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Rossview Middle School PTO infomation sheet 2012-13


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Rossview Middle School PTO infomation sheet 2012-13

  1. 1. “Hawk Parents + Teachers = SUCCESS!” We are a Fun and Family Friendly School. Rossview Middle School (RoMS) PTO Board and Information 2012-2013 School YearI. Frequent RoMS and PTO Contacts: a. RoMS Frequent Contacts: 1. RoMS Principal: Christina Harris, 2. RoMS Vice Principal: Rosalyn Williams, 3. RoMS School Counselor (A-L): Tami Lightner, 4. RoMS School Counselor (M-Z): Rhea Ann Nicholson, 5. RoMS SRO (School Resource Officer) Deputy Stephanie Price, 6. RoMS 6th Grade Teacher Liaison: Dawn Bagby, 7. RoMS 7th Grade Teacher Liaison: Rebecca Edwards, 8. RoMS 8th Grade Teacher Liaison: Dawn Sawyer, 9. RoMS Spec Ed Teacher Liaison: Leitisha Johnson, b. PTO Frequent Contacts: 1. PTO President/ Parent Advisory Rep: Deon Lucke, 2. PTO Vice President: Alison Edington, 3. PTO Treasurer: Rozanne Bass, 4. PTO Secretary: Rose Riggins, 5. PTO Public Relations Coordinator: Priya Perumal, 6. PTO Box Tops Coordinator: Jessica Juan, 7. PTO Membership Coordinator: Kristen Hedges, 8. PTO Hospitality Co-Chair: Mary Ann Leath, c. PTO Open Positions: (See attached sheet for details on position) 1. PTO Hospitality Coordinator: OPEN 2. PTO Fundraiser Coordinator: OPEN 3. PTO Volunteer Coordinator: OPEN 4. PTO Treasurer OPEN d. Information Contacts and Resources:
  2. 2. “Hawk Parents + Teachers = SUCCESS!” We are a Fun and Family Friendly School. 1. RoMS Phone #/ Website: 931-920-6150/ 2. RoMS PTO Facebook: 3. RoMS PTO Email address: 4. RoMS PTO Website: 5. RoMS PTO Facebook Mobile QRC: For upcoming events, dates and more!II. About the RoMS PTO: a. PTO Mission Statement: We are parents and teachers working together toward a common goal. That goal, simply stated is creating a better school and a better educational experience for our children. We strive to create an atmosphere where teachers, administrators, and support staff can do their best work, enabling our children to do theirs. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ― Nelson Mandela b. Goals of PTO: 1. To build and improve communication within our school. 2. To raise funds in order to meet PTO Annual Budget Goals that support school curriculum and enhancements. c. Proposed PTO Initiatives for the 2012-13 School Year 1. Anti-bullying program creation and/ or support. 2. Drug awareness/ avoidance program support. 3. Family nights at RoMS. 4. Internet safety and Social Media awareness night at RoMS. 5. Have ideas? Get involved and contact us!III. RoMS PTO Activities: d. Fundraising: As a non-appropriated fund and tax-exempt organization, we raise funds according to our bylaws, the State Charter, and to meet agreed upon annual budget goals. Fundraising permits the RoMS
  3. 3. “Hawk Parents + Teachers = SUCCESS!” We are a Fun and Family Friendly School. PTO to assist the RoMS community by filling needs not addressed through appropriated funding, and by sponsoring special projects that add value to the RoMS community throughout the school year. We always need the help of RoMS parents as volunteers to make this happen, and look forward to your participation. Some of our current fundraising activities include: 1. Selling Spirit Wear, Pom-Pom’s, and Holiday Hawk Ornaments. 2. “Hollers for a Dollar” 3. Spring and Fall Fundraisers.e. Spirit Wear Sales and Availability: Spirit Wear is normally ordered once a month, although some items will be available for sale at school events such as the Open House, Parent Teacher Conferences, etc. Our arrangement with the vendor does require, however, a minimum combined order of 36 to submit for processing, so we wait until we have that many confirmed orders before submitting to the vendor. Spirit Wear order forms are available for download on the PTO Website and are accepted anytime until the end of the school year. If the Spirit Wear item you order is in stock, it is normally delivered to your child at school within a few working days. If the item is not in stock, processing may take up to three weeks to complete.f. PTO Membership: We invite all RoMS Teachers and Parents to please join the PTO for a nominal one- time fee of only $5.00 per family. Forms are available for download on the PTO Website and attached. Teachers/ faculty will receive a membership sign to post outside their classroom door announcing their affiliation with the RoMS PTO. Families will receive a coupon from Chick Fil A for a free sandwich. Our goal is 100% membership with teachers, faculty and staff along with students. We give rewards for the homeroom classroom with the highest percentage of PTO membership and teachers receive incentives as well. Your membership and participation is what makes the PTO successful, so please join today!g. Family Spirit Night at CiCi’s Pizza: One night a month, the CiCi’s Pizza franchise on Madison St. in Clarksville hosts RoMS for a fundraising night, during which 10% of total sales goes directly to the PTO. We would greatly appreciate your participation in Family Spirit Night at CiCi’s Pizza. The homeroom class with the highest rate of participation will receive a pizza party as a reward for setting the example with participation!h. Hospitality Events: We always need your help, but especially for the Back to School luncheon, Parent- Teacher Conference nights, American Education Week, TCAP Testing, and Teacher Appreciation Week. During these events and others like them, the RoMS PTO provides hospitality meals to teachers, most of whom have to work very long hours with few breaks. These hospitality events ensure our teachers get fed quickly and well, and can easily continue providing quality education to our young students.
  4. 4. “Hawk Parents + Teachers = SUCCESS!” We are a Fun and Family Friendly School. i. Box Tops & Label Collecting Activities: The RoMS PTO collects labels and rebates intended for the public school system from a variety of sources; we also collect Box Tops for Education, Campbell Labels for Education, and Coke product cap codes at For Coke Rewards, you can either create an account to donate points to RoMS or, if you don’t want to enter the codes, you can turn them into your child’s homeroom teacher for the PTO and we’ll enter them. Please see our website for details and collection dates. j. Links that help support ROMS PTO:, Teachers, Target RED card-Take charge of Education etc. Please select ROMS as your school of choice with your Target RED card. k. Volunteer Forms: Volunteerism is what makes the PTO work, and RoMS traditionally has a very high degree of volunteerism in the PTO. To get started volunteering is easy, just return the RoMS PTO Volunteer Form so that we may keep you up to date with information and volunteer dates/ times via email. You’ll find all the forms attached including the PTO Volunteer Form, PTO Membership Form, PTO Spirit Wear Form, and PTO board Member Position Descriptions. “Volunteers dont get paid, not because theyre worthless, but because theyre priceless”. ~Sherry AndersonIV. A Final Note: We are extremely open to your suggestions, comments, and needs. In order to bring them to the attention of the PTO Board, please feel free to contact me or any of the board members at any time with ideas or suggestions. Sincerely, Deon Lucke and Alison Edington