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El Clasico Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona World Soccer Goal Review Video Tutorial 121111


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El Clasico Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona World Soccer Goal Review Video Tutorial 121111

  1. 1. El Clasico Real Madrid vs FC BarcelonaWorld Soccer Goal Review Video Tutorial121111by rwiegs on December 31, 2011Tags: Bad Passes_Turnovers,Defensive Mistakes,Game Analysis,Great Passes,Pro GoalReviews,VideoSoccer Video Tutorial for El Clasico Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona played on December 11,2011Get Satellite TV for your PC and watch all the games, movies and shows from all over theworld! for almost half the cost of one month’s cable TV subscription! Find out more now. ClickHere!For the video version of this tutorial, please click hereThis post contains a link for the El Clasico Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona World Soccer GoalReview Video Tutorial 121111 as part of Goal Review Series. In thisvideo, positive factors as well as negative developments that led to the goals being scored arediscussed in detail. The tutorial is comprised of actual game clips and a slidewhow Powerpointpresentation with field diagrams.1-0 Madrid 1st minute of play – Goal AnalysisPositives• Madrid attackers apply high pressure early on as Barcelona tries to work the ball out of theback• Good interception by DiMaria• Ozil volleys the ball immediately on a poor clearance and ends up with a lucky deflection• Benszcema in perfect (onside) position and volleys nicelyNegatives• Primarily fault must lie with goalie Victor Valdes, who was careless in assuming that therewas no one pressuring his left back, resulting in a fatal interception• Pique should have cleared his defenders out of the box, to avoid keeping Benscema onside• In trying to contain the shot, Barcelona defenders left Benszcema completely un-marked• Barcelona defenders should start their games with greater composure next time
  2. 2. Key Lessons: • Goalies must maintain composure especially early in the game - because they set the tone for the whole team. Valdes should take his time in controlling and then distributing the ball – if no one is open, goalies should clear the ball far and wide (beyond the half line ideally)– good examples, Van der Sar and Neuer • When goalies receive a passback as the opposing team applies high pressure – there are often no teammates free to pass to. In this case, the ball should be cleared far and wide.1-1 Sanchez ties in the 30th minute of play – Goal AnalysisPositives• Leo Messi does an incredible job dribbling the ball forward (warding off 4 defenders!) intothe opposition’s half• Messi sees Alexi Sanchez making a great slanted run towards the penalty area and lays theball off for him superbly• Sanchez doesn’t hesitate – but shoots the ball immediately on the run – precisely in thelowerleft corner• Barcelona uses its best players effectively – and don’t let them go to waste• great teamwork, skills and movementNegatives• The fact that Messi overtook 4 Real defenders says something about Madrid’s lack ofcoordinating defensive containment and poor tackling skills• Pepe could have slid in to disrupt Messi’s pass to Sanchez, but he didn’t• Support/cover defender Coentrao could have added pressure on Sanchez, but he didn’t (noeffecective pressure/cover/balance)1-1 Madrid 30th minute of play – Key Lessons: • Whenplaying against star playmaking players like Messi, consider applying double-team pressure against him when he receives the ball and make sure your players get back to maintain numbers up on defense – so that his teammates are marked.Pressure-cover-balance - the nearest defender should start applying high pressure (yellowarrow),with controlled physical play, poking, jabbing, or sliding in for the ball etc.), the secondarydefenders supportthe pressuring defender with cover, while the remaining defenders are providing balance.
  3. 3. El Clasico the Messi-Sanchez goal ties the game1-2 Xavi volleys to give Barca the lead in the 53rd minute of play – Goal AnalysisPositives• Barcelona maintains possession in the front third left corner of the field following a throw-in–moving the ball around fast• Nice one-two started by Iniesta – this pass playprompts Coentrao to try to slide in –but hedoes so ineffectively• Xavi volleys the ball immediately from distance with force – leaving the Real defenders at astance –and causing a deflection for which Casillas had no chanceNegatives• Very loose defending by Madrid as they allow Barcelona to move the ball around following athrow-in deep in their half• Sliding clearance by Coentrao is in fact a pass to Xavi in the air, who then volleys the balltoward goal (effectively a gift of a turnover)• Marcelo deflects the ball instead of trying to clear it when Xavi volleys – but could this behelped?1-2 Xavi volleys to give Barca the lead in the 53rd minute of play – Key Lessons • defenders should try not to make weak clearances that end up being in effect passes to the opposition. Coentrao should have launched the ball far and wide or towards the sideline – NOT TOWARDS THE MIDDLE where Xavi was waiting! • any player who picks up the ball in front of the area or net (as Xavi did) should take immediate advantage of turnovers and shoot while the defense is off guard. If you don’t shoot, you can’t score – and the more you shoot, the more you score!
  4. 4. 1-3 Fabregas heads home Dani Alves’ cross to put the nail in the coffin in the 66th minute –Goal AnalysisEl Clasico: How Fabregas scored the 3rd goal for BarcelonaPositives• Barcelona in better physical condition than Real – outruns the opposition up and down thefield in the second half especially• Beautiful combination passing with patience while playing out of the back• Tight dribbling by Iniesta in order to maintain possession while coming out of his defensivethird of the field• Nice dish pass off to an overlapping Dani Alves by Messi• Beautiful precision far post cross by Dani Alves beyond Casillas reach• Superb run by Fabregas to the far post to beat Coentrao to the header on goalNegatives• Real got tired as we entered the later stages of the match• Lack of pressure again on Messi and then by Ramos on Alves – essentially allowing DaniAlves to freely cross the ball to the far post• Poor marking by Coentrao who lets Fabregas beat him to the header
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