Green Careers


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Brief lesson provided through PowerPoint on Green Career opportunities that was developed and utilized for 11th grade Career Prep classes.

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Green Careers

  1. 1. Go Green 11th grade Career Prep
  2. 2. Objective:  After a brief introductory lesson on green career opportunities, students will identify and summarize a career choice that is related to a green company. 100% participation is required and will be gauged by the quality of student research, information, and summarization skills.  Students will:  Find and investigate a Green Career Choice of interest on: Jobs.html  Summarize in a 1 page double-spaced report what their career entails  Upload their findings to the Student Share folder to be critiqued by their peers, then to be added to the high school website
  3. 3. Lesson Content  Emphasis on “Going Green”  Overview of green career opportunities Wind Power  Solar Power  Geothermal Power  Hydropower   Brief overview of other green careers available  Additional Resources  CNN News Clip on Wind Mill Manufacturing Plant  Green Careers Guide Online
  4. 4. Outlook  Emphasis on “Going Green”  Government is promoting Green Companies through funding and legislature  New jobs are being created in all areas  Production Labor  Design/Engineering  Business Related  Marketing  Finance  Management and more
  5. 5. Careers: Wind Power  Wind Analyst  Meteorological Professional that uses advanced technology  Wind Power Turbine Installer  Uses applied science and knowledge of physics and science of turbines  Wind Energy Technician  Maintain turbines on wind farms – very high demand that is only increasing
  6. 6. Careers: Solar Power  Solar Hot Water Installer  Installs and maintains hot-water systems that harness the sun’s power  Solar Sales  One of the newest and most lucrative green opportunities  PV Solar Panel Installer  Installs the panels convert solar energy
  7. 7. Careers: Geothermal Power  Geologist  Studies the physical workings of the earth  Geothermal Installer  High demand – geothermal energy is in endless supply and companies are looking for more capable installers  Hydrologist  Studies water, the way it moves and the way it works – provides nearly endless opportunities
  8. 8. Careers: Hydropower  Micro Power System Installer  Using water to generate electrical energy  Electrical Engineering  For those who love science, this is a very rewarding, challenging, and well paid field of work
  9. 9. Careers: Miscellaneous  Environmental Science  Holistic Alternative Medicine  Mass Transit  Building Retrofitting  Energy Efficient Automobiles  Organic Farming  Nature Building (To find more, see Green Careers Guide link on next slide)
  10. 10. Additional Information  CNN News Clip 00304897c9c6/Green-jobs?_s=s  To find out more about green careers, visit Green Careers Guide Online:
  11. 11. Activity  Select a Green Career choice that suits your interests and capabilities  Summarize what skills and abilities are needed to be successful in your career choice  Save your summary to the student share folder for peer review  See the teacher to receive assigned review partner  Upload reviewed summary to the school website for others to be able to review
  12. 12. Results  Students enjoyed learning about interesting career opportunities in a successful, growing field  Students were exposed to a variety of strong career choices through summary writing and peer review  Students were engaged and interested throughout the assignment  Downside:  Writing assignment took some students longer than others due to lack of keyboarding skill – this delayed the entire class  Some students need crash course in summary writing skills prior to being asked to do this assignment
  13. 13. Question & Answer All questions, comments, & thoughts are welcome and appreciated!