Andres Segovia - Guitar virtusos and revolutionary


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Andres Segovia - Guitar virtusos and revolutionary

  1. 1. ==== ====Juan Orozco classical guitar for sale by original owner, concert guitarist. Beautiful sound, made ofBrazilian rosewood. Excellent condition. Great price. Find out more at: ====There is no disputing that Segovia was one of the greatest classical guitarists that ever lived buthis impact on the world of the classical guitar extended far beyond just his ability to play. He had aprofound impact on every aspect of the modern classical guitar.Before Andres Segovia the classical guitar was considered an instrument for the common people.It was deemed to be something played in bar rooms and taverns. This reputation was welldeserved for several reasons. There was no solid repertoire for the guitar, no good transcriptionsof traditional classical music, few composers writing for it, and no instruments with sufficientvolume and sound quality that could play in large concert halls. Andres Segovia addressed andcorrected all of these issues and in the process he elevated the classical guitar to its modernstatus of respected solo and ensemble classical instrument.Segovia as Classical GuitaristHis approach to how he played classical guitar was a microcosm of his approach to the art andmusic of the guitar as a whole. Since the beginnings of the classical guitar a debate has beenraging, and will continue to rage, as to whether a classical guitarist should play with the fingernailsor fingertips of his right hand. Segovia, true to his ability to break new ground, developed his ownunique approach to this. He played with both! He had the unique style of using both a part of thenail and a part of the fingertip to pluck the guitar strings. This gave him a very distinct sound and itgave him the ability to play in a very broad range of tone.Segovia as Guitar MakerNot only did he transform the way guitars were played but he also transformed the way guitarswere made. And while he didnt make any guitars himself he did work closely with leading guitarmakers in the early years of the twentieth century to create and design guitars that were bettersuited to playing classical music and better suited to playing in larger venues. He worked withguitar makers to find and select better woods and to achieve shapes and sizes that betterexpressed the volume and tone needed for larger concert halls. He also championed andpopularized the use of nylon strings, which is what all classical guitars use today. He is generallyattributed as being a major contributor to what is now known as the modern classical Guitar.Segovia as the Bridge between Classical Music and the GuitarOne of his most important contributions to the world of classical guitar was his tireless transcriptionof traditional classical music pieces into works for the classical guitar. This brought many of thepopular composers and works to the repertoire of the classical guitarist and it gave audiences a
  2. 2. fresh new look at some of the old classics of the genre. Before him there was very little repertoirefor the classical guitarist to choose from and among his many transcriptions that of BachsChachonne is considered to be one of the finest and most difficult works for the guitar. As hefound fame and the guitar grew to new heights of respectability contemporary composers turnedtheir eyes and their ears to the guitar and wrote compositions specifically for it and for him. HeitorVilla-Lobos was one of the foremost composers taking this new instrument to new heights and hewrote many works specifically for Segovia.His LegacyBecause of the tireless work and lifelong passion of Andres Segovia the classical guitar has takenits place as one of the premiere solo and ensemble instruments in the realm of classical music. Headdressed and overcame every obstacle that faced the guitar and brought it to the height ofrespectability it now holds. Famous students that studied directly under him such as Eliot Fisk,Christopher Parkening, and John Williams carry on the tradition of this wonderful instrument.Will Kalif has been playing Classical Guitar for over twenty years. If you would like to learn moreabout this wonderful instrument visit his website at: The Classical GuitaristArticle Source: ====Juan Orozco classical guitar for sale by original owner, concert guitarist. Beautiful sound, made ofBrazilian rosewood. Excellent condition. Great price. Find out more at: ====