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Tarver group2 finalppt

  1. 1. EARLY INFLUENCES: • Early years in Peru • Merchant Marine/ French Navy • Moves to Brenton • Panama and Martinique • Tahiti
  2. 2. Christmas Eve. Egyptian pastoral scene-Gauguin. 1894
  3. 3. Alone (Othai)-Gauguin. 1893 Prince Sudhana Bowing, Borobudur, Java
  4. 4. CONSTANTIN BRANCUSI: Modiglianis friend & Modiglianis friend & Montparnesse Studio Neighbor Embraced African art due similarities Embraced African art due similarities to sculpture of his native Romania to sculpture of his native Romania (directly carved from wood) (directly carved from wood)
  5. 5. WARHOLS“The Star (Greta Garbo)” ispart of his ten piece Mythsseries printed in 1981 WARHOL uses a picture of the American film actress Greta Garbo as Mata Hari to draw the correlation between the femme fatal and our popular culture
  6. 6. WARHOLs “The Star” Gretta Garbocreates an iconic image of a “femme fatal” MATA HARI GRETTA GARBO AS MATA HARII HARIWARHOLs “The Star” isnot a traditional odalisqueimage, but an neareastern/Indonesianinfluence is evident
  7. 7. WARHOLS Myth series is selected from collective of childhood memories that were shaped by the mass media, these images encompass the legends that he felt defined American culture.SUPERMAN THE SHADOW UNCLE SAM MICKEY MOUSE WARHOL shooting Polaroid forMYTHS 1981 MAMMY WICKED WITHCH of the WEST