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  1. 1. PURPOSE: describe the ReadiStep’s mission, content, structure, and scoring AUDIENCE: parents and students
  2. 2. ReadiStep™ The Princeton Review
  3. 3. Getting Started What are the biggest questions a middle school student might ask when transitioning into high school? Will I be ready for high school work?? In what high school skill areas am I the strongest? The weakest? What does this test have anything to do with what I want to be when I grow up?
  4. 4. Goals Describe what the ReadiStep program is and what it purports to accomplish Describe the composition of the ReadiStep test and how it relates to the PSAT and the SAT Understand how to interpret scores and recommend the appropriate course of action
  5. 5. ReadiStep Program According to College Board, the ReadiStep Program is: •First step on the College and Career Readiness Pathway •Part of the integrated system of assessments that measure the skills and knowledge that students will need to succeed in high school, college, and beyond •Makes early interventions possible at critical points in students’ school careers
  6. 6. According to College Board, the ReadiStep Program has: •Benefits for Administrators » Provides greater insight into students’ skill levels to develop programs to fill in learning gaps or foster greater academic excellence •Benefit for Teachers » Guides curriculum development and improves learning outcomes for all students •Benefits for Students » Allows students to evaluate their skills on a nationwide scale to determine transition success to high school ReadiStep Program
  7. 7. • For middle school students; school registers students • Administered during the school day in the Fall • Correlated to PSAT and SAT scoring scales • Aligned with Common Core State Standards as well as individual state standards • Tangentially related to ACT Aspire ReadiStep Program
  8. 8. ReadiStep Structure (40 min each) 3 sections: 1 Critical Reading (45 Q) 1 Writing Skills (50Q) 1 Math (36Q – calculator allowed for 18 of them) ReadiStep – Big Picture All question types duplicate those seen in the PSAT and the SAT! Total testing time: 2 hours All multiple choice questions; no essay
  9. 9. ReadiStep – Test Content Critical Reading Writing Skills Math Vocabulary Reading Comprehension Grammar Sentence Structure Sentence/Paragraph Organization Arithmetic Algebra Geometry Data/Statistics
  10. 10. ReadiStep – Sample Reading
  11. 11. ReadiStep – Sample Writing
  12. 12. ReadiStep – Sample Math
  13. 13. ReadiStep – The Princeton Review • Standardized tests are, first and foremost, simply a measure of a student’s test-taking skills. • Test prep can not only improve scores but also improve confidence in other academic endeavors.
  14. 14. Critical Reading: 1.0 – 7.0 Math: 1.0 – 7.0 Writing Skills: 1.0 – 7.0  Score increments of 0.1 ReadiStep Scoring
  15. 15. Score Learn more about scores and how to strengthen academic skills at Score Range Percentile If you are an 8th grader, your scores are compared to those of other 8th graders around the country. ReadiStep Scoring SOAS report (Summary of Average Skills) for administrators offers complete question breakdown and score analysis
  16. 16. Use Process of Elimination and then guess
  17. 17. Unlike those on the PSAT and SAT, incorrect answers are NOT penalized. ReadiStep Scoring – Student Report
  18. 18. * * ReadiStep Scoring – Score Correlation
  19. 19. ReadiStep Scoring – Skills Insight™
  20. 20. ReadiStep Scoring – Skills Insight™
  21. 21. What’s next? Free access to MyRoad™, an online college and career planning tool. • Fun personality quiz • Plan for high school • Explore opportunities for the future ReadiStep – Next Steps
  22. 22. ReadiStep – The Princeton Review Coupling introductory test-taking techniques to the learned fundamental mastery optimizes score improvements and student testing skills across standardized tests.
  23. 23. Now What? Let The Princeton Review help YOU!
  24. 24. Contact Info <local office insert relevant contact information here>