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Auto mobiles


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Published in: Economy & Finance
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Auto mobiles

  1. 1. Presentation on Automobiles Industry Presented By: Hazarath
  2. 2. Contents :• Industry Details• Key Characteristics• Total Market Capitalization• Major Players• SWOT Analysis• Relation to GDP• Projections for FY 20113 & 2014• Details of Supplies
  3. 3. Industry Details:• Indian Automobile Industry begins as early as 1769.• Second Largest two wheeler manufacturer in the World.• Largest Tractors & Three wheelers manufacturers in the world.• Fourth Largest Commercial Vehicles Market in the World.• Eleventh Largest Passenger Car Market in the World.
  4. 4. Four Wheelers Sector:• 11th Largest Passenger Car Market & Expected to Become 7th Largest by 2016.• Sale of Passenger Cars in India is likely to Grow at an average of 14.9% Each Year.• India is the largest base to export compact cars to Europe.• Export of Passenger Cars from India have grown considerably over the last Decade.• Imported cars attract a bulky import duty, therefore people prefer to opt for the locally assembled cars.
  5. 5. Market Capitalization:• 4w Sector share 15.96% of total Automobile Industry.• Passenger Vehicles Market leader Maruti with market share 52%.• Growth of Exports of 33.57% FY 2011-2012.• For every passenger car turned out, there are almost 7 two wheelers produced.
  6. 6. Major Players:• Maruthi Suzuki• Tata Motors• Mahindra & Mahindra• Hyundai Motors• Hindustan Motors• Force Motors• Ford• GM …etc.
  7. 7. SWOT Analysis:Strengths Weaknesses• Large Domestic Market. • Low Labor Productivity.• Strong Engineering skills in • High Interest costs & high Design. overheads.• Government Incentives for • Raising cost of production. Manufacturing plants. • Low Investment for Research&• Sustainable Labor Cost Development. Advantage.• Able to Achieve significant Gains in productivity.
  8. 8. SWOT Analysis:Opportunities Threats• Cut in Excise Duties. • Lack of Technology.• Increase in the Income level. • Raising Interest Rates.• Raising Demand in Rural • Raising Input costs. Areas.
  9. 9. Relation to GDP:• Directly & Indirectly it employees more than10 million people.• The Market Value of Auto mobile industry is more than US$8 bl.• 5% in GDP contribution.• It will expect 10% by 2016.
  10. 10. Details of Supplies:• Major Countries Like US,Germany,Japan,Italy &Britain are the Suppliers to the Indian Automobile Industry.
  11. 11. Outlook :• Future Prospect of Indian Automotive Sector is looking Bright.• Passenger cars production in India is projected to cross 3 million units in 2014-2015.• Sales of Passenger cars during 2008-09 to 2015-16 are expected to grow at a CAGR of around 10%.• Export of passenger cars is anticipated to rise more than the domestic sales during 2008-09 to 2015to 2016.
  12. 12. Thank You