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Triad Semiconductor Introduction


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Overview of Triad Semiconductor, fabless provider of via-configurable mixed signal ASIC solutions - ASIC benefits without the problems - 80% savings in development cost, kick-off to working silicon in 3-5 months, desktop design tools.

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Triad Semiconductor Introduction

  1. 1. Triad SemiconductorCompany OverviewThe Low Cost Mixed Signal ViaASIC Company © Triad Semiconductor 2012
  2. 2. Company Snapshot ViaASIC• Founded in 2002 in Winston-Salem NC• Triad makes developing mixed-signal custom silicon fast and affordable• Patented VCA technology and Via-Only™ EDA software• Fabless provider of custom ICs to defense, industrial, medical & consumer markets• Highly experienced IC design team• World-class semiconductor supply-chain and partners 2
  3. 3. Fast, Affordable Semiconductor Integration • Lower Cost REG FPGA • Reduce Size, Weight, Power REG ADC ASIC • Protect IP CPU • Improve Reliability • Improve Manufacturability What the customer has What the customer wants• Expensive NRE +$1,000,000 • $200K - $300K NRE (80% off)• Long development +18 months Triad’s • 3-5 months (70% sooner)• Risky (schedule & performance) ViaASIC • Low risk – proven silicon• High volume only • Any production volume The customer’s adoption barriers Triad’s ViaASIC™ - ASIC benefits minus the problems 3
  4. 4. VCA Via Configurable Array Technology1 Triad develops 2 full-custom high- 3 Tiles are assembled to create a VCA performance IP is grouped into a variety of tiles targeted at a particular application space mixed signal IP • Single-Ended • Op amps • Differential • Resistors • Low-Noise • Capacitors • Wideband • Transistors • High Voltage • Switches • FET Tiles • Band Gaps • Rad-Hard • ADCs, DACs • Memory • Regulators • PHYs • Logic, RAM • … • ARM CPUs • … 4 A patented global routing fabric covers 6 A single via mask is the entire array processed against 5 Triad’s mixed-signal aware ViaASIC staged wafers place & route tool puts vias in the fabric to connect resources 4
  5. 5. Mentor Graphics SystemVision Working with Triad ViaDesigner ModelsimDigital Simulation FPGA Long-Term ELDO REG REG ADC Supply ofAnalog Simulation custom parts CPU 5, 10, 15+ VHDL, Verilog,Find leads needing Refine Development 3-6 month Revisions in yearsVHDL-AMS, SPICEintegration requirements proposal development 4-weeks Easy to use Full Turnkey Design WizardsHigh-Level Detailed Prototype Production Package & Service by Front-End Design Back-End Design Fabrication Fabrication Test Triad ViaDesigner High-Level Detailed Prototype Production Package & 2012 Front-End Design Back-End Design Fabrication Fabrication Test ViaDesigner High-Level Detailed Prototype Production Package & 2013 Front-End Design Back-End Design Fabrication Fabrication TestViaDesigner customers get even lower NRE & gain more IP control 5
  6. 6. Via Configurable Arrays For More Information • 3-6 month development cycle • Low cost development • Low risk – 4-week re-spin Triad Semiconductor • Any production volume 3900 Westpoint Blvd Winston-Salem NC 27103 336.774.2150 Integrated CircuitTraditional ASICs Phil Muehring• Long development VP Strategic Business• Expensive dev Development• Risky development• High volume only 952.451.4658 (mobile) Application Specific Reid Wender A better ASIC. Application specific VP Marketing & optimization, integrated circuit Technical Sales benefits – without traditional ASIC headaches. 865.684.5106 (mobile) Low Cost Mixed Signal ASIC Design 6 © Triad Semiconductor, 2012