagnostic technologies in selecting ormaintaining them as your service provider?A. No difference-we select them based onmaintenance competenciesB. I would consider changing to a maintenanceservice provider that offers or providesadvanced diagnostic technologiesC. I would expand my current contract toinclude advanced diagnostic technologiesD. I do not have budget to fund activitiesbeyond basic maintenance services.
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