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Next Nature Visual Power Show - November2011


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In the slipstream of the release of the first comprehensive Next Nature publication (, the 2011 Visual Power Show took place in the Stadsschouwburg (Municipal Theatre) in Amsterdam.
My five-minute presentation focused on the advent of Techno-Animism:
Once upon a time animism ruled people’s beliefs: both organisms and objects were imbued with a conscience. The conception that there is no distinct division between objects and organisms gains ground again, as today’s technology increasingly creates organisms that used to be called objects. As a consequence the disctincion between myth and science will gradually disappear.

Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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Next Nature Visual Power Show - November2011

  1. 1. p r o x i m i t y
  2. 2. The hallucinatory effect derives from the extraordinary clarity and not from mystery or mist.Nothing is more fantastic ultimately than precision. André Robbe-Grillet