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Global economic development requires
an innovative, yet experienced approach
¡ BOT GiE / BOT Elektrownia Belchatow (Poland)
¡ Central Electricity Board (CEB), (Mauritius)
¡ Edison Spa (Italy)
¡ ELDER...
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AF Flyer PolicyRegulationSustainability


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AF Flyer PolicyRegulationSustainability

  1. 1. Enabling Sustainable and Efficient Markets Global economic development requires an innovative, yet experienced approach to the increasing needs for reliable and sustainable energy infrastructure. AF Consult Policy, Regulation & Sustainability (PRS) practice offers practical, tailor-made solutions to today’s energy sector challenges, targeting its entire spectrum: public authorities, energy companies, and private investors, in both mature liberalised markets, and emerging economies. We have evolved from a focus largely on energy sector restructuring, policy and regulation to an integrated practice that supports resilient energy development through public and private initiatives, market-based mechanisms and efficient management on national, regional and corporate levels. The value for our customers is based on the seamless combination of expertise in energy business, regulation, economics and engineering, a uniquely large pool of experience and the widest range of skills available in energy consulting. Our key people offer both, academic qualification and the experience of having held top positions in governments, regulatory authorities and corporations. In addition, our multinational, multicultural footprint, and our background of having worked in more than 70 countries around the world allows us to bring a global perspective to local and regional issues.
  2. 2. ¡ BOT GiE / BOT Elektrownia Belchatow (Poland) ¡ Central Electricity Board (CEB), (Mauritius) ¡ Edison Spa (Italy) ¡ ELDER - Association of Electricity Distribution Services in Turkey ¡ ELES (Slovenia) ¡ ENAGAS (Spain) ¡ ENDESA (Spain) ¡ ENEL (Italy) ¡ ENERJISA GROUP (Turkey) ¡ EuroPEX (Association of European Power Exchanges) ¡ Gas Natural (Spain) ¡ Hrvatska Elektroprivreda d.d. (Croatia) ¡ Hydro OGK (Russian Federation) ¡ JEPCO (Jordan Electrical Power Company) ¡ Jiangsu Provincial Electric Power Company (JPEPC) (China) ¡ JSC “RusHydro” (Russian Federation) ¡ Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (“KESC”) (Pakistan) ¡ KESH sh.a. (Albania) ¡ Lukoil (Russian Federation) ¡ MERALCO (Philippines) ¡ Nordic Investment Bank (NIB) ¡ RAO UESR (Russian Federation) ¡ REGAZ (Réseaux de Gaz de Bordeaux) (France) ¡ Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) ¡ SEDIGAS (Spanish Association of the Gas Industry) ¡ SN Aboitiz Power Inc. (Philippines) ¡ Sorgenia SpA (Italy) ¡ TANESCO (Tanzania Electric Supply Company) ¡ TEIAS (Electricity Transmission Company of Turkey) ¡ TSA (Trading System Administrator of the Russian Wholesale Electricity Market) ¡ Ukrenergo (Ukraine’s National Energy Company) ¡ UNESA (Association of Spanish Power Utilities) | PETER PLUG Head of Energy Markets was the Director of the Office of Energy and Transport Regulation in the Netherlands. He has served as chair of the ACER Electricity Working Group, the North-West Regional Gas Initiative; and as a member of the board of regulators and the General Assembly of CEER. | JORGE KARACOSNYI Chief specialist in generation planning, energy systems operation and modelling, and expert in regulation and tariff design for the integrated electricity and gas business. He has advised in numerous privatisation processes, development of green field projects, and procurement of assets in electricity and gas businesses. He has particular expertise in the technical and economic management of hydro generation and has successfully planned numerous national and regional transmission interconnection projects. | RALF WIESENBERG Experienced energy related engineer and Ph.D. in Engineering. He has mainly focused on the development of innovative technology solutions and the implementation of renewable energies, particularly in CSP and PV technology. He has experience in development of renewable energy project on a wide variety of environments and perspectives. | JOSE GUERRA Senior energy efficiency expert with international experience in sustainable energy. He worked for one of the largest international utilities in electricity and natural gas, leading the Energy Efficiency Centre responsible for the innovation and development of efficiency technologies promotion and demonstration for all customer segments. In the last years he has shifted his focus in energy efficiency, demand-side management and CO2 reduction projects. | NICOLA GALLO Senior economist with international experience and a particular focus in the European energy markets. He worked as a Senior Consultant in Milan, and as an Official at the Italian Electricity and Gas Regulator (AEEG). He specialises in electricity market modelling, market