Design Academy Eindhoven: Obsessive Amateur lecture - September2004


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In 2004 the British artist, designer and educationist Alan Murray developed a workshop for one of the Masters of Design courses at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. As one of the guest teachers I presented one part of the Funlab Masters Project that Alan titled "Obsessive Amateur". Together with this lecture a general "Obsessive Ameteur" description can be downloaded in the Slideshare 'Documents' section.

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Design Academy Eindhoven: Obsessive Amateur lecture - September2004

  1. 1. Obsessive Amateur , Design Academy Eindhoven DAE Masters of Design Funlab
  2. 2. Ferdinand Cheval, Postman (1836-1924) Le Palais Idéal Charmes-sur-l’Herbasse (Drôme) 1879-1912 “93,000 hours, 10,000 days, 33 years of hardship”
  3. 3. Le Palais Idéal, 1924 East facade
  4. 4. Le Palais Idéal, 1924 south-east corner
  5. 5. Le Palais Idéal, 1924 east facade
  6. 6. Le Palais Idéal, 1924 details
  7. 7. Le Palais Idéal, 1924 roofscape
  8. 8. Le Palais Idéal, 1924 roofscape
  9. 9. Le Palais Idéal, 1924 roofscape
  10. 10. Quand les cines de notre ciel se rejoindront Ma maison aura un toit When the peaks of our sky come together My house will have a roof Paul Eluard - Dignes de vivre
  11. 11. In winter like in summer Night and day I walked Over the plain, the hills And the river too, To bring back the hard stones Chiselled by nature. My back paid his share I braved everything Even death. In the evening after dark When man is resting I work on my palace. No one will ever know How hard it was. With the moments of leisure My occupation gave me I built this Arabian nights’ palace Where my memory is engraved.
  12. 12. Georges Perec Writer (1936-1982) "All I know is that the puzzle is called 'The Life and Works of Georges Perec.' But I don't know what the solution is!" Georges Perec
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  15. 15. The hallucinatory effect derives from the extraordinary clarity and not from mystery or mist. Nothing is more fantastic ultimately than precision. André Robbe-Grillet
  16. 16. Peter Watkins, Cinematographer (1935-) Culloden 1964 “What has happened with my own work is but a microcosm of the broader crisis"
  17. 17. Armand Schulthess, Encyclopedist (1901-1972) Auressio ProtoWeb 1951-1972 “What has happened with my own work is but a microcosm of the broader crisis"
  18. 18. Adolf Wölfli, Saint (1864-1930) Von der Wiege bis zum Graab 1895-1930 Die Kreuzigung meiner Wenigkeit, auf der Biskaya, =Haven=Insel, im stillen Ozean, im Spät Somer, 1,876
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  20. 20. Russian Prison Tattoos Danzig Baldaev, research