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Nielsen surrealism ppt_ernst

  1. 1. Surrealism artist #3 … Flowing freely …
  2. 2. What do Surrealist artists paint about?•Salvador Dali •Life, or their childhood•Rene Magritte •Magritte paints about when he was imprisoned and wants freedom. • Their feelings •Things that are inside your body; dreams they paint about •They paint about how they about things they have lost; important things •Putting abiotic and biotic things together, making it imaginative
  3. 3. Let’s ReviewIdentify who painted the following paintings & how you know who painted them
  4. 4. Painter: Dali•How do you know: melting clocks, lessrealistic
  5. 5. Painter: Dali •How do you know: more imaginative because it has a guy, looks like the devil, moustache is horns •Looks like other Dali paintings, especially the self-portrait
  6. 6. Painter: Magritte•How do you know:more realistic,human body, man ina suit, has the ocean,the man’s head is afruit, looks like anapple.
  7. 7. Painter: Magritte •How do you know: we know Magritte loves strange rooms with mixed and matched items; with realistic items in a strange, weird room
  8. 8. Max Ernst“Though it’s the feathers that make the plumage, it is not the paste that makes the collage.”
  9. 9. Max Ernst paintings
  10. 10. Ernst’s strange “couple”•This is a famous Ernst painting called “The Couple.”• It looks like the people are made of lace or scraps, but Ernstpainted it!
  11. 11. Analysis …•Take a close look at these unusual people. Notice the figure on the left. What is funny about thisperson? Look at the face. Describe it?•Look at the other person. What strange about the body? How would you describe the head? What isthis person doing?•Do you think these people are men or women? What gives you that idea?•Who are these people? Why do you think they look this way?•What do you think they are doing together in the picture?
  12. 12. Analysis …•Look into the background of the picture? Notice some of the details.What do you see there?•Where is this scene taking place? What seems to be make believeabout this place?•What will happen next?
  13. 13. Other Ernst’s techniques…• Frottage –Means shading over a raised object • We will try it with crayons and various objects like: –Coins, leaves, and odds and ends
  14. 14. Ernst’s other techniques…• “Drawing Back” – This means drawing random objects on a page that at first look like nothing • But, then you “draw back” into picture to create real or imaginary objects, people, places from the random things.
  15. 15. Ernst assignment #2• Use objects to do frottage technique.• Then, “draw back” and create real andimaginary people, places, or objects.• See Mr. DeSobe’s example.