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  1. 1. Roger Weller Brand Strategist312-213-7332 ●
  2. 2. Launching the airline dedicated to the under-valued, over-charged business flyer.Focus groups and one-on-ones with budget-minded business flyers in AirTran’s key markets confirmed that people felt taken for granted and hostage to the legacy carriers. They knew the big airlines had them where they wanted them, and theywere hungry for a carrier they could afford to fly without the expense to their dignity.
  3. 3. A more civilized way to save. AirTran Airways is the crusader for the under-valued, over-charged business flyer.Driven by an unwavering respect of our customers’ humanity, we will continually strive to earn theirpatronage and confidence, and in the process exceed the world’s expectations about low-fare flying. We are committed to making air travel as easy to enjoy as it is to afford. On every flight, every day.
  4. 4. .The first commercial jet with 100% fresh air circulated through the cabin.
  5. 5. By year-three of the re-launch, the airline had earnedpermission to speak with a greater degree of brand confidence. And a new tagline.
  6. 6. Revitalizing a brand by finding new shared values. Brita built its brand on the promise of making healthy, great tasting wateraffordable. As sales flattened and more competitors entered the market, Brita was in search of new life. Online studies and focus groups uncovered an additionalreason to feel great about using Brita Filters: while doing good for your body and your wallet, you’re also being very kind to the planet.
  7. 7. The FilterForGood campaign enlisted people to pledge to reduce bottled water waste by purchasing a reusable Brita bottle. Double-digit sales increases put Brita back on top of the category within 18 months. And in theprocess, amassed hundreds of thousands of newly engaged brand loyalists.
  8. 8. Showing stakeholders that PotashCorp measures business and sustainability performance out in the real world. Having made a commitment to sustainability, it was important that theworld’s largest producer of ag nutrients show its customers, investors,business partners, employees and communities that this was more than boardroom bluster. PotashCorp was measuring its success with their perspective and interests in mind.
  9. 9. Building trust with DIYers by lending them a much-needed feeling of confidence.Ethnography studies and focus groups revealed that light to medium DIYers had doubts about their ability to successfully complete projects, but that those doubts could be allayed by the capabilities of tools they chose. Leveraging the professional heritage of the SkilSaw, we assured our guy that Skil had what it takes to get them to the finish line in great shape.
  10. 10. Re-asserting leadership for a pioneer of American industry. Focus groups and workshops with dealers and customers revealed that peopleoutside of headquarters held the company in higher esteem than was assumed.The company’s long track record of innovation was far more meaningful to them than a few recent stumbles. Customers gave the brand permission to be more confident and proud of its accomplishments.
  11. 11. Telling people’s stories about the impact the world’slargest ag nutrient supplier is having in their world.As part of writing the first of two Sustainability reports for PotashCorp, I traveled to small towns in Brazil, Trinidad, the northern reaches of Saskatchewan, and across rural Florida, where PotashCorp operates mines. There I met local people who were impacted – bothpositively and negatively – by the company’s presence. Learning about their lives and what sustainability means to them, and writing about it, was a very memorable experience. What follows are excerpts from two of those stories.
  12. 12. Roger Weller Brand Strategist312-213-7332 ●