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Vibrant graphics-company in review


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Presenting 'Who we are' and 'What we do'.

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Vibrant graphics-company in review

  1. 1. Welcome to“We provide more than just labels”
  2. 2. Who we are…We are a digital exclusive label Our staff has over 70 years of printing printer and converter serving the experience, covering all print methods Private Brand Label markets (PS with an expertise in Digital Print. and Cut & Stack) with expertise in In-Mold labeling and decorating. We currently serve an international We operate in a10,000 sq.ft. market with customized labeling facility on the north side of solutions that impact bottom line Milwaukee, WI as a division of benefits in every area of companies - OnCourse Information Services, Marketing, R&D, Purchasing, Inc., Milw, WI. Operations and Finance.
  3. 3. Why we are a niche label supplier… To stand out in todays competitive marketplace,  The need today is to bring forward a every product needs to be a „shelf talker.‟ Today‟s digital solution that can easily keep up brands need to give their consumers more with the changing market. Our mission personalized product choices and they need their at Vibrant Graphics is to provide you advertising to remain relevant. with a cost saving print option that will provide you with the capabilities you This is the challenge product manufactures are need to be successful in the faced with. They are failing to meet the market marketplace. needs using the traditional lithographic and flexographic print methods because of the high runs and long turn times.
  4. 4. - Ship “same” product from warehousedTypical Product Life Cycle inventory - Large quantities of - Revisions are costly product decoration - Re-Designs done - Design with - Print high - Difficult to replicate requires long phase with conventional conventional volume of product consistent color out period print limitations print limitations Traditional Process Model Obstacles DESIGN LAUNCH REPLENISH PHASE OUT REDESIGN Digital Advantage + Design with + Print only volume + Print volume based + Inventory is very + Re-Designs can be digital print required to on consumer low allowing executed using capabilities effectively launch demand. shorter “phase modern go-to-market product to market + Revisions are quick, out” period. strategies quickly. + Streamline + Premium Quality & easy and low cost. artwork creation Color + Quality and color is replicated for consistent results.
  5. 5. Paradigm Shift for the Future Digital Print solutions“Make & Sell” business model “Sell & then make” business model
  6. 6. Consider what‟s important for your success? “Make & Sell” OR “Sell & then make”Conventional Print Solution DIGITAL PRINT SOLUTION Time to Print TIME TO MARKET Label Cost/1000 TOTAL COST OF SOLUTION Reach the Masses CAPTURE THE INDIVIDUAL Print Volume PRINT VALUE Customer Reactive CUSTOMER PROACTIVE Cost of the Job EFFECTIVENESS OF THE PROGRAM Just in case JUST IN TIME Static CUSTOMIZED We understand your marketing challenges of today!
  7. 7. We understand the traditional Offset Litho printing methods used…– Plates are made for each color and the ink is „offset‟ PLATE PLATE PLATE PLATE onto a blanket. The blanket transfers the ink to the substrate. BLANKET BLANKET BLANKET BLANKET– Each color cylinder needs adjustments throughout the press run to maintain a quality print. SUBSTRATE IMPRESSION IMPRESSION IMPRESSION IMPRESSION– Material and Time is needed to make each plate, balance the correct amount of ink.
  8. 8. We understand the traditional Flexo print methods being used… Plates are made for each color with the image „raised‟ off the plate surface. Each ink color is transferred to PLATE PLATE PLATE PLATE the raised image on the plate which is relieved onto the substrate. Each color cylinder needs SUBSTRATE adjustments throughout the IMPRESSION IMPRESSION IMPRESSION IMPRESSION press run to maintain a quality print. Material and Time is needed to make each plate and to balance the correct amount of ink.
  9. 9. HOW WE DO IT….through state-of-the-art digital print technology. Digital 1-SHOT print methodAll inks are “transferred” to the blanket FIRST, BLANKETthen they are “transferred” to the substrate… 7 LAYER INK FILMWe call this 1-shot… 7 microns thick SUBSTRATE IMPRESSION…..and this is why our print images look so muchcleaner and sharper in side by side comparison totraditional print methods. CYLINDER
  10. 10. SUSTAINABILITY Example below is based on 200 sku‟s running 900 Linear Feet per SKUMoving from conventional printed labels todigitally printed labels WILL have a dramatic Digital Print make ready wasteeffect on the environment by - ~7,000 Linear Feet1) Reduced manufacturing waste.2) Reduced obsolescence waste - (print only what you need, when you need it)3) Our inks contain *NO:  Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) Traditional Print make ready waste  Particulate matter emissions ~180,000 Linear Feet  Hazardous waste Example below based on 200 sku‟s @ 900 Linear Feet per SKU