design, business modelling and project valuation, market assessments, investment decisions, trading and risk management, tariff regulation, renewable incentive schemes, carbon markets, financial modelling, and tariff calculation. | JEREMY HORNBY Economist with particular expertise in applying economics to regulatory issues in the energy sector. He has significant experience advising on the incentives and efficiency consequences of regulatory arrangements with more than twelve years of experience in consulting roles and for economic regulators in the United Kingdom and Australia. He has worked on a wide range of issues including the setting of regulated prices, policy development, regulatory reform and business strategy. | LEONARDO LUPANO Economist specialised in energy sector regulation and institutional issues. He has extensive international experience in the design and calculation of tariffs, financial analysis, due diligence, benchmarking of distribution companies, analysis of utility management, tariff strategies, concession contract, and public audits. His most recent activity focuses on carbon market pricing issues, renewable energies policy, regulation and pricing, as well as financing of energy resilient and efficient solutions. ¡ AEEG - Autorità per l’energia elettrica e il gas (Italian Energy Regulator) ¡ AMM (Guatemala’s Wholesale Electricity Market Administrator) ¡ ANEEL (Brazilian Electricity Regulator) ¡ ANME (Agence Nationale pour la Maîtrise de l’Energie) (Tunisia) ¡ Australian Energy Regulator (AER) ¡ Bolivian Electricity Sector Regulatory Agency ¡ CAMMESA (ISO of Argentinean Wholesale Electricity Market) ¡ CENACE (Independent Market Operator of Ecuador) ¡ Central American Power Pool Commission (CRIE) ¡ Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) ¡ CNEE (National Electricity Regulatory Authority)(Guatemala) ¡ CREG ( Colombian Electricity and Gas Sector Regulator) ¡ DOE (Department of Energy of the Philippines) ¡ EGYPTERA (Egyptian Electric Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Authority) ¡ Electricity Regulatory Authority of Vietnam (ERAV) ¡ Electricity Regulatory Commission (ERC) (Kenya) ¡ Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA) (Tanzania) ¡ Energy Regulatory Agency of the Republic of Serbia (AERS) ¡ ERC (Electricity Regulatory Commission of Jordan) ¡ ERSP (Regulatory Agency of Panama) ¡ Federal Energy Commission (FEC) of the Russian Federation ¡ National Commission of Energy (CNE)(SPAIN) ¡ National Electricity Regulatory Entity (ENRE) (Argentina) ¡ National Energy Regulatory Commission of Ukraine (NERC) ¡ Nicaraguan Energy Regulatory Entity (INE) ¡ Nigeria Electric Power Authority (NEPA) ¡ Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) / Nile Equatorial Lakes Subsidiary Action Program (NELSAP) ¡ NREA (New Renewable Energy Authority) (Egypt) ¡ OSINERG (Regulatory Authority of Peru) ¡ Palestinian Energy Authority ¡ SENER (Energy Secretariat of Mexico) ¡ State Electricity Regulatory Commission (SERC) of China ¡ Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) ¡ Lesotho Electricity and Water Authority ¡ WAPP (West African Power Pool) REGULATORS, GOVERNMENTS AND REGIONAL ORGANIZATIONS COMPANIES AND INSTITUTIONS Policy and regulation consultancy Market design, analysis and price forecasting Investment evaluation and asset development Integrated generation and transmission planning Energy efficiency policy and financing Energy efficiency market assessment and audits Private public partnerships Feasibility studies Transaction advisory services Tariff design and calculation Financial economics analysis Capacity building Training HUMAN ENERGY ¡ African Development Bank (AfDB) ¡ Agence Française De Développement (AFD) ¡ Development Bank of America Latina (CAF) ¡ EU Development Programs ¡ EU DIRECTORATE-GENERAL ENERGY ¡ EuropeAid ¡ European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) ¡ European Commission ¡ European Investment Bank (EIB) ¡ GiZ (German Technical Cooperation Agency) ¡ IBRD (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development) ¡ IDA (International Development Association) ¡ IFC (International Finance Corporation) ¡ Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) ¡ Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) ¡ Municipal Development Lending Fund (MDLF - Palestine) ¡ PROSEMER (Peru) ¡ SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency) ¡ Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) ¡ Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) ¡ The Department of Energy (DOE), (Philippines) ¡ The World Bank ¡ UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) ¡ USAID INTERNATIONAL FINANCING INSTITUTIONS AND AGENCIES CLIENTS CORE EXPERTISE AREAS GAS EN ERGYEFFICIEN CY RENEWA BLEENERGY Power
  3. 3. Contact AF Consult Leonardo Lupano Director ----- Myrto Stavrou Business Development Manager Europa, Africa and Middle East ----- Raquel Velasco Business Development Manager Asia and Latin American countries Infanta Mercedes 90, 6th floor 28020 Madrid- SPAIN