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The outstanding sound of classical guitars


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The outstanding sound of classical guitars

  1. 1. ==== ====Juan Orozco classical guitar for sale by original owner, concert guitarist. Beautiful sound, made ofBrazilian rosewood. Excellent condition. Great price. Find out more at: ====To play Classical Guitar no study is complete without the great Spanish Masters, Fernando Sor,Ferdinando Carrulli, Matteo Carcassi, Mauro Giuliani, Isaac Albeniz, Dionisio Aguado, etc. Theseplayer composers were the founding fathers of the modern era of  Classical Guitar music.These great artistes all lived in the late 1700s and early 1800s and between them laid down mostof the currently played and recognized Classical Guitar repertoire.If you learn to play Classical Guitar you are sure to come across these composers very quickly.Such was their mastery and skill that some of the recognized Great ClassicalComposers notably Beethoven and Bach wrote works specifically for the Guitar! Beethoven oncecommented "The Guitar is a veritable orchestra unto itself". Fur Elise was written as a classicalguitar piece for his niece who was learning to play.In The Classical Guitar (Ariel Publications, New York, 1976). Frederick Noad wrote"Many of the celebrated Vienna composers were familiar with the guitar and played it as anaccompaniment to songs. Both Schubert and Von Weber were players and both published anumber of songs with guitar accompaniment. In The Guitar and Mandolin (Schott, London.Revised edition 1954), P.J. Bone wrote, "The majority of Schuberts accompaniments wereconceived on the guitar, and only afterwards did he set them for the piano, and many of his earlysongs were originally published with guitar. Many of his accompaniments show clearly andindisputably the influence and character of this instrument; they are in truth guitaraccompaniments.""The size and portability of the guitar made it a very popular instrument and early versions wereplayed and were popular as far back as the Elizabethan era and earlier in the UK. It ishardly surprising therefore that when electricity made the amplified electric guitar a possibility theinstrument began a second career as the instrument of choice for Rock Bands, Country Musiciansand bands in general.The instrument is plucked with the finger nails of the right hand and the notes are selected with thefingers of the left hand on the fret board which is usually made of a hard wood such as Rosewoodor Mahogany, the body is made of softer woods to allow for the shaping, The Face Board shouldbe solid many cheaper instruments will be plywood faced, which can degenerate with time. Thestrings will be nylon with the base three (typically) being wound with metal. Some brands of stringwind the G and B strings with finer nylon (Saverez for one), this is to give the string a consistentwidth and purer sound for each note, nylon tending to stretch with age and distorting notes due tothe variations in string width.
  2. 2. The Classical Guitar is a great choice for your or your childs first instrument since the widerneck makes it easier to avoid left hand fingers touching the wrong strings, the nylon strings arealso easier on the left hand finger tips than steel strings would be, and finally the classicalguitar is played ergonomically. The position is seated on a square backed chair with the left legsupported on a foot stool, so that the guitar rests on the left thigh, the inside of the right thigh andthe top back of the body rests on the lower part of the chest. The fret board makingan approximately 45 degree angle to the ground, this leaves the left hand totally free to move upand down the fretboard, the left hand should play no part in supporting the instrument.In order for children to learn to play before their fingers are fully developed Classical Guitars aremade in 1/2 (4-8) and 3/4 sixes (9-12) as well as full size. There are copious amounts of guitarsheet music available on line, and even teaching and lesson systems. The biggest plus of all is ifyou learn to play classical guitar you can play any style of guitar music! So why not give it atry?The Author Stephen Parkin is a member of the Wealthy Affiliate University and the co owner, withhis wife Shauna La Pierre, of Pine Grove Stable in Nova Scotia Canada. As well as the stablewhich is run along Classical Dressage Training lines he is interested in Internet Marketing,Photography, Classical Guitar, his three horses and two dogs (a border collie and a labradorretriever).Anyone interested in finding out more about Classical Guitar is welcome to go tohttp://www.classicalguitartdh.comThe Stable website is at and as well as information about thestable it contains web stores selling books and dvds as well as many photographs taken on andaround the farm.The Stable website contains a form for readers to provide comments and Stephen and Shaunawelcome any constructive comments from our readers so please feel free to post any feedbackthere. Thank you.Article Source: ====
  3. 3. Juan Orozco classical guitar for sale by original owner, concert guitarist. Beautiful sound, made ofBrazilian rosewood. Excellent condition. Great price. Find out more at: ====