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WordPress North East - capturing more sales from your customers - January 2016


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Slides from my talk at WordPress North East in January 2016. The topic was "Improving your WordPress website for more sales" - a guide to some simple but important tactics small (and large) businesses can use to improve their existing website and help customers along their sales journey.

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WordPress North East - capturing more sales from your customers - January 2016

  1. 1. @wpnortheast Welcome! WordPress North East January 2016
  2. 2. Improving your WordPress website for more sales @PeacockCarter
  3. 3. Why bother?
  4. 4. Why bother? Does your website have unnecessary barriers for customers? Then you’re probably losing easy sales!
  5. 5. Make it really easy to contact you @PeacockCarter
  6. 6. Yoast SEO Meta descriptions XML sitemaps Blocking unneeded WordPress archives Breadcrumbs
  7. 7. Use social media for a longer term relationship @PeacockCarter
  8. 8. Make it really easy to trust you @PeacockCarter
  9. 9. Make it really obvious what you do and where @PeacockCarter
  10. 10. Don’t keep customers waiting! @PeacockCarter
  11. 11. WordPress speed checklist 1. Minimise image file sizes 2. Server performance + caching 3. Compress JavaScript/CSS 4. Disable unnecessary plugins 5. Monitor this regularly!
  12. 12. Don’t make customers work to contact you! @PeacockCarter
  13. 13. A guide to optimising contacts 1. Show relevant contact details on every page
  14. 14. 2. Minimise contact form fields (Fax? Subject? Company name?)
  15. 15. 3. Provide multiple ways to contact you (Failed contact forms, lack of email address)
  16. 16. Use images to reinforce customer expectations @PeacockCarter
  17. 17. Analyse your website for content gaps @PeacockCarter
  18. 18. Provide answers before customers have to ask! @PeacockCarter
  19. 19. Questions? @PeacockCarter
  20. 20. Had fun? Learned something? @PeacockCarter