  11. 11. Traditional Print Limited To 4 Color Gamut Digital Print 7 Color Extended Color Gamut Black Black Magenta Magenta Cyan Cyan Yellow Yellow Orange Green Violet White
  12. 12. Print Quality at the source No Trapping Required Crisp edges on reverse textTraditional Print Digital Print Yummy!Each color needs to Perfect „kiss-fit‟ ofoverlap or „trap‟ on colorseach other
  13. 13. Consider These Possibilities… What if you could change the label graphics according to the season? Or an annual event or cause? Would that offer greater shelf appeal and drive incremental purchases? What if you could refresh the label design on a regular basis? Would it increase customer engagement? What if you had a cost effective way of providing multi-language labels that can differentiate by cultural and regional barriers? What if you could provide individual product coding for traceability, anti- counterfeiting, or an occasional consumer prize offering driven to your web landing page by each product line? Would that increase your brand effectiveness?  What if…………………….?
  14. 14. PRINT COST IS BASED ON TOTAL QUANTITY ORDERED: Sku Qty 1 1500 2 1500 Order 100,000 total labels of the same size: 3 500 4 3500 A.Production Option = 1 lot of 100,000 (inventory) Sku Qty 5 2500 1 5,000 6 5,000 2 4,000 7 10,000 B.JIT Option = 10 lots of 10,000 each 3 1,000 8 8,000 4 10,000 9 6,000 Sku Qty 5 2,000 10 1,200 C.Versioning Option = 100 lots of 1000 each 1 10,000 6 500 11 800 2 10,000 7 1,500 12 550 3 10,000 8 20,000 13 6,400 D.Variable Data Option = 100,000 lots of 1 each 4 10,000 9 10,000 14 20,000 5 10,000 10 200 15 10,000 6 10,000 11 1,800 16 5,000 7 10,000 12 14,000 17 4,500 8 10,000 13 10,000 18 550 Simple Formula 9 10,000 14 10,000 19 9,500Multiple Sku’s + Same Label Size + Different Designs/Text/Bar Code = Same Press Run 10 10,000 15 10,000 20 3,000 100,000 100,000 100,000 What if you could provide…………. What, How & When your customer wants it?
  15. 15. YOUR COMPANY WILL BEST BE SERVED THROUGH OUR ENGAGEMENT IF : You want to provide what your customer  You prefer to see printed proofs on the actual wants - when they want it. materials to be used on your product before committing to a production run. You are looking for assurance that what you see is what you get each time, every time.  You would like to save time by allowing us to inform you of new material constructions that You need flexible and customized solutions for are available for your applications. each project as a normal course of business.  You and your company are environmental You are more concerned about value to your stewards and are proud to market a positive customer. „Green‟ image to your customers. You value speed to market and the flexibility to make up to the minute changes and revisions without long delays. You will realize solid, cost effective solutions for EVERY step of your product‟s life cycle!
  16. 16. Benefits of Becoming our Partner… We allow you last minute changes in design, content and quantity for reorders. Our Just-In-Time manufacturing allows you options for a Zero, Reduced or Exact inventory that we can assist you in managing. Each of your product labels can be individually personalized during a press run without shutting down; saving you time and money. We provide the flexibility to print multiple designs in various languages within the same press run at no additional cost and with no minimum quantity. We can give you low cost Prototypes and samples of different design ideas on different material constructions to test market results. We provide the “WOW!” factor to your customer with extremely high quality images that are unmatched in traditional print methods. We actively participate as a partner for success in design suggestions, material selections and best cost value in quantity breaks. We keep you informed of new material constructions that are available for new applications. You can market a positive „Green‟ image to your customers. You will realize solid, cost effective solutions for EVERY step of your product‟s life cycle!
  17. 17. “We are, who our customers say we are”“Our stickers arrived and we LOVEthem! The colors and gloss lookawesome and they are alignedperfectly. We are thrilled!”-Production Coordinator
  18. 18. Why we do what we do Mission StatementVibrant Graphics exists to provide the private brand industry with value-added labeling solutionsthrough state-of-the-art digital print technologies; ata level of service that exceeds their expectations of quality, cost, responsiveness, flexibility and reliability while meeting our profitability goals.
  19. 19. It‟s NOT about digital… – It‟s about the POSSIBILITIES that we provide! “We provide more than just labels”