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The presentation clarifies the confusion around UX job titles skill sets

  • I am bit late to this conversation however still a topic that is coming up over and over again. The barrier to entry to the UX market is very low however what people call themselves once they are in the market and what they do can vary greatly. Lots of clients are getting confused with new techniques cropping up and coupled with the fancy new titles no wonder people are getting frustrated.

    Take a look at my latest blog post if you want some advice: http://www.wearefutureheads.co.uk/index.php/news-and-views/ten-facts-about-user-experience-job-titles1/
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  • I think this has it all wrong. How sad and unfortunate. User experience design has to incorporate user research, information architecture and interaction design. Splitting this off into separate people-specializations won't work and is pointless. As separate tracks of work, ok. Same with 'user interface designer' - where is the over-all 'visual designer'? The visual designer would typically do the UI design track of work. If these are 'tracks of work' and not specific person-roles, ok, with some obvious omissions. But the visualization implies these are people and with that, this is not correct. This implies you would need 3 people to do the UX and 2 people to do the visual design work when in reality this can be accomplished with 2 people: UX Designer and Visual Designer. Leave the coding of the UI to the developers.
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  • Well, in traditional UX fashion, 'it depends'. These slides were more focused towards the organization I was at in 2011.

    To answer your question, it can really depend upon the organization. I've been a UX team of one in past where I did every possible UX activity.

    Where I am currently we have a full suite of UX Roles:
    Design Researchers
    Content Strategist
    Business Analysts
    Information Architects
    Interaction Designers
    Visual Designers
    Front End Developers
    Usability Engineers

    What I showed in the presentation is what I have found to me an optimal minimal team. That being an Interaction Designer, a Visual Designer, and a Front End Dev. But it means you have to find what I like to call an 'E' shaped ux'er compared with your typical 'T' shaped designer. An E shaped Interaction Designer is capable of doing Ethnographic Interviews, Remote Research, Persona Creation, Wireframes, Prototyping and Usability Studies. These are typically folk who've had to be UX teams of one in the past.

    Hope this helps!
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  • Nice mapping. Still not clear for me what are their jobs. User research are conducted by Interaction designers? Is the information architect who does Personas? Who do Usability Testing? Regards.
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