Period 6 group 2


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Period 6 group 2

  1. 1. Solomon & the Division of the Kingdom<br />By: Brian Weglicki, Eric McGough, JuleszMiele, Dominique Bair, Gina Morgan & Maryellen Griffin<br />
  2. 2. King Solomon<br />In the Books of Kings, the last part of Deuteronomic history edited during the Babylonian exile told of:<br />David’s son Solomon<br />The break up of the nation into the kingdoms of Israel & Judah<br />The infidelity of their kings<br />The prophets Elijah & Elisha<br />All the events that led up to the exile. <br />
  3. 3. <ul><li>In the Book of Kings, the nation was mostly unfaithful despite warnings from prophets. The events eventually led up to the exile.</li></ul>The Book of Kings was written to remind the exiles in Babylon that it was the people, not God, that broke the Covenant.<br />Restoration would be possible if they repent & turn to God again.<br />David’s eldest son, Adonijan, is trying to take the throne.<br />Solomon marries the pharaoh’s daughter.<br />
  4. 4. Solomon’s Judgement<br />God tested Solomon with 2 prostitutes.<br />The 2 women are fighting over a baby, both claiming it belongs to them.<br />Solomon suggests to cut the baby in half, and each woman get a half. (although he had no intention of doing this)<br />The real mother of the child says no & tells the other woman to keep the child just to save the child’s life. After doing this, it assured Solomon the child was hers & she got custody.<br />
  5. 5. King Solomon<br />Solomon divides the land into 12 new districts.<br />Officers for each land forced labor and taxation for the people.<br />Farmers and shepherds had to provide palace supplies from their own crops & herds.<br />Solomon’s reputation grew.<br />He uttered 3,000 proverbs & wrote 1,005 songs.<br />Solomon created an oppression system that still continues today.<br />He was the source of many wise words & a key figure in the intellectual wisdom movement of that time.<br />
  6. 6. Many books of the Bible were attributed to him.<br />In Solomon’s reign, it was marked by extravagance, oppression, & idolatry by the king himself.<br />He built the 1st temple & a royal palace.<br />God made a promise to Solomon. His promise was he will be present in the temple, if Solomon observes & carries out the law. <br />If Solomon or his descents forsake the covenant, the temple will turn to ruins.<br />Israel’s temple enthrones the ark of the covenant & centralizes worship. It’s building marks the beginning of Israel’s downfall.<br />
  7. 7. Over time, Solomon gains riches & his love for God decreases.<br />God speaks and says he will lose the thrown & all the tribes but Judah.<br />He is sentenced to 40 years of harsh rule<br />The people lure Solomon’s enemies back from exile to harass him.<br />Jeroboam was an enemy of Solomon’s & chief of the labor force.<br />When Solomon dies, Israel’s Golden Age ends.<br />In 40 years, Solomon led Israel from a union of tribes under David, loyal to the covenant, to subjection & near slavery.<br />
  8. 8. Israel has been led to the worship of false gods.<br />The people wanted unity & strong leadership in the face of threats like the Philistines.<br />With nationhood, came many evils, power struggles, betrayals, & turning away from God.<br />With the help of the Deuteronmists, they saw how they became a great nation & how that nation began to go wrong.<br />The people started to realized that the covenant had been broken, not by God, but by Solomon & most of ones after him.<br />